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Chapter 236-I’m Back (3)

    Protect her? Humph, it’s more like she was a newcomer to the place, even if her family background was cleaner than the cleanest, the old man in Hou Jin still did not dare to let his guard down.

    Hence, he dispatched manpower to secretly monitor her.

    Today, if she came back even one step later, she would perhaps have been caught red-handed.

    As she was thinking this in her heart, Liu Yue sharply heard that in the room behind her, there was a light ‘si’ sound, somebody had entered her house.

    It seems that they had come to inspect all her things.

    Not even batting an eyelid, Liu Yue pretended that she did not feel anything, and only frowned. “Do you need help?”

    “No need, it is okay for General Liu Yue to stay here.” The black clothed person answered in a deep voice.

    “Reporting, all the people of the West Cliff have already taken their position.” The black clothed person’s words were just spoken when on his side, a similarly black-clothed intermediary of the West Cliff, but with the edges of his clothing sown with golden ridges, swiftly arrived in the darkness, and quickly reported.

    Upon hearing this, the black clothed person did not even reveal any other expression, but only nodded his head. “Good.”

    The person who came immediately moved into the darkness at high speed.

    It looked as if they were adequately positioned and amply prepared to protect Liu Yue.

    But how could Liu Yue not understand these secret signals, it was likely that the people from the West Cliff had already thoroughly searched her mansion once, and were reporting that they did not discover any abnormality.

    She was practically an expert in these tricks and destruction of evidence.

    It was definitely impossible to find even a little fault or negligence with her.

    But where had he run to? The search in this general’s official residence had already been completed, and they certainly would not miss or omit even an ant, so where did he go?

    “General, please rest, we will be responsible for your safety here.” The black clothed guy now turned his head towards Liu Yue and told her this, then turning his back and disappearing into the night.

    Upon seeing this, Liu Yue gripped her zither, and raised her eyebrows while standing at the doorway.

    In the surrounding darkness, there were the people from the West Cliff everywhere. It looked like they were really monitoring her.

    “Master, what happened?” Du Yi at this moment rapidly came forward while carrying his longsword. When he saw Liu Yue standing at the doorway, he immediately lifted his sword and stood beside Liu Yue.

    “Nothing.” Liu Yue waved her hand, turned and walked into the interior of the house.

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