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Chapter 199-Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (2)

    Chapter 199-Receiving the General’s Position, Meeting the Ministers (2)

    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Edited by: Shiroyukineko

    TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

    Looks like she had gone through several battles these three days. Looking at Liu Yue, no one could guess how many dangers she had been through before finally coming here. But it was all good as long as she was here.

    Without even waiting for the orders from the middle-aged person, who was sitting right beside him, Jin Shui City Lord immediately nodded towards the MC on the arena.

    Upon seeing Jin Shui City Lord’s approval, the MC immediately declared loudly, completely ignoring the ashen expressions of the other three people on the arena, “Alright, since Liu Yue had not forfeited the match, the last tournament match will start now. We’ll have to see who survived in the end to find out who is the world’s no.1!”

    As his finished his words, Liu Yue who was walking over stepped up onto the arena. Her whole body which was emitting a suffocating aura of killing intent, almost melted the blistering hot spring afternoon, making the whole arena cold as the north pole.

    Seeing this, the MC hurriedly jumped down from the arena. It seemed like Liu Yue was furious beyond words, she better not bring a disaster to him, the small fry.

    On the arena, the three people who was originally standing on three different sides of the arena, immediately huddled up together in the middle as soon as they saw Liu Yue coming.

    Without any warning nor hand gestures, the three people had immediately teamed up and faced Liu Yue as their common enemy. She was someone that they could only destroy by teaming up with each other.

    Liu Yue jumped onto the arena in one step, not even paying attention to the three people surrounding her on the arena. Without a second word, her hands moved across the pipa and she struck its strings with her five fingers.

    The pipa’s sound was originally not as loud and as graceful as a zither’s sound. It usually produced a sound that was clear and flowing.

    The sound of pipa resounded through all directions, each note pouring continuously from those five fingers. It gave off a sinister killing intent and an arrogance high as the sky above.

    Wind Blades created from Liu Yue’s fingertips shot out like bullets towards the three other sides, continuously like a machine gun.

    It was no longer a music with tunes, no longer a song with a melody.

    The smooth, swirling rage in that passionate melody, started a torrent of Wind Blades with an absolute killing intent.

    Her long hair and ashen robes fluttered in the wind as killing intent enveloped Liu Yue’s body. It looked like an endless whirlpool, a whirlpool that could start a torrential hurricane.

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