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Chapter 441-Where the shadow goes (10)

    He was feeling too many emotions. Too many emotions hidden under that under expression of his.

    A murderous intent was released as Xuan Yuan Che threw his sleeves down and looked coldly at Xuan Yuan Yi, ‘Three days later, I don’t want to see you as Tianchen’s king anymore.”

    After throwing down these ice cold words, Xuan Yuan Che turned around and left.

    Xuan Yuan Yi shuddered. This….. This is… forced abdication.

    The autumn wind blew gently. Clouds covered the entire sky, not allowing any sunlight to penetrate into the earth.

    Three days later, Xuan Yuan Yi officially announced his abdication as Xuan Yuan Che took over as the king. From this moment on, the weak and feeble Tianchen will now become stronger and stronger.

    If you hold the lord, you control his vassals.

    With Du Gu Ye and Helian Yuan Zhao in his hands, Xuan Yuan Che now has the ability to sweep through the five countries who tried to attack. Like thunder, Xuan Yuan Che’s troops rolled out in all directions.

    Murderous intent filled the air.

    This year’s autumn….It was destined to be very eventful.

    Time passed by very quickly.

    Compared to where Xuan Yuan Che’s army was, the autumn wind was warm and gentle in an uninhibited valley. Flowers were blooming along the road. It looked very beautiful.

    Warm air flowed around as birds danced in the air.

    Flowers were glowing brilliantly as green leaves floated in the air.

    Sunshine poured into the valley and landed on the few straw houses. The golden light made the straw houses look very warm.

    “Ugh.” All of her limbs and bones were hurting as he couldn’t help but let out a moan.

    “She’s awake. She’s awake. Young master. She’s awake.” A soft and joyous sound called out like a little bird chirping.

    Liu Yue furrowed her brows. This voice was annoying.

    She started to regain her senses…. This was a stranger’s voice.

    Her heart shook. She forced her eyes open and without caring for her injuries, she looked around.

    She was in a straw house. There was a bed, a table and a chair. The place was very simple. Everything was placed neatly around the house.

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