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Chapter 135-The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (1)

    Chapter 135-The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (1)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: Krithika, Surjit

    TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

    The smell of burnt flesh reigned in the air. Liu Yue couldn’t couldn’t determine whether the smell came from her burnt body or from the piles of burning corpses.

    “Boom…” an explosion resounded above her. Lightning flew everywhere like infinite silver snakes dancing in the sky, baring their fangs, fierce beyond words.

    Rain dripped from the dark sky.

    The twinkling bright stars were already long gone.

    The only thing left on this earth was darkness and that bewitching firelight.

    “Xuan Yuan Che, where are you? Answer me! Answer me…” frantically screaming out his name, Liu Yue continuously looked through the bodies lying on the floor.

    dop1352She didn’t care about herself. Her only concern was one person-Xuan Yuan Che, Xuan Yuan Che!

    “Yue…” A tiny whisper floated from a corner of the court. It was soft, like a light breeze brushing by, that one could barely feel.

    But Liu Yue heard it… She heard it.

    She turned around, her face lit up with unbearable happiness as she rushed towards that soft voice.

    “Xuan Yuan Che! Xuan Yuan Che!” She jumped over tongues of the fire and immediately saw a figure surrounded by flames.

    With his leg stuck under a huge stone pillar, Xuan Yuan Che couldn’t move. He could only lie there, with a pale face and blood trickling down from the corner of his lips. Through the fierce flames, he looked at her, straight at her.

    The worry in his eyes disappeared when he saw her. That worry turned into happiness and all the hatred and anger in his eyes vanished into the smoke when he saw her.

    Xuan Yuan Che’s lips curved into a gentle smile.

    Why was he smiling at a time like this? Was it because she was safe? Was it because he was relieved?

    Liu Yue was speechless.

    In front of him, someone about her size lay dead and covered in flames.

    Flames surrounded Xuan Yuan Che too; his shirt had already been burnt off.

    Above him, the ceiling creaked and suddenly, a flaming plank fell towards Xuan Yuan Che.

    Without thinking, Liu Yue rushed forward. With all her strength, she caught the fiery plank and tossed it aside.

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