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Chapter 300: Luring the Culprit (IV)

    Chapter 300: Luring the Culprit (IV)

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    Mayor Song nodded in satisfaction after he saw that Mo Li had finished classifying those processed documents. Then, he took a look at the time and found out that it was already 11 o’ clock at night. He said in astonishment, "I can’t believe that it’s already this late. I’m sorry to have you working overtime with me again. As it’s not good to stay up late, please, go back now and take a rest."

    Mo Li shook her head, smiling, and replied, "Uncle, you must be more tired than I am. As I’m still young, it’s no big deal if I stay up late."

    Being a prudent and a person of discretion, she always acts well after detailed planning. Therefore, regardless of any role that she was playing, she would carefully complete it to perfection.

    "Oh, my dear!" Mayor Song said helplessly, "Go back, or else your aunt would be complaining again. I wouldn’t want to listen to her nagging!"

    As Mo Li had been busy throughout the day, she felt tired too. The earthquake that occurred just now had made her multitask furiously and also realize that she was able to run errands for Mayor Song.

    "Alright, uncle. If so, I’ll take my leave. Please have an early rest too!" Mo Li said as she left, but not before making Mayor Song a cup of tea first.

    As it was already late at night, the city council office was rather empty, and clear footsteps were echoing along the quiet corridor. Mo Li had a strange gut feeling, which made her quicken her pace. For reasons she could not comprehend, she had been feeling insecure throughout the day.

    Mo Li felt depressed and in no time, she had reached the gate where she saw two rows of armed soldiers standing upright. Numerous sentries, hidden and in clear sight that guarded the nearby vicinity had made Mo Li feel slightly relieved.

    She wanted to call Xiao Baihong to pick her up, but desisted when she thought of the previously transformed Luo Yuan.

    Gritting her teeth, Mo Li walked out of the high-security gate. The dim street light that flanked both sides of the road on a desolated night had induced cold sensations and goosebumps all over her body. Being an evolved person related to the mind, she always had relatively acute instincts and thus frowned because of the feelings that she harbored.

    She used to walk about during the night and had also been living in the wild for a while. Being a strong evolved person, she had never felt any nyctophobia1 like a common woman did. Therefore, the only explanation of how she felt, was because she was in great danger.

    1 fear of darkness

    With a thought flashing through her mind, a silhouette seemed to be coming over from afar.

    He seemed to be walking slowly, but he was in fact, rather hasty. Each step he took was about three to four meters far, hence, with just a few breaths, he was already about a hundred meters away. The dim street lights had created an effect that made him look like the Azrael, the demon from hell!

    The silhouette was none other than Luo Yuan, and he stopped only when he was about thirty to forty meters away from Mo Li.

    "You…what do you want to do?" asked Mo Li, upon seeing the bright, sharp Zhanmadao in Luo Yuan’s hand. She then said in horror, "I…I’m the secretary of the mayor, consider the consequences well."

    She acted excellently. If Luo Yuan had not been very confident, he would have been cheated.

    Luo Yuan smirked, "Stop this act, would you? You’ve been exposing yourself."

    Mo Li acted like a threatened young girl being and asked in fear, "What…what are you saying? I really don’t know what you’re talking about!"

    "It seems like you still don’t believe that I’ve already spotted the mistakes you’ve made. You think I’m the crafty one? Let me see, how many identities are you playing? The niece of Mayor Song, the daughter of the direct superior of Master Liu, and yes, you’re also the life savior of Xiao Baihong!"

    Since Luo Yuan came out from the city council office, he wasted no time and adjourned to seek Master Liu and Xiao Baihong. As Master Liu was still afraid of Luo Yuan, he told him everything about Mo Li’s origins. If the two identities were to be the same person, the life savior of Xiao Baihong should definitely be a joke. After all, Xiao Baihong would not have seen her before, as he was still under the drain when she appeared. Therefore, it was clearly an inexplicable flaw.

    With Luo Yuan’s taunts, the fearful expression on Mo Li’s face was followed by a sigh and a frown. "Mr. Luo, you have your own methods while I have mine. We shall only mind our own business; why do you have to be so aggressive?"

    She looked pitiful, as though putting her charms to good use, which somehow tempted others to cower in her embrace.

    Even Luo Yuan was trying to suppress his heart too, as he continuing to speak coldly, "It’s not about minding our own business. It’s also because you are standing in my way and are a nuisance in my life. More importantly, your existence had made me feel insecure."

    "What a domineering man… even I can feel arousal in myself. You feel insecure because you don’t know me, but maybe after you do, we could work together," Mo Li chuckled and bent her body over seductively.

    Luo Yuan had always been incisive in battles, but for no good reason, his heart was disturbed and was now indecisive. Nevertheless, his strong Will had soon made him realize that something had gone wrong. He could not believe how strong her powers were, and that he was affected even though they stood a distance away. Therefore, he focused his Will and eliminated all the distraction in his thoughts.

    "Don’t try to seduce me anymore. It’s not effective on me… just let me send you to hell."

    As he was focusing his Will, Mo Li could not manipulate him any further. She stopped smiling and her face became glum. Since it was proven futile, she no longer disguised herself but quickly walked towards Luo Yuan gravely, "You may be the one who will die instead."

    "Maybe not!" Luo Yuan exclaimed, upon quickly retreating back a few steps backward, and whipped out an arm-sized long spear from his back simultaneously.

    Handling a mind controller, Luo Yuan dared not go too near. Besides, he did not want to risk his life even though he was confident with his strong Will, as the D level mission would mean that she had similar battle effectiveness as he did.

    Therefore, before he came, he had specially prepared a few long spears to assist him in battles such as these.

    As soon as Mo Li saw the long spear that he held, she panicked. After all, she was already physically weak, and a bullet could kill her in a flash. She could no longer care about the distance and was emitting silver rays from her eyes; distorting the surrounding atmosphere.

    Luo Yuan took a quick look, and it completely threw him off-guard. It was likened to the rubbing sounds of glass, ringing in his head, with endless hallucinations flashing through. His mind seemed to have a strong force that attacked his Will. Meanwhile, he was as sturdy as a rock rooted to the ground and did not even realize that his long spear had fallen onto the ground.

    The charm of her mysterious silver eyes was bewitching. In addition to those delicate features and indifferent attitude, it very much made her glow like a goddess.

    Everyone was different and life has always been unfair; some people were extremely wise and talented while some others were only bestowed average ability and work so hard to achieve nothing. As an innate evolved person, she had had the ability to bewitch prior to the apocalypse. With this natural ability and professional knowledge, she had become one of the world’s few hypnotists who had the capability to hypnotize someone even when they were awake.

    Nonetheless, the ability she had at that time was not obvious and was very weak. The apocalypse had further enhanced her ability to a state where she was soon out of control. As memory was something of a continuous flow and had to be logical, any manipulation would be disastrous, causing one to either become a delinquent or succumb to mental problems. Therefore, her ability to manipulate memory was quickly discovered by the people, and she had to flee again and again.

    It was only until half a year ago that the growth of her mental prowess slowed down, which allowed her to gradually be in control of her powers. Nevertheless, she had to perfect control of it. She needed to be careful not to exert herself too much whilst manipulating the memories of others, else, her energy would be exactly like what it is now; completely depleted.

    The strong psychological attack had the ability to wipe off all traces of memory, and leave nothing but the natural instinct of a newborn.

    Mo Li pulled out a sharp blade from her waist and quickly walked towards Luo Yuan. Meanwhile, she was feeling disappointed as she could not control Luo Yuan’s exceptionally strong Will, despite attempting many times.

    She felt relieved anyway.

    Luo Yuan furrowed his brows tightly, and he could no longer pay his attention to his surroundings. He was trying hard to retrieve his Sensory Perception to reinforce his defense. As the clock was ticking, his Will had become more focused, as if impurity had been eliminated, even though he was under a psychological attack

    The sound of the system notification seemed to have popped up in his mind.

    He started to relax, and an intangible force was pulsating from his body. He felt light-weighted and his body began to float into the air until he was an inch away from the ground. At that time, Mo Li had come up to him and was preparing to stab him in the chest.

    Luo Yuan suddenly opened his eyes, in which a halo seemed to grow around it. His hands seemed to have blurred a bit and the dagger stabbed her through the eyes to the back of her skull.

    Mo Li was stunned and could not believe what just happened. Along with the disappearing silver lights in her eyes, she slumped onto the floor!

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