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Chapter 295: Revisit

    Chapter 295: Revisit

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    "Four-Dimensional Depth: 1%"

    "Effect: You can explore the four-dimensional space with this power."

    "Remarks: The world has vastly expanded and is more mysterious which makes three-dimensional animals feel so tiny. Advice: Do not look at the fourth-dimensional world directly for too long as you may have the fourth eye but you only have a three-dimensional brain."

    The introduction of the system was valuable as usual. There were only about 100 words but Luo Yuan took more than five minutes to read and process it. Four-dimensional vision was indeed a great power. However, Luo Yuan did not find it useful for now.

    Luo Yuan had some knowledge about the fourth-dimensional space as he was eager to learn more about it during his university life. He intentionally spent more time studying about space and the universe while he was still a student.

    Usually, the common discussions of the world revolved around a single dot, a line made up of dots, and a surface which represents zero-dimensions, a single dimension and two dimensions.

    The three-dimensional world is stereoscopic - which is what we refer to as ‘space’. It is the world where human beings can see.

    If we try to comprehend it using mathematics, there are three axes representing three dimensions: the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, which intersect each other vertically. However, the fourth dimension is formed by adding one more axis on top of the X, Y, and Z axes. This is something we cannot imagine or describe because we had never been exposed to it. It is also something we cannot explore easily.

    Just like how beings in two dimensions can never understand the concept of height, humans from the three-dimensional world cannot understand the fourth axis due to the difference in what they can imagine and experience. The difficulty of studying about different dimensions is that all the information obtained varies from one dimension to another. Even the latest programming tools could not manage to record images in the fourth-dimensional space.

    Luo Yuan’s 14-point intelligence enabled him to filter through most of the information easily. From his discoveries, he learned that he was fortunate that his four-dimensional vision was not at a very high level yet. Otherwise, his brain would have exploded by now!

    Despite his added intelligence, all the information appeared like complicated codes to him which he could not understand. At the end of the day, his intelligence was still in the three-dimensional space for now. Luo Yuan’s passion and curiosity slowly faded and he began to feel disappointed. He realized that the discovery of his new talent had brought him issues rather than powers and at this stage it was totally useless.

    "No! That is wrong!" Luo Yuan then reassured himself that there must be a use to this power. He then turned around and looked Xu Zhiqiang and thought to himself, "At least this eye could filter out special individuals and see special things." The abilities of Luo Yuan’s four-dimensional vision were reduced after he wrapped his eyebrows with plasma. This allowed him to look at the illusion directly and record what he saw.

    As he gazed upon the colorful images, he suddenly realized something and was shocked. Those colors were probably part of Xu Zhiqiang’s body in the four-dimensional world and his current body reflected a four-dimensional image in the three-dimensional world. This meant that Xu Zhiqiang’s true nature should be of a four-dimensional creature which existed beyond human imagination.

    Luo Yuan on the other hand, still existed as a three-dimensional creature. Perhaps it was because of the restriction of his intelligence as a three-dimensional creature which made him fail to evolve into a four-dimensional being. However, that would only be temporary. He would become a four-dimensional creature sooner or later as he could outlive many other creatures of this Earth. When that day comes, people might as well address Luo Yuan as ‘God’! Luo Yuan shrugged as he had that thought. He did not know how many four-dimensional creatures already existed. If he bumped into any of them, it would certainly be difficult to deal with them.


    Luo Yuan spent the entire night pondering on these thoughts until everyone woke up. He was suddenly struck by an epiphany! Since the fourth dimension would be considered to be far from his grasp and the third dimension was within grasp, it was unnecessary to think more of it at this stage. Luo Yuan went to the second floor in the refuge again after lunch. He realized those soldiers with rifles had gone away and many of the soldiers stationed in the look-out posts had been removed as well. There were only a few normal military policemen inspecting the street.

    Luo Yuan had not encountered any difficulties throughout his journey back to the second floor. He was thinking about something as he observed the scene. He decided to disguise himself again and return to his original appearance. This was because Luo Yuan sensed that one of the military policemen had looked at him and even took photos of Luo Yuan from his pocket. The soldier checked the photo and then sprinted towards Luo Yuan in a hurry! He said nervously, "Mr. Luo, how are you? I finally found you! Mayor Song invited you to his place."

    Luo Yuan smiled a little and said, "Could you please show me the way?"

    The young policeman smiled and said, "Sure, it’s my honor to serve you. Mayor Song instructed us to bring you over once we find you."

    Luo Yuan followed the young man and walked towards the municipal hall. His smile faded and he slowly became more alert because of his past experiences. There was a mind controller among the rebellions who had not revealed his face yet. Perhaps, he was in hiding after being scared by the incident that happened yesterday. Anyway, it's better to stay alert. The power he has might be enough to destroy an entire city if he was hidden in the right place.

    Luo Yuan did some analysis and he felt that even if this could be a trap, he would still like to go and check it himself. He was powerful and brave enough to defend himself and it was not an easy job to attack him secretly.

    The two of them finally arrived in front of the main entrance of the municipal hall. The young policeman ran towards the soldiers who were on duty and said something to them. A colonel with a badge on his uniform looked further and waved to let them go.

    Luo Yuan was scanning around and his senses were like flowing mercury; it began to spread around the place. A lot of information flooded his mind quickly and usually, nothing could escape his mind. Everything was in fact normal. The hustle and bustle of people rushing here and there was very normal as if the battle from yesterday did not even happen.

    Very soon, they arrived in front of the office of the Mayor. The policeman then knocked on the door.

    "Come in!" A voice could be heard from the inside.

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