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Chapter 133-Trembling Heart (9)

    Chapter 133-Trembling Heart (9)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Krithika

    TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

    Red flame filled the sky, burning everything to ashes.

    The tall building slowly collapsed to the ground.

    No one who had gone inside came out. There was not a single movement, only the fire that danced around, getting bigger and fiercer every single second.

    It was a fully dark night, but it couldn’t even cover this blazing fire.

    Liu Yue’s eyes turned red as she spat out a mouthful of blood, almost going insane. In the next moment, she madly rushed into the burning Liu Li Palace.

    Every single person was dumbstruck looking at the collapsing Liu Li Palace. In just a short moment, the building collapsed flat onto the ground.

    They could only watch as Liu Yue rushed into the building frantically, tripping over her own legs and falling down hard onto the ground amidst the disorder. However, in the next moment, she scrambled back up and continued running madly towards Liu Li Palace.

    With Liu Yue’s strong martial art skills and mentality, that she had unexpectedly made such a mistake clearly showed that her heart was in too much of a mess to even control her emotions.

    Running madly, fast as lightning.

    “Master!” Qiu Hen and the others who snapped out from their daze immediately went frantic as they followed Liu Yue and charged towards Liu Li Palace. Blood permeated the air as grief and sorrow enveloped the whole place.

    “No, no, Che-er…” Imperial Consort Chen fainted and fell to the ground hard, completely unable to bear the drastic emotional swings from gaining and again losing her son within the space of an hour.

    In a moment, the whole place was left with only the shadows of the people who had suddenly charged forward madly into the burning palace.

    “Boom!” Thunder suddenly clapped and the dark curtain of the night sky was torn apart by a streak of lightning, lighting up the sky.

    The sudden brightness shone down upon the orange flame, so beautiful that it was almost bewitching.

    Under this sky, a figure clad in a blood-stained robe dashed towards the sea of flame, quick as lightning, completely without hesitation, entirely uncaring about anything else.

    Liu Yue, who didn’t know the Light Body Technique, was actually faster than Qiu Hen and the others who knew it.

    “Boom… Crackle…” blast after blast of explosive sound resounded through the air.

    Bright light from the flame flickered in disarray, lighting up the dark sky suddenly. Liu Yue’s mind, while running madly towards Liu Li Palace, went completely blank and she only focused on the burning Palace.

    With red eyes and blood rising in her throat, she thought that there was somebody she liked inside that place, someone she loved. He was someone she didn’t have in her previous life, but had managed to find in this life. He was someone who knew her inside out, her husband, her Xuan Yuan Che.

    Even if she had to live in poverty her whole life or jump into the Yellow river, she would still not let go of that person.

    The fierce fire, the collapsing building.

    The thunder in the sky clapped even louder, blasting one after another above everyone. Thick clouds covered the sky, as countless spears of lightning danced around, surging forward and shining down upon the place, making it bright as day in that instant.

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