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Chapter 277: The Giant

    Chapter 277: The Giant

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    These easy battles could hardly stir any interest from Luo Yuan. He was more attracted to the various kinds of evolutionary powers that were being used by these evolutionary men.

    A black mutated bug thought it finally had the opportunity to attack and quickly sprung towards Luo Yuan. The crowd quickly fled the vicinity and one of the evolved people wanted to pull him away but did not manage to catch Luo Yuan as he unintentionally moved away. She lost her balance after failing to catch Luo Yuan and could not escape. The crowd was aware of that but could only sigh for her.

    Suddenly, a strong wind could be felt and the black mutated bug dropped onto the ground like an inanimate object. A shallow pit was created from the fall and the bug involuntarily shook a few times and then stopped moving.

    One of the men who was idling was standing half a meter away from the dead bug together with the female who was trying to save Luo Yuan. They both basically did not move at all during the entire process. The only thing running through their minds was that they were lucky to see a dead mutated bug. Half of the bug’s head was sliding down from its body. Unfortunately, the crowd was gone and none of them saw it.

    "Take good care of yourself don’t force yourself to help if you’re not strong enough. You will die if you do so!" Luo Yuan pulled the lady aside and continued, "By the way, thank you."

    Even this fight was too easy to trouble Luo Yuan or make him worried. His senses are very sensitive to moving objects so it was not too difficult for him.

    Wen Yujie was stunned for a moment and said, "I didn’t help you, but you" She looked skinny and weak. Luo Yuan felt she was very light when he was trying to rescue her from being hit by the bug. Her flat chest made her look like a premature young girl.

    Luo Yuan said, "You know yourself, huh? I just didn’t expect there to still be kind people like you. It’s rare even before the end of the world."

    Wen Yujie understood his message even though she was hardly considered bright. Her face became rosy as she replied, "I know you’re strong, but that’s not the reason you should be sarcastic to me. If everyone is like you, how can there be hope? Humans would be extinct!"

    Luo Yuan was stunned and then continued, "Fine, you’re better in morality. Anyway, thanks for helping. Stay behind me, I’ll take care of you."

    "Who cares?" Wen Yujie shouted out loud but she was happy. She had seen his power earlier. Well, she did not see anything but she certainly felt that she was pulled by a great force. That was how she knew his power was unexpectedly strong.

    While talking to her, Luo Yuan casually killed another mutated bug. This time, Wen Yujie opened her eyes widely and saw a blurry blue light but could not see anything more. She did not even know whether he moved his hands or what weapons he used to kill the bug. She was clearly amazed as she is already an evolved person so her eyesight was considered to be better than the average person and yet she still could not see anything.

    Wen Yujie would sneak a peek at Luo Yuan on some occasions before finally mustering the courage to ask him curiously, "Hey, how come I've never heard about you even though you're so powerful?"

    Luo Yuan replied jokingly, "My name is not ‘Hey’. Also, I haven’t told you my name, how do you know you haven’t heard about me before?"

    "What’s your name?" Wen Yujie asked. "I don’t think it’s a well-known name. My house used to be around this area and I was amongst the first batch of residents here. I’m not trying to brag but I’ve seen most of the evolved men in the city." Wen Yujie said arrogantly.

    "Can't believe you're an aboriginal." Luo Yuan was surprised and said. No wonder she looked slightly like a Westerner. She was indeed very lucky. People like Luo Yuan had to go through so many challenges to get there but she was born in the west!

    "Brother, you haven’t told me your name." She quickly remarked.

    "You’ll know later, just shut up for now." Luo Yuan looked up to the sky and looked calm. Wen Yujie imitated his actions and looked up to the sky but her face immediately turned pale. The situation was getting worse. They did not realize when the sky had started turning dark. The wings of the mutated bugs were looked like hundreds of helicopters were flying about in the sky. Almost all the mutated bugs in the city came over as they heard the dying bugs crying before breathing their last breath.

    After a short pause, all the mutated bugs suddenly fell to the ground. In just a few seconds, there were many carcasses scattered all over. Luo Yuan was finally intrigued. The Zhanmadao in his hand kept slicing the air and every single bug which was about five meters away from him were split in two. He caught everyone's attention.

    Unfortunately, some corpses were added to the pile of carcasses as Luo Yuan could not take care of everyone. Finally, the Lieutenant Colonel removed his military uniform and tore off his shirt and chucked it aside. He looked up to the sky, took a deep breath, and then roared extremely loudly. All his muscles immediately expanded and black blood vessels were bulging under his skin which made it look like numerous big worms were crawling under his skin. Just by looking at the Lieutenant Colonel, Luo Yuan could feel his beast-like nature.

    Wen Yujie suddenly shouted, "Move! He is going to evolve!"

    She then pulled Luo Yuan away to escape. However, Luo Yuan pushed her hand away and asked, "What’s wrong?" Later, he realized the remaining survivors had been stepping backward and they looked excited!

    "He is going to evolve, you’ll be hurt if you are too near to him." Wen Yujie shouted.

    Only then did Luo Yuan follow the crowd and step back. There was no one standing within 30 meters of the Colonel. Luo Yuan was watching him curiously as his abnormal symptoms were only at an early stage. However, in only a second, he grew rapidly from 190 cm to more than three meters! He was still growing!!! The explosive changes looked excruciatingly painful to him as his facial expression changed to become full of rage. He suddenly squatted down and both of his hands punched on the ground as he roared!!!

    The ground was shaking under the power of this non-human. The concrete road suddenly became like bean curd as stones and rocks were flying everywhere and a huge pit was formed.

    His evolution finally stopped as he slowly got up from the ground. Suddenly, a strong wind blew towards them and Luo Yuan involuntarily took a very deep breath as he looked at the huge body of the Colonel which was even bigger than the King Kong.

    He was about 14-15 meters in height which was the equivalent of a building with five floors. His skin was a metallic black and his muscles were like ancient roots intertwined with each other. All of this made him look extremely fearsome and powerful. Such changes were extremely fearsome to normal people as it was against the laws and theories of physics. Luo Yuan could not figure out how did a human who was about 80-90 kg morph into a giant with weighing more than 10 tons.

    The colonel was about to do something when Luo Yuan was still trying to figure out how this was possible. He took a deep breath and then roared into the sky. His roars sounded like thunder and they could see some waves in the air. Many of the mutated bugs were hit by the wave and fell onto the ground. He then randomly grabbed a bug from the sky and the bug, which was only the size of a mini car, splattered in his fist and all the green liquid oozed out onto the ground.

    These mutated bugs were gifted with some basic knowledge. They could now recognize threats and would gather to attack in such instances. Luo Yuan quickly realized the weakness of the giant which is his dexterity. It was just slightly better than that of an ordinary person. The giant was trying to catch another bug but he did not seem to be successful.

    Many of the mutated bugs rushed to the Colonel and poked their sharp limbs into his body. At the same time, they also bit and ate his flesh. Fresh blood was dripping down from his wounds and the rest started to worry. However, the giant was too big and powerful that the wounds did not actually cause any pain to him although it was about half a meter deep.

    Those mutated bugs have been starved for a long time now, hence, they became frantic and out of control when they got to taste his flesh. Despite the giant’s slow speed, he still managed to squeeze and squash a few bugs and pull them out from his wound one by one. However, more and more mutated bugs attached themselves on him and bit his flesh again and again. The Lieutenant had realized at this stage that the strategy of using his body as a lure could not last long as it would cause him to die.

    Suddenly, something shocking happened in front of Luo Yuan. He noticed that the giant’s wounds recovered rapidly. All his wounds disappeared in less than a second and there were no signs of injuries on his body at all. Even though Luo Yuan’s eyesight is extremely good, he did not realize any sign of self-recovery through regeneration of new muscles. Alternatively, it should be a form of supplement transfer within his body. Luo Yuan’s speculations were proven right when the height of the giant dropped by about 10 cm.

    More and more carcasses filled the area under the feet of the giant and slowly formed a few hills. It appeared that those mutated bugs finally understood the power of their opponent. In just a few seconds, all the remaining bugs flew away and disappeared. The sky turned bright once again.

    The giant looked at the sky but still had a serious facial expression despite winning the battle. After that, his huge body began to shrink and soon he was back to his normal size again. Other than his slightly pale face, he did not seem to feel weak at all!

    The Lieutenant Colonel put on his uniform again and looked at Luo Yuan. Unexpectedly, he walked towards Luo Yuan and said, "Can we talk?"

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