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Chapter 288: Under the Sewer (III)

    Chapter 288: Under the Sewer (III)

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    "Evolved Human’s Dead Skin"

    "Rarity: Light Green"

    "Weight: 30g"

    "Additional Abilities: Resistance to Spiritual Attacks"

    "Remarks: This is dead skin shed from a powerful evolved human. There is strong Will engraved on it, so it’s able to resist certain spiritual attacks."

    Human beings were not powerful creatures, so the skin’s attributes were just normal. An additional capacity was attached to it, because Luo Yuan had been training his Will frequently. Otherwise, it would not have been anything special. However, Luo Yuan had not expected the system to give him such a high evaluation.

    In general, the system would evaluate body parts according to the grade level of the creatures themselves. Whether it was claws as hard as gold, or fragile internal organs, the grade level would always be the same. A light green mutated beast would never have a green level scale. Since his dead skin had been evaluated as light green, this meant that Luo Yuan was already a light green species.

    Luo Yuan was slightly surprised. After all, the system did not evaluate things based on the combat level. Instead, evaluations were based on the level of flesh and blood. His recent physical transformation had most likely caused him to reach a grade level comparable to a light green mutated beast.

    However, there was nothing beneficial to having such a grade. It would not help in improving his Physique, so Luo Yuan did not think about it any further.

    He put the dead skin into his pocket and walked back to the group.

    They weren’t asleep yet. They were just sitting around the fire, discussing something.

    Luo Yuan approached them with a smile. "What are you guys talking about?"

    "We’re discussing the rebellion. We just talked for a while and discovered that there are a lot of questions," Xu Zhiqiang said.

    Still smiling, Luo Yuan sat down around the fire as well. "What questions?"

    Xu Zhiqiang sat up slightly and answered seriously, "There are a lot of doubts. First of all, there was not much movement during this rebellion, and it was too peaceful afterward. I did not see any traces of unrest. It does not make sense, right?"

    "Maybe the government forces were stronger, and the opposition did not have enough time to rebel before it was suppressed by the government," Luo Yuan said after thinking for a while.

    "Of course, there is that possibility, but this is only one of the questions. Secondly, you were involved in this rebellion, and they knew nothing about it. If it were me, I would have gotten you under control the first time, regardless of what tricks I’d have to use, instead of letting you roam free and become an issue."

    "I can answer this. It’s because they were not from Desert City. They were the army returning from the battlefield, or probably just some homeless guys," Luo Yuan said, thinking of the two men he had killed.

    "This is the best news so far. It means that their base is not strong in Desert City, but it also shows how strong they are. I don't think a few homeless guys could have caused such chaos. And one thing I've always found strange is that their last effort to arrest evolved humans was led by Commander Liu! This does not make any sense. As head of the army, he should have been the first one to get arrested. Instead, he’s still in control of the army. I know this guy very well, and he is not someone who wants to be involved in this kind of activity. Lately, he has been trying to move to the mainland, so there was no reason for him to do so!" Xu Zhiqiang paused, his face suddenly turning solemn as he said, "The oddest thing is that he gave me a very strange feeling."

    "Did he feel like Peng Guohua?" Xiao Baihong said suddenly.

    Xu Zhiqiang’s face instantly became ugly. After a long time, he said, "It actually felt a bit like him, but he was not as crazy as Peng Guohua."

    Wen Yujie was finally clear on the situation in Motu Town. Worried, she interrupted them by asking, "Could he be disguised?"

    "There is no such evidence. However, there are too many things an evolved human could be capable of. Even transforming like a wizard would not be impossible," Xu Zhiqiang said.

    "If he had such an ability, then it would be lots of trouble to catch him." Luo Yuan looked dignified. There were almost ten million people in Desert City, so it would be extremely hard to catch someone once they changed their appearance.

    "This is not disguising, it’s mind control!" Tong Jianliang, who always kept silent, suddenly said.

    "How do you know that?" Luo Yuan asked immediately as he looked at him.

    "Because I have that ability." His pupils were shining in the darkness. He saw everyone’s expression change slightly, so he quickly explained, "It's not what you think. I can only perform offensive mind control, which is similar to me controlling your mind. I'm also quite sensitive towards mind control techniques. In general, regardless of how a human's emotions fluctuate, they are usually in balance and harmony. It would seem that Commander Liu's mind is in extreme disorder and is mixed with the mind of another individual. It's obvious that he's being controlled."

    Everyone’s expression changed. Xu Zhiqiang quickly asked, "Could you do something about it?"

    Tong Jianliang shook his head, "I'm afraid not. Although we are all spiritual evolved humans, my ability is more inclined to attack. I cannot control another spirit. Plus, the other party is much stronger than I am, so I can’t do anything to him."

    Luo Yuan's heart trembled. He did not exactly know what spiritual power was. According to his knowledge, spiritual power was a combination of Sensory Perception and Will. Sensory Perception referred to the range and power of mental strength, and Will referred to the nature or quality. Luo Yuan had more than 15 points of Will and Sensory Perception, which meant that his spiritual power was not weak. He just had not learned it through a systematic way and a decent skillset. He had been using it roughly, which had been a waste of potential.

    Luo Yuan suddenly asked, "With all due respect, I'm curious about your ability. Could you describe how you form and impact the mind of others?"

    Tong Jianliang looked a bit shocked. He thought for a moment before he said, "Mr. Luo, this ability is very simple to me. It’s an innate ability. However, people who do not have that ability will find it very difficult, maybe even impossible, to master it. Even if I want to describe it, I can only do so generally."

    Everyone’s eyes lit up as they listened.

    "In general, the spiritual power of ordinary people is divergent. If you want to have a mental impact, first of all, you will need to concentrate and hold your breath. Then you will have to collect all your spiritual power and shrink it into one point before projecting it in the shape of a fan," Zhang Wu said.

    "How does spiritual power shrink? How does it get projected? This is too vague, there is no way for us to learn," Xiao Baihong said in confusion.

    "I don’t know. We are all evolved humans, so you should be able to understand it," Zhang Wu answered with an awkward smile. If he was honest, it was a really big pressure to talk to these powerful evolved people. Otherwise, he would not have been telling them about his own power so candidly.

    Xiao Baihong thought about it and agreed with him. He also had the ability to control metal, but he did not know how he did it. It was like an instinct. As soon as he’d evolved, he had been able to control it over night.

    No one thought of making an attempt anymore after hearing the explanation. Only Luo Yuan was thinking about it seriously.

    His Sensory Perception had been in a state of divergence, but he had never tried to converge or unite it before. Therefore, his Sensory Perception had always been in a fixed state. He had never known that it could be gathered into a ball and used to attack someone.

    It would probably have taken him some time to realize this if he’d never gotten the information from Zhang Wu. He started trying to shrink his Sensory Perception, but unsurprisingly, it was like dead water. It could not move at all.

    "Zhang Wu is an expert in this area. He’s able to control Sensory Perception just as easily as eating or drinking. When I try to do it, I’m like a human trying to breathe underwater. It’s just not possible. But what if I controlled it by using force?" Luo Yuan thought.

    After hesitating for a moment, his Will quickly concentrated in the dark, and his eyes suddenly emitted a weak light. This time his Sensory Perception finally made some movement.

    Luo Yuan could feel his Sensory Perception range slowly shrinking. The picture that popped into his mind gradually became blurry.

    Zhang Wu suddenly raised his head and looked at Luo Yuan in shock. He could not believe it. Other people might not have been aware of Luo Yuan’s change, but he was an evolved human in that field, so he was able to sense very clearly all abilities similar to his own.

    Before this, he had sensed that his spiritual power had been like stagnant water, but when it was retracted fast, he felt the power become a wave on a roaring sea, gathering and moving in their direction endlessly.

    Originally, he had felt that Luo Yuan’s spiritual fluctuation had been obscure and repressed, but he had never expected his mental strength to be so powerful and terrible, or the distribution range to be so broad.

    Luo Yuan suddenly wrinkled his eyebrows. He had discovered that when his Sensory Perception shrunk to a radius of 20 meters, it could not shrink any further. No matter how hard he pushed his Will, there was no further movement. It seemed like he had stretched it to its limit.

    He also felt a bulging sensation between his eyebrows, as if there was something there about to break out. He thought of the man with that unique third eye, and wondered if he needed another eye to fully utilize his powers.

    Somehow, he related this to the masks on many ancient statues. On Indian Buddha statues and Taoist Gods there was always a third eye drawn between the eyebrows. Ancient Greek philosophers called it "the throne of the soul." All faiths and religions had similar signs that represented the all-seeing eye of God.

    According to human brain anatomy, between the eyebrows was the mysterious pineal gland, which was supposed to be where the soul resided.

    Taoism and Buddhism used the phrase "opening the eye in the sky" but they did not refer to the real eyes, but rather to having an illusionary eye between one’s eyebrows.

    Luo Yuan hesitated, but decided not to take the risk. After all, the brain was the most important organ and it was extremely vulnerable. If there was any slight damage to it, he would most likely die.

    Plus, he still lacked any knowledge on this field, so it would be too risky to simply make an attempt. He decided to wait until he was stabilized in the future and discover the way by reading some Buddhist classics. Although most of these things were false, they could still provide some clues to inspire him.

    Once he made his decision, his Will instantly dispersed, and once he released his mind, the Sensory Perception that was tightly bound suddenly spread as fast as lightning.

    Everyone nearby except for Zhang Wu suddenly felt their brains go blank and their whole bodies freeze. Xu Zhiqiang and Xiao Baihong had a stronger Will, so the impact on them was minimal. Wen Yujie was the third one to wake up, while Tong Jianliang, who was the weakest one among them, remained frozen for a couple of seconds before he recovered.

    Everyone felt panicked by the abnormal scene. Only when Luo Yuan explained, did they finally feel relieved. Once they knew about his power, everyone felt even more in awe of Luo Yuan.

    Of course, Zhang Wu was the most bitter one. He had not expected that the ability he’d always been so proud of could be so easily copied by someone else. Although the attack had not been perfect and the application had been very rough, it was still quite powerful.

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