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Chapter 162-Wu Lin Championship (7)

    Chapter 162-Wu Lin Championship (7)

    Translated by: Yunichan

    Edited by: Yunichan

    TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

    As he sat, Yun Zhao immediately spied the party of Chen Mu opposite him, and his eyes glowed in excitement.

    Rapidly fanning himself, with incessant chatter, he went on and on about the skilled fighters of the Seven Kingdoms, as if they were all pets of his family and he knew every single detail about them.

    A person as bright as the sunshine as him naturally had a lot to say; however, some things that he said could be quite useful.

    Liu Yue sipped her tea and looked at the people Yun Zhao was excitedly gesturing at, taking note of every single skilled fighter she did not recognise.

    “Brother Liu, you see, that is Yin Shui city’s mayor, this old guy actually owns a blood toad, what good luck he has! Why does it not happen to me? If I am skilled in martial arts, I will definitely go up to fight for the first place, the blood toad is such a worthy item.”

    With both eyes glowing, Yun Zhao’s stare threatened to bore a hole on the mayor who had started to give his opening ceremony speech and announce the commencement of the martial arts symposium.

    That gaze was even more intense than seeing one’s own lover.


    In the seating area which was packed like sardines with people pointing their fingers and having discussions loudly and excitedly, only the larger area where Liu Yue and Yun Zhao were sitting at was not occupied, with only the two of them there.

    One was handsome and radiant as the sun, and the other’s charm resembled the luminous moonlight.

    That magnificent grace and mildly cool attitude, and that astounding handsomeness, made it hard to tear one’s eyes away from them.

    Of most of the distinguished guests, thirty percent of them were concentrating on the impending competition, but seventy percent of them were studying and looking at the handsome Liu Yue.

    Even the mayor of Yi Shui City could not resist looking more than twice at this area.

    Such a handsome person, where did he came from and why had he not seen him before? How was it possible for such perfection to exist?

    In contrast, Liu Yue maintained a cold demeanor, and ignored the stares from her surroundings, seemingly unperturbed and composed.

    Yun Zhao, who sat beside her also continued to chatter excitedly and incessantly, and the ease with which they behaved attracted even more attention.

    At this moment, it was as if these people were not here for the competition, but for Liu Yue instead.

    “Who is this person?” East of the stage, a middle-aged man sitting beside the mayor lowered his voice and asked.

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