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Chapter 340-Blue Sensations (8)

    “The environment, tree species, tree age, soil, and air.” After hearing Xuan Yuan Che ask her, Liu Yue said these few words.

    Miasma don’t only appear when there’s rotting trees. There are many types of miasma. It all depends on the environment.

    There are many types of miasma. Some are hallucinogenic, some are sensual while some can be life threatening. Different kind of environments can produce a different kind of miasma.

    In this forest, there was only one kind of miasma. It comes from the trees that had been rotting for over a hundred years. It was a very rare occurrence.

    The soil here was very moist and there was no water source around. There was only one reason why the soil was moist.

    However, normal people wouldn’t understand something like this.

    Behind her, Xuan Yuan Che, Du Gu Ye, and Qing Lian all turned silent after hearing this.

    And behind them, Qiu Hen and the others were so shocked that they couldn’t even make a noise.

    There was no doubt that Liu Yue was talking from experience. This was something that could be learned from experience.

    The group quickly moved 5 kilometers.

    In front of them was a light blue fog. It looked clear and misty.

    The scent that came from the fog smelled very good, it looked very elegant.

    “It could have an aphrodisiac effect.” Liu Yue smelled the scent and said.

    Liu Yue’s party grabbed a few medicament from their robe and ate it. They then proceeded into the fog without caring at all.

    Du Gu Ye and his party wasn’t unprepared either. They each took a pill out of their robe and ate it.

    As they entered, Liu Yue was leading in the front while Du Gu Ye and Qing Lian followed right behind her. Xuan Yuan Che was behind the two of them. The four of them formed a rhombus sort of formation.

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