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Chapter 132-Trembling Heart (8)

    Chapter 132-Trembling Heart (8)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Surjit

    TLC by: Shiroyukineko

    DevilShiro: Posting 132 one day early in exchange for UUTS! Sorry for the delay, enjoy~

    AngelShiro: Don’t read on! It’s a trap! This chapter ended in a major cliffy!

    Body after body of Imperial Guards collapsed at her side. A ravishing figure in blood-stained dress darted swiftly through the red blazing flame, her dark hair dancing in air.

    Dragging Imperial Consort Chen out of the sea of flames, Liu Yue swept a gaze across the people around her and nodded her satisfaction.

    Not a single one was absent, not a single one was missing.

    Turning around to look at the Liu Li Palace, the Pavilion’s interior had been thoroughly engulfed in flames. The fire had also spread outside, crackling brightly, staining the whole sky red.

    “Are you guys dead yet?” Liu Yue asked in an icy tone.

    “Not yet.” Qiu Hen and the others replied altogether loudly.

    “Good, follow me.” Liu Yue waved her hand and pulled Imperial Consort Chen along as they walked towards the Tian Chen Main Court.

    The scene of Liu Yue’s small figure pulling along a person taller than her and being followed by a crowd of people that respected her looked extremely strange and bizarre.

    However, nobody spoke at all, even Mu Rong Yi kept silent.

    The row of people marched towards Tian Chen Main Court.

    But at this moment, Xuan Yuan Che had actually entered the Liu Li Palace from the palace gates.

    Halfway through the march, Liu Yue looked back towards the Liu Li Palace in the distance. The great fire had already burnt so big that the whole sky turned red. The red blaze looked even more prominent in the night sky.

    Liu Yue frowned her brows. She didn’t show much expression. It didn’t matter if it burns, they could just build a new one.

    “This time they must die a terrible death. How dare they hurt my Che-er and Yue-er.” Imperial Consort Chen finally recovered from the massacre as she gritted her teeth and clutched her fist tightly.

    Hearing this, Liu Yue suddenly stopped.

    “What happened?” Yan Hu, who was behind her, immediately asked.

    Hurt Xuan Yuan Che? Liu Yue’s brows twitched as she suddenly asked, “Did General Fei appear?”

    “I didn’t see him, what actually happened?” Qiu Hen stepped forward.

    Liu Yue frowned her brows as she looked towards the blazing Liu Li Palace from afar. General Fei had escaped from the Tiger Army previously and was missing currently. Could it be that there was some hidden…

    This thought had just crossed her mind when she suddenly heard a sound. At the front of the Liu Li Palace that was burning brightly under the great fire, a figure seemed to leap into the sea of flames. The flames looked like it had been cut apart as the figure jumped in.

    That clothes, that small figure. Liu Yue’s eyes immediately widened as she realised that it was her appearance.

    “Not good.” Liu Yue immediately let go of Imperial Consort Chen, turned around and charged madly over to the Liu Li Palace.

    And at this very moment as she charged over madly, a figure flew quickly from a distance, leaping into the fire without hesitation. The figure charged into the Liu Li Palace that had been thoroughly engulfed in fire.

    That person was Xuan Yuan Che.

    Dop1311“Xuan Yuan Che.” Liu Yue’s heart immediately constricted as she increased her pace and dashed madly.

    The enchanting flame that filled the whole sky burnt everything down without exception.

    Liu Yue had only dashed a few steps when the Liu Li Palace’s roof, that was burning fiercely, caved in with a loud boom.

    “No.” A cry that shook the sky, that tore apart people’s heart and soul, echoed in the endless night, as the dark green curtain of the night lifted, marking the start of this scene.

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