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Chapter 136-The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (2)

    Chapter 136-The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (2)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: Krithika

    TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

    She didn’t know from where she got this sudden power and this sudden strength from. She only knew that she had to prevent Xuan Yuan Che from getting crushed at all cost.

    “You’re crazy. Quick, lea…ve.” Xuan Yuan Che coughed. The smile that had crept upon his lips when he saw Liu Yue running over was now frozen on his face.

    It’s real, it’s not an illusion. It’s real, Liu Yue is really here.

    Crazy, this crazy girl. How could she rush into this sea of flames? This bastard, how could she throw away her life like this?

    Xuan Yuan Che was instantly anxious. Anger rushed through him and he shouted angrily though his breath was weak.

    Pushing away the broken pillar, Liu Yue ran to Xuan Yuan Che’s side. She clenched her jaw as she smiled at the bleeding Xuan Yuan Che. “Don’t be scared, I’m here.”

    As she spoke, she started pushing away the burning pillar that had fallen on Xuan Yuan Che’s leg.

    Don’t be scared, I am here.

    There was no angry reply, there was no complaint. There was only a smiling face. Only the six words he had never heard before, remained. Don’t be scared, she is here.

    Her face reflected the burning red flames. Although covered in red blood from head to toe, she was still heart-throbbingly gorgeous.

    Xuan Yuan Che froze. As strong as he was, no one had ever told him not to be afraid. As tough as he was, no one had ever told him while he was at the verge of dying, “I am here.”

    His fist clenched and his heart tightened. An indescribable emotion filled his heart. He felt complete.

    “You… Idiot…” Xuan Yuan Che muttered under his breath, looking at the brave and courageous Liu Yue. Looking at at his beautiful Liu Yue in the midst of this sea of flames, his eyes reddened.

    This was his Liu Yue, his wife, the person who was truly in his heart.

    In this life, it was a blessing to have had her by his side.

    In this life, it was a blessing to have met her.

    “Idiot, quick… Leave, I have injured my heart meridian, I can’t live…”

    Following the spy that he had thought was Liu Yue, he had rushed into the flames. When he realized the truth, he fought the attacker and killed her. However, even though he killed his enemy, the fight had taken a big toll on his already wounded body. He had injured his heart meridian and his leg had been crushed under the pillar. What else could he…

    “Shut up.” Liu Yue yelled angrily, cutting off Xuan Yuan Che.

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