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Chapter 291: Trap

    Chapter 291: Trap

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn


    The maintenance room of the sewer was just next to the military camp. A group of soldiers quickly ran over and surrounded Luo Yuan as soon as he’d stepped out of the entrance.

    "What are you doing here? You seriously didn’t know that this was a campsite?"

    Luo Yuan looked furious, but he quickly calmed himself down. He pretended to be panicked as he said, "I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. Staying at my place for so long was too boring. I didn’t realize I’d walked all the way here. I really didn’t know that this was a campsite."

    "Show me your identity card, I want to check it.’

    "Identity card? Who carries their identity card with them, brothers?" Luo Yuan asked. "Would you like to go back with me?"

    The soldiers seemed slightly relieved as they looked at each other. They did not think that Luo Yuan looked like one of the wanted prisoners. They just waved and said, "This is a warning. We’re letting you go this time. but we’ll arrest you if we see you again!"

    "Thank you, officers. I'm leaving now…" Luo Yuan responded quickly.

    The leader of the soldiers looked at his Zhanmadao. He suddenly felt that something was wrong, but he did not say anything. He just let Luo Yuan go.

    Luo Yuan had managed to avoid the soldiers. The passages of the shelter could lead to many places, but Luo Yuan realized that there were soldiers guarding almost all the junctions of the passages. Some of the junctions had built-in outposts.

    Luo Yuan had gone through five checkpoints in half an hour. He might have had to fight the soldiers if he had not said that he had an identity card. At the end, he had been forced to steal the identity card of a stranger and disguise himself to look like them. Then the constant checking had finally stopped.

    All along the way, he saw many dark red blood stains and holes made by bullets. Some of the walls were damaged, and a few passages had already collapsed. Obviously, there must have been a battle there earlier. It seemed like the prisoners who had escaped with him the previous day had not lived for long.

    The rebels were almost in total control. Luo Yuan had run out of time, and the longer he took, the more dangerous it would be for him. He grew anxious as he thought about Huang Jiahui and his friends. He didn’t even know if they were still alive.

    He was not planning on collecting information, but he would not mind killing some people if he got the chance.

    Luo Yuan quickly stopped thinking. The municipal government was quite close already.

    The security was stricter there than in other places. There was a big team of soldiers in front of the entrance inspecting both sides of the passage, and there were also two tanks with their engines already on.

    Luo Yuan felt like he was being targeted by snipers. He could feel scopes on his chest and back as he walked closer.

    He acted calm though, peeping at them before turning into another passage.

    Suddenly, he stopped walking. Someone had appeared in front of the entrance of the municipal government. Shen Jixing, whom he had just seen the previous day, was walking towards Luo Yuan.

    Luo Yuan hid and pulled him aside as he passed by.

    Shen Jixing was shocked. He felt something cold and sharp against his throat when he tried to fight back.

    "Don’t move unless you want to die!" Luo Yuan whispered in his ear. His voice felt cold, yet familiar. Shen Jixing suddenly felt dizzy. He fell aside before he even had time to think.

    "Who are you?" Shen Jixing looked at the blade under his throat. He was shocked and mad at the same time. "We are in front of the municipal government. You’re not going to escape if you kill me!"

    "Unbelievable! You’ve become a rebel in just one day," Luo Yuan said coldly as he slowly returned to his original appearance.

    Shen Jixing’s will to attack dissipated rapidly. No matter how arrogant Luo Yuan could be, he did not have the confidence to kill him.

    He just stared at him as he said, "You’re not me! You can say whatever you want, but I can’t! I can’t bear it! If I didn’t surrender to them, my mother would die and so would I. I’m fine with it, but I can’t let my mother suffer. What else could I do?"

    Luo Yuan hesitated, remembering his dead parents. "This is not the reason you’ve become a traitor! Tell me, who is the leader of the rebellion?

    Shen Jixing felt relieved when he saw the blade move away from his throat. He knew he was safe as he said, "It’s a really powerful evolved man. He’s very scary. I think you better give up, he’s above level five!"

    "Where is he?" Luo Yuan interrupted him.

    "He’s in there. He hardly shows his face, but I met him earlier," Shen Jixing said.

    "Take me there!" Luo Yuan said.

    "This…" Shen Jixing hesitated. Luo Yuan's facial expression was furious once again. Shen Jixing quickly said, "Fine, but security is very strict here. You need to give me your sword and your identity card."

    Shen Jixing felt relieved as he saw Luo Yuan nod. They both fixed their clothes, and then Shen Jixing took Luo Yuan’s Zhanmadao. "Follow me, and don’t say a word."

    Luo Yuan disguised himself as Xiao Baihong. He looked skinnier and a few centimeters taller, but strangers would not be able to tell the difference.

    Shen Jixing felt surprised. Luo Yuan had already changed his appearance once though, so he did not find it strange anymore.

    Everything went smoothly because Luo Yuan had someone take him along. The guards only questioned them briefly before immediately letting them go. Judging by their attitude, Shen Jixing had to have a certain authority.

    The municipal hall was huge. There were about 10 offices as well as five to six corridors with lots of people rushing here and there. The sound of a printer could be heard around the place. Everyone looked super busy. Luo Yuan thought that everything that had happened had been an illusion and Motu City had never been invaded.

    He passed by the office of the Mayor, and saw that the door was open wide. Looking inside, he saw a middle-aged man reading some documents. Although he did not raise his head, Luo Yuan could still recognize Mayor Song, whom he had already met earlier.

    Luo Yuan was curious as he recalled Xu Zhiqiang talking about Officer Liu. He was wondering whether all these people were being controlled mentally. He felt something strange. Mayor Song naturally raised his head and looked at the entrance. He looked calm though. It did not seem like anything was wrong. Luo Yuan turned his eyes away.

    "How far more to go?"

    "It’s just around the corner!" Shen Jixing was getting nervous.

    There was a grill at the end of the corridor, and four soldiers were standing on both sides of it. The soldiers did not ask anything, even when they saw the two of them walking towards them. They immediately pressed a button on the wall, and the door opened.

    Luo Yuan looked at Shen Jixing in shock.

    Shen Jixing looked panicked, but he remained silent. His body was shaking.

    Luo Yuan frowned and became very serious. He could tell that this person was very powerful, as Shen Jixing seemed really afraid of him.

    The place was very spacious. It was about the size of a basketball court, but there was nothing much in there except for a few iron towers as tall as the ceiling.

    Several copper cables as big as human arms were wrapped around the towers. Each of the towers had to weigh at least 10 tons.

    "Electromagnetic Towers!" Luo Yuan’s expression changed immediately.

    Suddenly, the main door closed loudly and someone came out of the hallway, clapping his hands.

    "Indeed! Our super-evolved man! I've been waiting for you for a long time." Su Yu walked out of the dark.

    There was suddenly a lot of electrostatic electricity flowing freely in the hall as he appeared. Luo Yuan's hair was standing on end.

    His eyes suddenly became furious as he realized his opponent already knew his identity. He knew he had been tricked, but he did not understand how. He looked at Shen Jixing and realized the man had stepped a few meters away from him.

    "Shen Jixing!"

    He suddenly understood everything. It was impossible for someone who had just surrendered to not be monitored closely. The technology was sophisticated enough to allow anyone to monitor someone else with a bug as tiny as a button.

    Luo Yuan had not realized that the conversation they’d had earlier had been a trap. He was very embarrassed. He seemed to grow less alert as he became more powerful.

    Shen Jixing looked cocky as he kept stepping backward. He had bumped into Luo Yuan by accident. He had never expected that to happen. He had been planning on killing his master, but he could not believe that Luo Yuan had fallen into the trap.

    Five meters, six meters… He was getting more relaxed as he moved further away from Luo Yuan. "Surrender, Luo Yuan! Otherwise, you’ll die!"

    Luo Yuan suddenly smiled at Shen Jixing, who immediately felt that something was wrong.


    He got ready to attack, but unfortunately, it was too late. A shadow had already jumped over seven to eight meters as his vision became blurry. He sensed the danger, and his body started shaking.

    However, the sword had gone missing before he could use his force. Suddenly, he felt something cold on his neck.

    Blood was gushing out like a fountain as Shen Jixing felt hopeless and afraid. He looked at Luo Yuan, who had already gone back to his original position before he fell on the floor.

    Luo Yuan was holding his Zhanmadao, a drop of blood dripping down its blade.

    "It’s your turn now," he said.

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