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Chapter 434-Where the shadow goes (3)

    All five of his fingers quickly gripped onto the side of the cliff. With all his strength, he pulled himself back up.

    However, because he had fallen, he could not catch up to Liu Yue anymore.

    The bloody figure had fallen…..All the way towards the Odd Rock Hills.

    “Yue.” At the same time, Xuan Yuan Che had caught up and reached out as well. Without thinking, he jumped off and stretched forward to try and catch the falling Liu Yue.

    A crisp ripping sound could be heard as Xuan Yuan Che was only able to grab onto her sleeves.

    The sleeves were in Xuan Yuan Che’s hand while the Liu Yue continued to fall without any hindrance…..straight towards the mountain stream.

    “Yue-er…..” Like a lone wolf who had lost its lover, Xuan Yuan Che cried out. His cry pierced the nine heavens.

    His cry echoed throughout the entire ravine.

    “Yue-er, Yue-er…..” Xuan Yuan Che was feeling extremely lost.

    As Du Gu Ye stood there and watched as Liu Yue slipped out of Xuan Yuan Che’s hands, his chest tightened.

    His originally pale face had become even paler.

    His knees slowly staggered as he dropped onto the ground.

    Those cold eyes were now empty. He never thought about killing her. He didn’t try to kill her….

    On the other hand, Xuan Yuan Che was moving and crying like a wild demon.

    He didn’t think about anything. He didn’t care for his own safety. Xuan Yuan Che leaped forward as well. No matter what, he had to catch her.

    He can’t lose her. He absolutely cannot lose her.

    As he jumped out, a horsewhip was flung out from behind and tightly wrapped around his body.

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