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Chapter 290: Disguise

    Chapter 290: Disguise

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    Luo Yuan suddenly opened his eyes in the dark. He looked at his watch and realized it was 5 a.m. The sewer was always dark, regardless of whether it was day or night, but Luo Yuan still woke up punctually.

    The fat from the previous night had been burned off, and the smell of burnt protein filled the space. There was a meter-high pile of white bones beside him, most of it left by Luo Yuan.

    Luo Yuan got up from the ground and stretched. He felt amazingly good and relaxed. He waved at the Zhanmadao, which was inserted into the ground, and the Zhanmadao immediately fell on his hand.

    Apparently, Wen Yujie had awakened by the noise, because she yawned and asked, "What time is it?"

    "5 a.m."

    "I see. I'm going back to sleep, it’s still early." Wen Yujie was like a lazy kitten. She opened her eyes for a second, and then closed them again. Luo Yuan found a place very far from the others to do his morning exercise. He returned after an hour when everyone was awake. They were preparing breakfast, and had brought back a lot more animals compared to the first time. They had been shocked by Luo Yuan's appetite the previous day. There were many different kinds of animals, and Luo Yuan could not even recognize some of them.

    Metal was flowing in liquid form in Xiao Baihong’s hand, rapidly becoming a sharp knife. As he dissected a mutated beast with a sharp mouth, Xiao Baihong asked, "What’s this thing?"

    "It squeezed out of the ground. It’s a dessert here, so the soil is loose. There are many collapsed places in the sewer. Due to the difference between the measurements and the difficulty of repairing them, they’ve had no time to fix them," Xu Zhiqiang said while he prepared the meat and grilled it above the fire. He was quite good at grilling food, and very soon the meat had turned a yellowish-gold color. It smelled delicious!

    Xu Zhiqiang passed the meat to Luo Yuan, and then placed another one above the fire.

    "How’s your recovery progress?" Luo Yuan asked as he bit onto the meat Xu Zhiqiang had given him.

    "I’m almost there. My evolved power is different, but I’ll be alright as long as I stay alive," Xu Zhiqiang said calmly, although he looked touched and grateful. If Luo Yuan had not been there, he would have certainly died.

    "Chief Minister Xu, your power is really cool! An evolved giant! Normal people would have died from fear!" Xiao Baihong said in envy before he continued, "I’m really curious though. Your appetite is not that big compared to Mr. Luo’s. How did you make it?"

    "To be honest, I really have no idea. Sometimes, I suddenly feel like I’ve become very big. It’s really difficult to describe it."

    Xu Zhiqiang smiled and said, "It's like the giant is always there, but you can't see him or touch him. It’s like he’s in a different space, and my body is only the part of me that currently exists in this universe. It's the mindset of a giant, the brain! I've checked all the information from the experts as well, but it’s inconclusive. It's really difficult to explain at the moment."

    He did not intend to hide it, as he had been bothered by that issue for a long time.

    "Do you mean that being a giant is not your limit? You could get even bigger than this?" Wen Yujie asked in shock.

    Even Luo Yuan was shocked to hear that.

    It was normal to have that kind of reaction, but some people were able to hide it better. Most of them did not hide their response though, especially when they saw Luo Yuan do the same.

    Xu Zhiqiang grinned and said, "I could get much bigger than you think. In fact, I could only grow up to five meters tall when I first acquired my power, and now I can grow up to 15 meters! However, there are also some weaknesses that come with becoming a giant. Otherwise, my power would have been able to upgrade further."

    Luo Yuan was shocked. He suddenly realized that he had been underestimating a lot of people.

    All this time, he had been looking down on evolved men, and their performance had proved him right. For example, evolved men who evolved from their normal physique had imbalanced physical properties, and while some of their powers were really strong, others could cause them to die.

    Although those who evolved with a specialty did not experience that kind of problem, their core properties were very weak. For example, Wang Shishi was quite powerful in attacking, and she was faster than the speed of sound, but her core properties were only slightly stronger than normal people’s, and her reaction time was really slow. A normal person could hurt her severely if she did not remain alert.

    If her enemy was as powerful as Luo Yuan and had a super-fast response, they could easily kill her from 20 meters away, even if she was on alert.

    Although Luo Yuan had always known that evolved men had many different powers, he had not really thought that they could threaten him. However, he finally realized that he had been wrong.

    Biological evolution was mysterious, and many exceptions and unimaginable powers could surface

    Although Luo Yuan did not feel hungry after his feast the previous day, he still finished most of his food, energy crystals forming in his heart again. Perhaps it was because of the leftover energy stored in his body, or due to the biological evolution of his genes.

    However, the crystals shrunk and became as small as sesame seeds.

    After his severe injury, Luo Yuan had realized that energy crystals was not only able to fill his stomach, but also save his life during a critical time. He would have needed to consume a lot of his own energy for self-treatment if he had not had the energy crystals. Perhaps he would not even have recovered as fast.

    Therefore, storing energy from time to time had become another vital task.

    Although the mutated beasts there were not high rank and could not supply much energy and power, the mosquitoes still had some flesh. Plus, the shelter would not remain quiet in the upcoming days. It would be hard to avoid a battle, so they needed to plan ahead.

    After eating all the meat, Luo Yuan threw the bones aside. His actions made everyone feel like he was a giant beast in human skin.

    After the feast, Luo Yuan got up and took his Zhanmadao. "Let me check the situation upstairs," he said.

    "It’s too dangerous for you to go alone, I’m coming with you," Wen Jieyu said without hesitation. She was good at controlling light and hiding their whereabouts, so even if Luo Yuan was caught, she believed that she could help him escape.

    Luo Yuan smiled and said confidently, "It’s fine. It will be more complicated if more people come along. Besides, they might not be able to recognize me."

    His facial muscles began to move as he talked, his eyebrows becoming lower and growing downwards, and his cheeks growing longer and sinking. In just a few seconds, a guy with a skinny body had appeared before them.

    "How about this?" Luo Yuan said to himself. "Oh right, the height!"

    Suddenly, he grew an inch taller.

    That was too easy for him. He was really good at controlling his muscles and bones.

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