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Chapter 394-The Peerless Beauty (1)

    The letter was written on a golden paper and there were only a few words on it.

    ‘Selfishness is a part of human nature.’

    Seven words. Seven dumb words. However, these seven words made Xuan Yuan Che crush the paper with his hands.

    None of the officials and ministers dared to speak. They could only look at the cold Xuan Yuan Che with fear.

    The entire hall was silent.

    The messenger soldier gulped and didn’t dare to meet Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes, “The Crowned Prince of Aoyun have also left a message by mouth. The accompanying troops may advance or retreat. It all depends on the King of Yi.

    Hearing that, Xuan Yuan Che’s expression turned even colder. At this moment, all of the other people in the hall were thinking about the same thing. Are the marriages necessary?

    “To pressure our prince into marriage without even sending the bride to meet him. They’re playing games I say. But, there is a quick solution to this problem. If the King of Yi marries them, then our Tian……” The right minister began to speak and suddenly felt Xuan Yuan Che’s murderous gaze upon himself. He immediately shut his mouth out of fear.

    “I have said this once already. I will only marry one person in this life.” Xuan Yuan Che spoke with a resolute tone.

    When all the ministers and officials heard this again, they couldn’t help but furrow their brows. To marry only one person, this……

    “Che-er. I’m afraid that……” Xuan Yuan Yi coughed and started to speak.

    Before Xuan Yuan Yi could finish, Xuan Yuan Che stuck his hand out, stopping Xuan Yuan Yi in his tracks.

    Xuan Yuan Che coldly glared at every single person in the hall, “You guys are all scared because of some bluff? Can my Tianchen still count on you guys to take over the world?”

    These words made everyone present swallow hard. They all remained silent.

    “Hmph. The three empires have gathered a few hundred thousand troops to attack my Tianchen. They deployed their armies out of nowhere without any preparations. Tell me. How should we fight this war?”

    The cold voice echoed throughout the hall.

    When everyone heard this, they all looked at each other. Once they heard that the three empires were sending a few hundred thousand troops to attack Tianchen, they all began to panic. How can Tianchen be their opponent? It’s one against three!

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