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Chapter 140-The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (6)

    Chapter 140-The Debt of Blood Must be Paid in Full (6)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

    TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

    A flash of anger crossed her eyes as Liu Yue raised her hand and grasped the Minister of Appointment’s jaws. If she had used even a little more force, the Minister of Appointment’s jaws would probably be pinched off from his skull.

    The Minister of Appointment cried miserably at once.

    The other ministers and generals standing on one side frowned at that. What was this Liu Yue doing?

    As that thought had only passed their minds, Liu Yue suddenly twisted her wrist and poured down the whole bottle of precious antidote right into the Minister of Appointments throat.

    Everyone was frozen, thinking, what did that mean?

    The could only watch as the Minister of Appointment’s face turned white, his hands flailing continuously, like he wanted to pull out the antidote on his throat. But he couldn’t manage to pull out anything.

    “Yue-er, what are you doing, that precious antidote was hard to come by, you…”

    “Cough…” Xuan Yuan Yi had not finished his words of anger when he suddenly saw the Minister of Appointments wailed miserably and collapsed to the ground, his whole body tense and rigid.

    He had been poisoned.

    The surrounding ministers and generals were so shocked that everyone faltered some steps back, eyes opened wide.

    After a few screams, that Minister of Appointment’s body froze and stopped breathing.

    Seeing the situation, Xuan Yuan Yi’s face started to twitch. If the antidote was administered to Xuan Yuan Che, then his son…

    A flash of fear appeared in his eyes. Xuan Yuan Yi’s face suddenly turned green.

    At this time, there were still people who dared to harm his son.

    Her cold gaze swept past everyone present as Liu Yue shouted, “Everyone who wanted to harm Xuan Yuan Che, hear me well. If Xuan Yuan Che is okay after today, I will let this matter go. If there is even a little bit wrong with him, you’ll pay with your whole family and relatives.”


    Her icy cold words were filled with killing intent, reeking with blood.

    Rain drops kept falling down the sky. It was a completely chaotic night.

    The full night of summer rain passed quickly and it was dawn break in a blink of an eye. The downpour turned to drizzle and the winds subsided. Sunshine glittered down, making the flowers and grasses sparkle mesmerizingly.

    It was a beautiful summer day.

    However, in contrast, the Tian Chen Palace was filled with gloom and doom.

    Unconscious. Xuan Yuan Che who had been unconscious since yesterday had not shown any signs of waking up. Mu Rong Wu Di and the others at his side still couldn’t heal him even after channeling most of their Inner Energies through the night.

    He did not show any signs of waking up even after all that.

    Xuan Yuan Yi, Imperial Consort Chen, Right Minister and the others, could only watch helplessly.

    On the other hand, Liu Yue didn’t move a single inch away from Xuan Yuan Che through the night. Instead, she stayed by his side, holding his hands tightly.

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