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Chapter 286: Under the Sewer (I)

    Chapter 286: Under the Sewer (I)

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    Not long after Luo Yuan and the gang had left, a loud noise was heard around the prison. It sounded like an explosion, and dust was suddenly flying everywhere. Amid the hazy smoke, a glowing man appeared. His entrance was magnificent, but what was unbelievable was that he was actually floating in the air.

    Upset, Su Yu rushed to the scene as soon as he heard the news. It was too late though. Two dead bodies lay miserably on the ground, and so were countless soldiers, although he was not sure whether they were dead or alive.

    "Such garbage!" Su Yu said coldly. Their deaths meant nothing to him. Ever since he had decided to walk the journey of hegemony, he had long pushed his emotions aside. During the apocalypse, only those cruel and ruthless enough survived.

    "They were still my dogs though. A level-5 evolved person might be strong, but they’re still nothing compared to me. You’re not getting away from me, Luo Yuan!"


    The shelter was located underground, so there was no drainage or covers needed. There were only two ways to reach it. One was by using the tunnel meant for maintenance, and the other was by using the pipelines under the toilet bowls. The latter was naturally out of the question. Filth aside, the pipelines were too shallow and small for a human body to move in. This way they would not just be seen easily, but also endanger their lives by coming into contact with the stuff being flushed down the pipelines. They were all either serving in the military or on reserve, so even Wen Yujie had to attend military training once a week every month. Her actions were quick, and once she made a decision, she never procrastinated.

    The wanted list was not out yet, so nobody recognized them, although they came across many people along the way. Luo Yuan was relieved. After all, he did not want to kill people just like that. The sewer maintenance room was coincidentally located 100 meters away from the campsite. It was in the danger zone, so it was always one of the major caution areas. Since it was close to the campsite, if anything were to happen, it could be fixed in no time.

    The entrance of the campsite was heavily guarded. There were guards whistling nearby, so there was no way for them to get in. It was impossible not to get caught if they tried to sneak in just like that.

    "I didn’t expect the security measures to be so strict here. There were only four guards last time. I think they know me though. Let me talk to them!" Xu Zhiqiang said.

    "No, you’re on the wanted list now! Plus, you’re listed as the leader of the rebellion. Ordinary people may not know who you are, but these people will know for sure. They’ll kill you if you go in just like that," Luo Yuan said. Sighing, he added, "Let me do it!"

    It was the only way. They had to get closer so that Luo Yuan could pressure the guards with his power. Otherwise, they would have to retreat. Luo Yuan did not underestimate the power of modern weapons. He was not even thinking about large-scale ones, even the new rifles terrified him. His +15 Physique could be used to block bullets, but not armor-piercing bullets, which were twice as fast. The reason he could easily defeat any soldier in the campsite was that he had the advantage of understanding the location where they were at as well as having sufficient information. If he did not have those, he would have been shot even before he could get close enough. With his abilities as an elusive assassin, he could basically kill anyone he wanted. However, provoking the military would be a dead end for him. That was also why Luo Yuan had decided to withdraw, even though he’d just gotten out of prison.

    "That’s too dangerous, let me do it," said Wen Yujie.

    "You…" Luo Yuan wanted to reject her initially, but remembering that she was also an evolved person, he asked, "Do you have the confidence to do it?"

    "I can control light. Although the damage is not very significant, I could still trick their eyes. If they don’t look in our direction, I have an 80% chance of succeeding," Wen Yujie said proudly. "I’ll need a little time though."

    "Enough!" Xiao Baihong said immediately. "Let me handle the lock after you’ve done your part."

    He was a metal based evolved human, so he could manipulate locks. Unlocking them was a piece of cake for him. He could grasp the technique to unlock the locks as long as he had a chance to experiment a few times.

    Suddenly, a big group of soldiers swamped out of the door, leaving the campsite as fast as they could. Luo Yuan counted silently. There was more than a thousand of them. He knew something was wrong. "How long more do you need?" he asked

    "Not long, but we should stay together!"

    Luo Yuan turned around, only to realize that there was sweat dripping down Wen Yujie’s forehead. They did not need to be reminded by Luo Yuan to put Wen Yujie in the limelight and support her.

    "We can go now," said Wen Yujie with a frown. There seemed to be no change in their surroundings as they walked towards the entrance anxiously. After a few steps though, the images before them suddenly started coming closer to them at a fast pace.

    "What’s happening? Is it my eyes?" Xiao Baihong sounded shocked.

    "It should be the light refraction. Objects before us are pulled closer, while their vision is pulled further away. Although we’re moving closer now, to them, we’re still standing where we were," Luo Yuan said after estimating their distance and speed.

    Wen Yujie was focused on controlling the light, but her eyes were sparkling with hope. The effect of her refraction was amazing. Luo Yuan noticed that some of the soldiers were looking in their direction, but they could not see them. It was as if they did not exist. Humans could see thanks to the reflection of light, so by controlling light, one could control another person’s vision and have them see what they wanted them to see. If this ability was included in the system, although there would be no direct damage, it would allow Luo Yuan to trick someone or even create illusions.

    As they got closer to the sewer maintenance room, Luo Yuan noticed that Wen Yujie was sweating even more and her face was turning pale. Apparently, that level of light control was the extent of her abilities. When they were about 10 meters away, her body started swaying and she was soaked in sweat. Although she looked soft, there was an extraordinary perseverance to her. While everyone else was worried about her, she insisted on finishing what she’d started.

    Xiao Baihong unlocked the door, and they went in, closing the door silently. Exhausted, Wen Yujie leaned on Luo Yuan. The maintenance room was spacious. From the look of it, it had to be at least a few hundred square meters. There was no furniture though. It was empty for the convenience of the troops coming in and out. There was only a ladder in a corner connected to the underground. Six meters into the room was a stainless steel door. Xiao Baihong opened an electric box near him, pushing the start button. Wth a hydraulic jet sound, the stainless steel door opened.

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