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Chapter 284: Violent Battle (I)

    Chapter 284: Violent Battle (I)

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    Just as Luo Yuan was done putting on his clothes, someone knocked hard on the door.

    "Spot check! Everybody put your hands on your heads and get on the ground! This is not a warning, it’s an order! I repeat, everybody put your hands on your heads and get on the ground…"

    Shocked, Wen Yujie, who had been lying on her bed, jumped down immediately. She had her clothes on all the time, because she had been rooming with a man she was unfamiliar with, but Luo Yuan was still taking his time putting on his shoes.

    "Be quick! These soldiers are not friendly, they might really open fire!"

    Luo Yuan’s heart was pounding, and his blood was flowing through his entire body, his face flushing red. When he was finally done with his shoes, he had to calm himself down.

    "Prepare yourself, we’re going out."

    "Nine, eight, seven…" the soldiers outside were counting down.

    "What are you talking about? Have you lost your mind? Stay on the ground with me!"

    Wen Yujie tried to get Luo Yuan to squat down by pulling on his arm. Luo Yuan, who had been weak earlier, had his feet planted on the floor. She could not move him, no matter how hard she tried.

    "Six, five, four…"

    "Didn’t you keep asking me who I am?" Luo Yuan turned around and asked her.

    "Three, two, one"

    There was a magnificent invisible aura surrounding him. Wen Yujie’s anxiety was gone, but her heart was beating fast as she asked, "So who are you?"

    "Luo Yuan!" Luo Yuan was grinning, but his eyes were cold.

    The door was pushed open with a bang, and a team of soldiers stormed inside the cell. After glancing around them, one of them said, "Everybody get ready…"

    Before the soldier could even finish his sentence though, a terrifying vibe started spreading around the tiny space.

    The bodies of the soldiers shook, and their expressions went stiff as they all fell down. Their eyes looked empty as if the fire in their spirits had been put off.

    It was the first time Luo Yuan had used his force field to attack a human, and the effect was better than he’d imagined. He would normally have felt sad for them, but he did not experience any emotion now. What was left was only his cold sensibility.

    Wen Yujie turned pale as her mind went blank. She was shocked by Luo Yuan’s force. She had not seen that murderous action coming, and she did not know how to react.

    Luo Yuan picked up a gun, took the bullets in his hand and threw it away. He pulled Wen Yujie to him and walked out of the cell between all the dead bodies. Some soldiers who were doing their rounds at the corner realized that something was wrong. As they were about to shoot, Luo Yuan threw the Tungsten core bullets at them. The bullets flew towards the soldiers at the speed of light, hitting them and causing them to drop dead on the floor.

    Suddenly, Luo Yuan stopped walking. He stood right where he was and extended his arm. His Zhanmadao floated towards him from the end of the tunnel. Within seconds, it had landed on Luo Yuan’s hand. Although he was sensible, holding the sword that had been with him since the beginning of the apocalypse caused a smile to form on his face.

    A few steps later, the alarm was ringing throughout the entire prison area.

    It was an area under major surveillance, so anything unusual would be captured on the cameras that were mounted everywhere. It was impossible to escape unnoticed.

    Of course, Luo Yuan knew that escaping would not be easy. However, the energy from the Earth was reaching him boundlessly from beneath him, his body recovering rapidly and his powerful strength returning to his body.

    Amid the noise of the alarm, Luo Yuan’s sharp ears could pick up the sound of many people heading in his direction at a fast pace. He knew that he was surrounded.

    "Hide!" Luo Yuan turned around and told Wen Yujie, who was still in shock. He used his sword to slice open the gate across from him. Ignoring the confused prisoners, he pushed her inside the cell.

    "No, Luo Yuan, don’t act impulsively! You need to live!" Wen Yujie told him loudly as she snapped out of it.

    Luo Yuan left with a blank expression on his face. Gripping his sword firmly, he ran faster and faster along the 10-meter long tunnel. Suddenly, he took a light leap, his body flying eight meters across the tunnel like a bird. Pointing his feet at the wall, he managed to land among the soldiers. One of them did not even get a chance to take a good look at him before he was struck by his force. His mouth started foaming and he passed out, yet Luo Yuan was nowhere to be seen.

    The shelter’s layout was complicated. There were tunnels everywhere, and all aisles and rooms looked the same. It was easy to get lost in there without any obvious signage or map. However, Luo Yuan figured out where the exit was by recalling where the sound of the soldiers’ footsteps had been coming from. The space in the shelter had to be limited and the prison could not be too big, because after less than two minutes of running, Luo Yuan arrived at the exit.

    He slowed down his pace when he saw someone familiar.

    "So you’re Luo Yuan? The only level-5 evolved person in the Desert City?" Lao Xie said as he laughed. "Who would have thought that you’d use to stay next to me! We had a hard time looking for you!"

    Luo Yuan walked up to him, remaining expressionless.

    As he watched Luo Yuan walk towards him, Lao Xie’s smile disappeared. Luo Yuan was an officially recognized evolved person, so Lao Xie had to be extra careful. Although there was a rumor that he had been badly injured, it was better to see it with his eyes. From what he saw, there seemed to be nothing wrong with Luo Yuan.

    "There’s no need for us to fight. We can talk…" said Lao Xie with a grin.

    "Stop wasting my time, I’ll kill all of you right now," Luo Yuan said calmly.

    Lao Xie looked at the ceiling quietly. The guy with the glasses was crawling on it, ready to ambush Luo Yuan without even waiting for the perfect time. Lao Xie let out a roar. His muscles started bulging and he grew taller all of a sudden. What was even more strange though, was that there was a layer of oil shining on his skin.

    Lao Xie stomped hard on the ground, creating a deep hole on the concrete floor before he lunged towards Luo Yuan like a cannon ball. Luo Yuan remained right where he was. When the guy with the glasses jumped down, he took a step back right away. Waving his right hand, a shadow suddenly started shaking and a fan-shaped glow formed at the top of it.

    Against Luo Yuan’s expectations, the guy with the glasses was not slow to react. As soon as he was aware of the danger, he folded his body into a ball. With the help of his core muscles, he flung himself up into the air and stayed there for 0.1 seconds. He managed to escape Luo Yuan’s attack and land on the ground elegantly. His weapon was a pair of claws made of metal, painted with a layer of Antiaris poison extracted from a level-5 creature’s teeth. The claws complemented his extraordinary agility and flexibility, giving him a ghostly vibe.

    Luo Yuan frowned, His body had not been fully recovered yet, so his physical attributes were only at +13 or +14. As a result, he had missed. Just as the guy with the glasses landed, Lao Xie, who had turned into a hunk, came his way. He was like a terrifying giant dragon. A strong wind was produced, even before he had started to attack. He seemed to have gone through some kind of tough Kung Fu training that must have given him that astounding strength.

    However, Luo Yuan could see many flaws on him. Although his physical attributes were not at their peak, his vision was clear, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was a martial arts master. Luo Yuan moved his head out of the way to avoid Lao Xie’s punch. At the same time, he grabbed Lao Xie’s hair and tried to stab his temple.

    Contrary to expectation, his sharp Zhanmadao, which could kill a green-level creature, was useless. The tip of the sword was blocked by the layer of oil on Lao Xie’s skin. Luo Yuan remained calm as he tried to stab Lao Xie’s waist, head and spine before kicking him away.

    "This all you got? This is too weak, it seems like I overestimated you!" Lao Xie laughed as he took a few steps back. He was still standing firmly on the ground. There were no injuries on him at all.

    Luo Yuan was left speechless by Lao Xie’s shocking defense. He knew that it was impossible for Lao Xie to be this strong. There had to be some kind of loophole that he was not aware of. While he was still thinking, the guy with the glasses and Lao Xie ran towards him. Lao Xie blocked Luo Yuan’s way while the guy with the glasses walked around him, looking for Luo Yuan’s weakness.

    The two of them made a perfect team, as one of them was powerful, strong and bright, and the other was agile, light and dark. Even a level-5 creature could get killed by them if it was careless. That was why they had the confidence to fight Luo Yuan. Luo Yuan tried to attack again, but the journey before him was still unpredictable, and he did not want to waste his Will on them. He avoided their attack, using the lightning speed of the Zhanmadao to chop Lao Xie’s throat, eyes, and crotch. He even tried to cut his anus. Once again, the sword could not go through the layer of oil. There were only ripples, but no wounds.

    Lao Xie endured Luo Yuan’s continuous attacks, no more able to defend himself than a kid. He roared in anger and embarrassment before he opened his mouth. There was a glaring light shining from within it. Lao Xie’s pupils were shrinking fast, and he tried to close his mouth quickly, but it was too late. Before he could close it, the sword had pierced through his cheek. He might not have lost his life if he’d avoided a direct attack.

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