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Chapter 362-The Black-clothed Asura 6

    The giant python’s skin was very thick and rough. Normal attacks won’t injure it at all. Qing Shui, Qiu Hen and the others all tried their best. In ten strikes, nine would only leave a white sword imprint on the skin. It couldn’t cut through the skin at all.

    Only Xuan Yuan Che and Du Gu Ye was able to cut through the giant python’s skin.

    However, the giant python is very deadly. It will deal serious damage if one reaches within seven inches of its body. Even the strong Du Gu Ye and Xuan Yuan Che don’t dare get that close to it.

    As the giant python received more and more injuries, its eyes became redder and redder. Although the injuries that it had received were not life threatening, it offended his pride and dignity as the tyrant of the rain forest.

    As it raged, it lifted its long body and dealt a very strong attack to the nine people. No one dared to defend against the attack and tried to escape from it.

    “Hong.” Xuan Yuan Che used the python’s momentum against itself and created a hole near the python’s head. Xuan Yuan Che then jumped away as the python fell against a giant boulder.

    “Bang.” The giant boulder was smashed into pieces.

    The giant python got up and shook its head. It then turned around with its mouth open and flew towards Du Gu Ye, trying to eat him.

    When everyone saw this, their expression became very ugly.

    Just how strong is this thing?

    “Yue, don’t get so close.” Xuan Yuan Che held his sword as he warned Liu Yue.

    Liu Yue doesn’t know Qing Gong and doesn’t have internal energy. Xuan Yuan Che knows that Liu Yue won’t be able to block a single attack from this python.

    Liu Yue didn’t move even after hearing Xuan Yuan Che’s warnings. Her sharped eyes locked onto the injured area on the giant python.

    A python’s attack is usually in a circle. However, because the python was injured and had belittled humans, it showed its weakness while it attacked.

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