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Chapter 333-Blue Sensations (1)

    Everyone silently looked forward again. Without saying anything, they all sped up and quickly advanced forward.

    They were all shocked by what had happened.

    The glided along the path of the wind. It looked as if they were flying in the air.

    The went past mountains after mountains. They went past rivers after rivers.

    The group of people were frantically trying to escape their fate.

    Soon the stars twinkled brightly as the moon replaced blazing sun.

    In the blink of an eye, the moon was immediately replaced by the rising sun.

    “No way. We can’t do this. We need to rest.” After crossing another river, Du Gu Ye’s subordinates Li Mu and Liu Cheng threw themselves onto the floor and couldn’t stand anymore.

    They’ve been running for a long time. It was too much for them.

    Seeing this scene, Liu Yue who was leading the group stopped as well. Qiu Hen and the others all looked tired as well.

    “We can rest for fifteen minutes…” Liu Yue sat down and coldly said to the group.

    Hearing this, Du Gu Yue didn’t say anything back to her. He knew that she was their leader now and he had to listen to her.

    On this journey, everyone else was running alone but he was carrying something. It was very hard for him.

    Xuan Yuan Che wasn’t tired at all. When he looked at Du Gu Ye, he saw that he was profusely sweating and his face looked very pale. Xuan Yuan Che secretly praised him for his efforts and sat down next to Liu Yue.

    After Murong Wu Di and the others saw Liu Yue sit down and quickly sat down to recover themselves.

    Their faces were a little pale. They’ve been running non-stop for an entire day and night and were feeling very tired. They looked at Du Gu Ye who had been running for ten days and ten nights and praised him in their minds.

    “My god! They won’t catch up now will they? We’ve already crossed three rivers!” Sitting there, one of Du Gu Ye’s subordinates Wu Ya asked the emotionless Liu Yue.

    While running, the other members of the group didn’t know where they were running to.

    However, they saw that they were crossing rivers. At first, they thought that it was just a coincidence but after seeing how the ants were being slowed down by the water, they understood what was happening.

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