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Chapter 292: Deadly Fight

    Chapter 292: Deadly Fight

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    Su Yu’s casual smile gradually disappeared, his face becoming somewhat dignified.

    Watching Luo Yuan’s lightning-fast action, even he himself could not react for a moment. He could only watch as his new lackey was easily beheaded by Luo Yuan.

    Blood flowed out from the corpse fast, forming a big puddle that emitted a thick smell.

    The two of them confronted each other without moving as the air around them turned chilly.

    The electromagnetic towers in the room had not been set up for Luo Yuan, but for Su Yu's training purposes. However, he felt glad about them at the moment. Facing an enemy like Luo Yuan made him experience tremendous pressure.

    The switch of the electromagnetic towers was five to six meters to the left. Once he pulled it, several electromagnetic and nuclear power plants would get connected and start generating electrical currents up to 50,000 volts, which was enough to burn anyone to a crisp. However, Su Yu felt like he had been tied into place and there were thorns at his back that did not allow him to move.

    "I really underestimated you, but if you think you can kill me, you are too naïve. This place will become your grave!" Su Yu stared at him as he said in a cold voice, "Unless you want to join us. A new era is here. As evolved humans, we welcome any like-minded people to build a new world with us."

    Luo Yuan held on to his long knife as he looked at him with sharp eyes. He remained silent, staring at him as if he was about to kill him. His expression made Su Yu feel inexplicably annoyed.

    "Stubborn!" he scolded. Soon, something started leaking from his body, and numerous tendrils of electrical currents as thick as chopsticks surrounded him. They flowed at a fast speed, producing popping sounds as a magnetic force levitated Su Yu’s body gradually.

    As he was floating, a dozen steel balls inside his pockets were surrounded by the strong currents, forming a dense electronic solenoid.

    These electromagnetic bombs were his finest creation.

    Although the bombs were as small as fists, they weighed a few hundred grams. Through a dense loop of electrosurgical acceleration, their speed was twice as fast as the speed of sound and their destructive power was about the same as small shells. If attacked, a creature would basically become meat sauce.

    When the electromagnetic bomb was formed, Su Yu was about to rest his mind. However, his heart suddenly started beating violently, and an unspeakable power enveloped the entire hall. Even the air seemed to become slightly distorted.

    Su Yu was a fighter who had survived a cruel battlefield though, so even though this power might have been enough to kill a light blue level mutated beast, it only made him dizzy for a few seconds before he managed to jerk out of it. Still, his absent-mindedness had caused the electromagnetic bomb that had just formed to dissipate instantly, the steel balls falling to the floor.

    "Oh!" Su Yu was frightened.

    He suddenly realized that Luo Yuan was no longer at his original place. A vague shadow was approaching him at lightning speed. Luo Yuan’s speed was currently 200m/s, even faster than sports cars, which drove at 180 km/h. By the time Su Yu realized this, Luo Yuan was already 10 meters away from him. It only took 0.3 seconds from the moment he saw his target until his brain adjusted to avoid the collision.

    Su Yu's scalp was tingling. Suddenly, he was covered in electromagnetic energy, his body immediately producing a loud noise. The several kV high voltage ionized the air and exuded a smell of ozone. The next moment, the strong electromagnetic energy suddenly pushed Su Yu’s body like an arrow, quickly moving to the left to avoid Luo Yuan.

    Even so, the strong wind still blew through his body until the current was scattered away.

    Luo Yuan's knife had hit nothing. As he saw Su Yu fly towards the switch on the wall, his face changed and he quickly lifted his feet to fly as well. When he abruptly bent over 90 degrees to the left, a powerful impact was created, causing the hard concrete floor to be blasted away from under his feet. There was gravel flying around as his dark blue shoes instantly burst.

    This was an enemy who was good at attacking from a distance, so he should never have let him put distance between them. Especially not when there were several killing machines in the hall.

    He had seen a lot of electromagnetic towers before. The towers outside Desert City had been used to kill insects with a kind of electromagnetic power. Once those towers were energized to full electrical capacity, the electrical phylogenetic power of the enemy and their killing capacity instantly increased a few times.

    Suddenly, an optic energy filled the entire hall. It looked like a thunderstorm was coming. No matter how confident Luo Yuan was, this was a dead end.

    One of them was ahead and the other was behind, but both of them were running fast towards the wall.

    Su Yu was driven by an electromagnetic speed, but his speed was still much slower than Luo Yuan’s. Still, he was too close to the gates. He was only about five meters away. In less than 0.2 seconds, Su Yu's hand had reached the switch, while Luo Yuan was still three meters away from him.

    As soon as the switch was turned on, a loud noise was heard. Several currents as thick as arms burst out at the same time that Luo Yuan stabbed his knife into Su Yu's back.

    Before Luo Yuan could expand his strength to maximize the attack though, Su Yu flashed out a current from his body, making Luo Yuan jump away.

    Su Yu pressed on his chest, but blood kept flowing out nonstop. He slowly walked backward as he saw Luo Yuan stand up quickly. He suddenly laughed, "It’s all over! I forgot to tell you that my heart is on the right side of my chest."

    Before he had even finished his sentence, numerous thick electro-optics had gathered from the six electromagnetic towers. He was now surrounded by a blazing light. It was like a small sun had risen in the hall.

    Luo Yuan looked at the shadow with the powerful energy fluctuation before him. His face turned grim, and his right hand started trembling uncontrollably. His palm had been burnt after being hit by Su Yu’s current just now. He could not even hold his sword properly anymore. Losing his right arm had made his fighting power drop by three levels. He had almost no chance of winning now.

    His eyes glanced furtively around the hall, but there was no way out. The Iron Gate was already closed, and his enemy would not let him escape.

    He was currently attacking him at lightning speed, his human body naturally attracting all electrical currents. Luo Yuan had almost no chance of escaping. He had fallen into despair.

    Suddenly, an arm-sized lighting struck Luo Yuan, blasting him about six meters away and making him fall heavily on the floor.

    "I thought you were strong. Come on! Come and kill me!" Amid the lightning, Su Yu’s voice fluctuated in the air surrounding them, creating an echo.

    Luo Yuan stood up with an expressionless look. There was blood in his mouth, and his chest was charred. The lightning had created a big hole in his dark blue level floating tracksuit. Most of the damage had been absorbed by his plasma underwear though, so he was only slightly injured and had suffered some physical shock.

    "How is this possible?" Su Yu shouted out loud in surprise when he noticed that Luo Yuan was not injured. That lightning had been at least 10,000 volts. Even an ordinary level six mutated beast would not have been able to withstand it.

    He waved his hand, and this time almost half the current in his body was shot towards Luo Yuan.

    Luo Yuan was struck by lightning once again. He was lifted several meters high before falling heavily on the floor. He slowly stood up. This time it wasn’t just his mouth. His nose and ears had also started to bleed, and his suit had been turned into rags

    When Su Yu saw Luo Yuan get hit again but still able to stand up, his face started to turn ugly. He stretched out his hand, and a steel ball about six meters away floated rapidly in the air, a thick electrical current surrounded it and emitted a glaring light. With that, the magnetic field in the air began to turn intensively volatile and produce a buzzing sound.

    Thanks to the addition of the six electromagnetic towers, the power formed by the electromagnetic bombs were far more powerful than the previous times. If it was successfully released, he would definitely get killed and the whole shelter would collapse.

    Luo Yuan looked frightened after watching the scene. A very strong sense of danger rose from within him, starting from his tailbone before spreading throughout his body. He seemed to smell the rancid smell of death.

    He had been hesitant for a while, but now he was determined.

    His remaining Sensory Perception entered his mind like accelerating water. He felt like there was a bulge between his eyebrows and a powerful force was about to be released. Suddenly, he appeared vigorous, and a majestic power started gushing out from between his eyebrows.

    A bunch of invisible, spatial fluctuations shot out from his eyebrows and instantly hit Su Yu. The air seemed to fluctuate a little bit, but other than that, there seemed to be no changes.

    Luo Yuan had no time to observe the effect of the attack. He only felt the explosion in his mind before he started feeling dizzy. His thoughts scattered around as if his brain had split into two. He suddenly got a headache, and he clenched his teeth until they rattled. His body shook until he could not hold on anymore and finally sat down on the ground.

    After a second, or maybe an hour, he gradually got his senses back and stood up slowly.

    The flapping sound of the electromagnetic towers could still be heard, but Su Yu, who had been floating in the air earlier, was lying on the floor. The electrical currents covering his body had disappeared, and Luo Yuan was not sure if he was still alive.

    Luo Yuan groaned. Enduring the tearing pain in his head, he picked up the Zhanmadao and walked step by step towards his enemy.

    Su Yu looked pale. The gurgling blood from the wound had flowed over on the floor, but his chest still rose and fell slightly, indicating that his body was still alive. However, Luo Yuan was unable to determine whether his soul had dissipated.

    He did not want to take any risks, so he used his left hand to pick up the Zhanmadao and chopped off his head.

    "It’s finally over!"

    It was what his enemy had said before, but in the end it was Luo Yuan who had outlasted him.

    Without a care for the gory scene, he sat down beside the corpse and began to heal his own wounds. He looked miserable with his tattered clothes and bleeding wounds, but compared to his previous injury, this one was undoubtedly lighter. Other than his right hand, which was slightly charred, the rest was just some internal injuries. Some of his viscera had been slightly ruptured, but even without treatment, his physique would help him recover in a couple of days.

    After consuming so much Sensory Perception, his intuition for danger had reached its lowest point. Even his Will had become extremely difficult to be concentrate. He did not dare stay there for long. He just used his Will to heal himself hastily before he stood up and moved his right wrist. It had almost returned to normal. Luo Yuan’s face changed as he transformed into Su Yu.

    He picked up the Zhanmadao, and walked towards the metal door.

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