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Chapter 131-Trembling Heart (7)

    Chapter 131-Trembling Heart (7)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Surjit, Krithika

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

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    “King Yi didn’t die. Your subject had just received news from the soldier on duty at the entrance gate of the capital. Not only did King Yi not die, he has also brought 40,000 Tiger Army Soldiers into the city. They are currently on their way here.” The Imperial Guard Officer reported, finally wiping clean the sweat from his earlier rush.

    “Heavens, this is too good.” The Right Minister threw a fist into the air violently, his face a picture of excitement and joy.

    “Che-er didn’t die, haha, I always knew that Che-er wouldn’t die so easily. He is indeed our most outstanding King Yi of Tian Chen Kingdom, haha!” Xuan Yuan Yi immediately jumped with joy.

    As for the court officials below them, the Right Minister’s Faction was unable to contain their joy while the Left Minister’s Faction was quietly relieved.

    King Yi didn’t die, then the Crown Prince’s charge of murdering King Yi would not be valid. Then he shouldn’t be dethroned anymore. This was good, really good.

    “King Yi brought 40,000 Tiger Army soldiers to enter the city?” Hearing this, the Left Minister’s Faction gazed at each other as the joy that they had just felt immediately got stuck in their throats, suppressed by the imminent danger.

    Bringing an army into the city, what was King Yi’s intention? What was he trying to do?

    “How about the Left Minister?” General Mu Rong Wu Di suddenly asked aloud.

    The corners of the Imperial Guard Officer’s mouth slowly curled upwards as he quickly replied, “Your servant heard that he is returning back with King Yi. King Yi has found out the preparator behind his attempted murder. He is bringing the troops for reinforcements.”

    Bringing the troops for reinforcement? Mu Rong Wu Di and the Right Minister glanced at each other and slowly smiled. More like bringing the troops for punishment. Looks like this time the Left Minister would have no hope of recovering his power.

    The other ministers who had dared to collude with the Left Minister also understood this in their hearts. Hearing the Imperial Guard Official’s report, they realized that the Left Minister and Crown Prince’s power would come to an end.

    Xuan Yuan Yi’s figure immediately fell back down on his Dragon Throne, his face a picture of helplessness. He sighed a deep breath as he realized that his Crown Prince could not be saved after all in the end.

    However, being able to keep Xuan Yuan Che by his side was a situation better than the previous one. He still had such an outstanding son.

    The bristling trees announced the arrival of Xuan Yuan Che’s army.

    “Reporting. Liu Li Pavilion has caught fire. Princess Consort is still inside.” Having led the army into the palace, Xuan Yuan Che frowned hearing the report. He immediately turned his horse and galloped towards Liu Li Palace instead of the Tian Chen Main Court.

    In Liu Li Palace, the fire from the lamp oil had engulfed everything in sight, walls of fire radiated blazing heat in all direction. The fire rolled, brewed and danced inside the palace.

    Inside the palace, Liu Yue grabbed Imperial Consort Chen’s hands in one hand while killing assassins with the other. Blood flew in all direction on the path that she treaded.

    That bewitching fire bloomed right at her side, but Liu Yue acted like she could not see the fire. She was extremely calm and collected. The fear of fire apparently had no meaning to her.

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