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Chapter 146-Resurgence of Another Chaos (2)

    Chapter 146-Resurgence of Another Chaos (2)

    Translated by: Rysbow

    Edited by: kimikosong

    TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

    “Reporting, Fei Cheng Lie is nowhere to be found!”

    “Reporting, we have looked through the entire place, Fei Cheng Lie and his youngest son is nowhere to be seen!”

    These string of reports brought only a hair-raising chill to this bloody, silent night.

    Liu Yue looked coldly at General Fei’s oldest son, who was on the floor screaming and writhing in pain. A murderous look covered her eyes. So, Fei Cheng Lie has escaped.

    “Your highness, we found these in a secret room.” Yan Hu marched over, covered in blood. In his hands, he held a pile of half-burnt documents.

    Liu Yue began to open and read the documents . Every page was full of commands and plans.

    They had been planning yesterday’s assassination for five years. The details of how to kill and then escape were so in depth that the amount of documents were as thick as a book.

    A flash of anger went over Liu Yue’s face. A plot of five whole years. They were already planning to assassinate him when Xuan Yuan Che was only 11 or 12.


    Dammit, this Tian Chen’s emperor was fucking useless. All this time had passed and no one noticed anything.

    There was also another top-secret document that they found. Tian Chen’s second general in command, Fei Cheng Lie, was actually a Hou Jin Kingdom’s Vice Minister of War. He had hidden his identity and lived in Tian Chen for twenty years. He even built a house, created a family and career here. General Fei, who had climbed up to such a high position in Tian Chen Kingdom, was actually Hou Jin Kingdom’s Vice Minister of War.

    Liu Yue tightened her fists and crumpled the documents in her hands.

    Damn you, spies of Hou Jin Kingdom.

    The Left Minister was smart and capable, but with the biggest danger sneaked in right next to him, it could have all gone to waste. If Xuan Yuan Che wasn’t so outstanding today, Fei Cheng Lie’s first target would have been Xuan Yuan Cheng, the Crown Prince, that the Left Minister wanted to protect.

    “Do not leave even one alive.” After saying that, with the documents in hand, Liu Yue disappeared into the darkness of the night.

    Fei Cheng Lie had abandoned his family and escaped. He left everyone, including his parents, wife, sons and servants. The only person he took with him was his beloved youngest son.

    Alright, even if he had escaped from Tian Chen today, she would catch him sooner or later. As long as he is still alive in this world, she will definitely find him, she would never let him get away.

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