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Chapter 130-Trembling Heart (6)

    Chapter 130-Trembling Heart (6)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    Liu Yue didn’t say anything much and received the two seals, shoving them inside her robes. Grabbing Imperial Consort Chen’s hands with one pull, she coldly commanded, “Whoever lets an enemy run away is a coward.”

    “Yes!” Qiu Hen and the others immediately replied with a loud “yes”. Even the members of Mu Rong Clan voiced their agreement, forgetting the fact that Liu Yue was their niece, daughter, or a girl from the generation below them.

    Liu Yue’s body followed her sword along as she killed in all four directions. Leading Qiu Hen and the others, Liu Yue charged forward fiercely.

    A malevolent killing intent suddenly filled the space.

    In this instant, Qiu Hen and the others who had only been able to defend by a hair’s breadth, suddenly became a force that nobody could withstand. The Imperial Guard impostors were driven back instead and the situation turned a full 180 degrees.

    Seeing that the situation had turned for the worse, an Imperial Guard frantically attacked on one hand, and toppled a lantern with his other hand, splashing the lamp oil onto the ground.

    Fire started spreading out in all directions. The fire from the lantern spread out to the curtains and splashed out to the velvet carpets.

    In an instant, the small fire from the lantern had spread out in all four directions. With the help of the premeditated action of toppling and the deliberate intent for destruction, the blazing flame grew bigger as it rose up in the air.

    They wanted to create an opportunity to escape under the cover of fire.

    A cold glare flashed across Liu Yue’s eyes as she slowly smiled. They dared to play such a trick against her, humph.

    The stench of blood permeated the air. Tonight, in this Liu Li Palace, who would be the winner in the end?

    The night grew calmer yet the fight became more intense.

    The summer breeze blew, blowing the stench of blood through the air.

    And at this moment, the Tian Chen Main Court was still locked in a stalemate. Mu Rong Wu Di held the Imperial Edict in his hands, looking down on the subjects below and shouted, “By the Mandate of Heavens, the Emperor’s Imperial Order…”

    “Your highness, you can’t dethrone…”

    “Reporting…” Amidst the two voices that opposed each other, another voice announcing a report suddenly rung out. A stream of footsteps resounded outside, rushing towards the palace swiftly.


    “What’s the problem? Announce it.” Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi, whose face had previously looked burdened, suddenly sat up straight.

    An Imperial Guard Officer who was sweating from head to toe entered the Main Hall quickly. He didn’t even kneel as he reported with an overjoyed voice, “Announce…Your…High…ness…” Gasping for breath, his sentence barely made any sense.

    The Right Minister immediately frowned and asked, “What exactly happened?”

    Taking a deep breath, the Imperial Guard Officer tamped down his excitement and reported in a loud voice, “This servant reports to Your Highness. King Yi did not die!”

    “What?!” Xuan Yuan Yi couldn’t keep his calm sitting down and immediately shot to his feet, his eyes wide open with shock.

    Right Minister and General Mu Rong Wu Di were also frozen with shock. They staggered a few steps forward as they asked anxiously, “King Yi didn’t die, is that really true? Quickl! Report it clearly.”

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