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Chapter 335-Blue Sensations (3)

    In an instant, all that could be heard was the sound of chewing. This kind of crazy expression that they had on….. No one would be able to tell that they were the four great commanders of the strongest Ao Yun Empire. The four people who were above millions looked like beggars who had not eaten in days.

    Qiu Hen and the others in Liu Yue’s group looked at them with disdain.

    Compared to these beggar-like people, they were a million times more refined.

    Qing Shui and the four other commanders saw this and didn’t say anything. Who cares if they were being looked down on. They can also regain their reputation. Right now, they need to fill up their stomachs.

    This place…They were very unlucky. The few hundred close troops that they brought in had all died here. A group of these soldiers that they brought in were killed by the poison in their food. When the rest of the troops saw that their comrades had died to the food in the forest, they became afraid of eating in the forest. They didn’t dare eat anything casually and died to starvation.

    They were like hungry wolves who devoured their food ravenously.

    Only Du Gu Ye was eating slowly and unhurriedly. It wasn’t too slow or too fast. He was looking very calm and elegant.

    Liu Yue looked at these people and immediately disregarded them. She slowly started to eat as well while surveying their surroundings.

    “After three years, it seems like the crowned prince is much more elegant than before.” While eating, Xuan Yuan Che suddenly looked at Du Gu Ye and started to talk.

    Hearing this, Yan Hu started to laugh lightly. Du Gu Ye’s white robe had already turned black. His face looked withered and he was in a sorry state. Elegant? Which part of him looked elegant? It seems like Xuan Yuan Che was deliberately trying to annoy Du Gu Ye.

    “Same to you, King of Ye.” Du Gu Ye calmly replied as he ate his food.

    After coming out of the muddy river, Xuan Yuan Che was not much better than he was.

    There was basically no difference between the two.

    Neither one of them was in better shape than the other right now.

    Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Che didn’t get angry at all and replied, “ Coming to such a desolate place from Ao Yun, what is the crowned prince looking for?”

    Xuan Yuan Che was being very direct with his question.

    However, who would’ve thought that that Du Gu Ye would be so direct with his reply as well, “I want whatever you want.”

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