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Chapter 262: Legend

    Chapter 262: Legend

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    It was early in the morning when Huo Dong shouted from outside, "What are you doing, Boss Luo?"

    Luo Yuan pushed the door open and saw Huo Dong panting. He was holding big bags full of stuff.

    "You, too? I appreciate the effort, but I don’t need these. Please take them back," Luo Yuan said as he shook his head.

    "It’s nothing valuable. They were just given out by the troops. You know that I’m all by myself. It’s impossible for me to finish it all. If I don’t give them to you, I’ll have to let them rot," Huo Dong chuckled, standing straight in his lieutenant uniform. The military was a great training base. He was already advancing there within a short period of time.

    "You think I don’t know about military regulations? You’re not young anymore, it’s time for you to plan your future. Get married if you get the opportunity," Luo Yuan teased him.

    "I’m used to being alone. Perhaps in the future, when everything is more stable. Or maybe I’ll become a cuckold if I’m successful," Huo Dong laughed.

    Luo Yuan sighed internally. He tried to avoid the topic by asking softly, "How’s the situation right now?"

    Huo Dong knew he was not asking about his personal life, but about what was happening out there. Obviously, that kind of information was classified, so he hesitated before he said softly, "I don’t know much, to be honest. I’m just working in the back office, but I’ve noticed that the use of ammunition in the warehouse is massive, and most of it is being sent to the frontline."

    Luo Yuan nodded. He had noticed that the atmosphere had been unusual during the past few days. There had been cars on the streets, especially in the middle of the night, and sometimes even during the day. The smell of smoke had been getting a lot thicker lately.

    Huo Dong was aware that Luo Yuan had something on his mind. He knew that Luo Yuan could not be treated as an ordinary person. His supernatural abilities made him highly sensitive to danger. He had been able to predict danger coming their way several times, and he was getting more and more accurate. Huo Dong quickly asked, "Did Lin Xiaoji come to see you? He’s in the frontline, so he should know more."

    "No." Luo Yuan shook his head. Ever since Lin Xiaoji had left, he had never returned. Luo Yuan was not sure if the frontline was that strict, or if he just didn’t want to.

    "You should go back now. If you hear anything, please let me know as soon as you can so we can get ready."

    "Sure! I’ll notify you first, Boss Luo." Huo Dong stood up and left, looking worried.

    After he left, Luo Yuan started walking in circles. He trained for a little while, and not long later, Huang Jiahui woke up. Noticing the package on the table, she asked, "Who is this from?"

    "Huo Dong brought it. It should be meat," Luo Yuan said.

    Huang Jiahui opened the package. There were around 40 catties of meat inside and a big bottle of liquor weighing about 10 catties. There was also a glass jar with something big soaked inside it. The jar weighed 10 catties and what was inside it weighed around three catties. Huang Jiahui took a closer look, and her face went red in shock. "That shameless pig! Why would he give you this?"

    Luo Yuan glanced at it and realized it was the penis of a mutated beast. He was speechless. Considering his physique, he definitely did not need that.

    "Don’t you dare drink this!" Huang Jiahui warned him while still blushing. His abilities were already terrifying enough. She could not imagine how strong he’d get if he were to drink that.

    "Then throw it away!" Luo Yuan did not know what else to say.

    "No, it would be a waste to throw it away. We should give it to someone else." Huang Jiahui was a thrifty person, so she could not bring herself to throw it away.

    "It’s up to you. Oh, there’s something going on in the area. Be careful. Try to stay put at the police station, and I will come pick you up," Luo Yuan said in all seriousness.

    "What’s wrong?" Huang Jiahui asked worriedly.

    "I’m not sure myself," Luo Yuan said solemnly. "Just be careful."

    Huang Jiahui knew that Luo Yuan was serious, so she nodded. "You be careful, too. I’ll go prepare breakfast now."

    Luo Yuan remained quiet as he watched Huang Jiahui get busy in the kitchen. After going through so many ups and downs, he realized that the peaceful life they were leading now was not easy. Unfortunately, they could only take what they could during the apocalypse.

    After breakfast, Huang Jiahui went to work. Luo Yuan knocked on Wang Shishi’s door. "Are you still not up?"

    "Don’t bother me! Let me sleep a little more!" Wang Shishi said lazily.

    "This girl is getting lazier every day! I’m heading out, don’t forget your breakfast!" Luo Yuan said. He would definitely have taught her a lesson if this had happened before, but he could not bother right now.

    She was not entirely lazy, though. She was practicing her Telekinesis non-stop every day, and she had even taken Luo Yuan’s suggestion and been using Telekinesis in her daily chores. She would fly whenever she could, and she would use her powers to move things without her hands. Telekinesis had almost merged with her instinct.

    Now she could use it to move things that weighed up to 60 kilos. She could still not make Luo Yuan float in the air, though. The uncertainty of her Telekinesis affected her performance big time. For instance, she could make his body lift up in the air with just a wave, but if there were something sharp coming his way, it could lead to unimaginable casualties. Telekinesis was a powerful ability though, and even Luo Yuan was jealous of her.

    Luo Yuan closed the door and walked towards the outskirts of the city. There were a few guards by the gate, but they looked scared as they bowed down before him. Luo Yuan glanced at them. They were the same guards who had denied them entrance when they’d first arrived at the city. Their attitude had changed greatly since then. They were full of respect and excitement whenever they saw him now.

    After filling in the necessary forms, Luo Yuan walked out of the city, feeling everybody’s eyes on him. At that time of the day, not many people would go out of the city, but most of the people who did were looking for adventure in the wilderness. A young man holding a sword, who was about to leave the city, asked a guard, "Boss Liu, who is this man? I’ve never seen him before."

    The guard stared at him. He thought maybe it would be a good idea to let others know who Mr. Luo was so they would not offend him. "Did you hear the rumor about the man who handled the crypt worm invasion? That’s him. He is a super evolved person."

    Gasps sounded everywhere. Most people were stunned, but they looked delighted.

    "That’s him? Is he living among us now? That’s wonderful! I heard that he killed all the crypt worms by himself!" One of them said.

    "More than that! A soldier friend of mine told me that the crypt worm was killed while he was still trying to get a good look at it!" Someone else said in excitement.

    "If we’d known, we would have said hi to him," another person said regretfully.

    "That’s right. Even if he doesn’t care about us, it would still be cool to meet him. He’s a legend!"

    Nothing could be hidden under the sun, and the crypt worm invasion had been huge, so there had been no chance of sweeping it under the rug. Everyone was talking about it, and that mysterious man and his powerful abilities had become everyone’s favorite topic.

    Luo Yuan’s hearing was sharp. Although he had walked far away, he could still hear what people were saying about him. He smiled, realizing that he enjoyed being admired.

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