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Chapter 342-Blue Sensations (10)

    Liu Yue’s brows furrowed together and she stood up. She touched the dead leaves with her feet and left her prints on the ground.

    The leaves started to make a rustling sound. The sounds rang throughout the forest one by one as if she was typing a morse code.

    The wind was blowing hard as it carried the rustling sound around.

    Ten seconds, fifty seconds, a hundred seconds…

    There was no answer. Where did this Xuan Yuan Che go?

    He was right behind them. They weren’t even a few steps apart. How far could he have gotten?

    Liu Yue frowned.

    While she was frowning, the silent and still Du Gu Ye suddenly patted Liu Yue’s shoulders and said a few words, “Let’s get out of here first before thinking about it.”

    Liu Yue wasn’t feeling too good about this but Du Gu Ye was right. They should leave this place before doing anything else. The miasma is strong. It’s not good to be in here for long. With Xuan Yuan Che’s abilities, he’ll probably get out sooner or later.

    In a bad mood, Liu Yue got up and flew forwards with Du Gu Ye following besides her.

    When Liu Yue reached behind her to grab Xuan Yuan Che’s arm, Xuan Yuan Che sensed her intentions and flew towards her to grab her hands. However, the hand that he grabbed wasn’t Liu Yue’s.

    These fingers were slim and delicate. How can it be Liu Yue’s hand. Liu Yue’s hands were tough and strong.

    He immediately let go of the hand and moved forward. There was nobody else around. Liu Yue was only a few steps ahead of himself. Where did she disappear to?

    His heart fluttered. He started to move faster and faster. However, other than Qing Lian who was following him, there was nobody else around.

    Xuan Yuan Che knew that he had separated from Liu Yue. However, they were still going in the same general direction so they would both be out sooner or later.

    “She won’t have any problems.” Qing Lian wrote these words out with her finger on Xuan Yuan Che’s back and then patted his back.

    Xuan Yuan Che knows that Liu Yue was capable and nothing would happen to her. However, he was in a bad mood that he couldn’t be with her.

    However, he had to hold back his emotions and get out of her. He continued movingg forward with the princess behind him.

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