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Chapter 301: Will and Soul

    Chapter 301: Will and Soul

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    Just as Luo Yuan was about to feel a little relief, he was shocked and stared at the corpse of Mo Li. As her eyes were losing vitality, a pale silver shadow was seen coming out of her ice-cold body. A chill rose from Luo Yuan’s heart which engulfed his body, causing goosebumps!

    "It’s her soul!" Luo Yuan was stunned, and could not believe his eyes when he laid his eyes on that shadow.

    The apparition was exuding a pale silver radiance as if it was covered with a layer of thick fog, yet it completely resembled Mo Li with all her features and limbs.

    Finally, she managed to break loose from her physical body, and slowly stood up. In fact, she was floating into an upright position.

    She looked confused and lowered her head to look around as if she had forgotten something. When she saw her own body lying there, she seemed dazed and puzzled for a period of time.

    To prevent any unforeseen accidents, Luo Yuan slowly took a step backward and realized that he was also floating in the air like Mo Li's soul. Better yet, he could move his body effortlessly with just his Will.

    He expressed surprise and retreated about ten meters away. While the soul or ghost of Mo Li was staring at her own body, he scanned the system and finally discovered two unread messages; one of it was the notification of the accomplished mission.

    "Current Mission: D-level Mission: Puppet Master – Locate and kill the mysterious mind controller" "Duration: Five days"

    "Mission Status: Completed"

    "Remarks: Perfect"

    "Character: Luo Yuan"

    "Completion: 100%"

    "Rewarded Basic EXP +9600*100%"

    "Remarks: Perfect, EXP +9600*100%"

    "EXP: 43920/153600"

    Luo Yuan only scanned through briefly, as he required more EXP to level up. Besides, a D-level mission would not meet the requirements to level up, even if he scored a ‘perfect’ score in the remarks. Either way, he had a long way to go before he could level up.

    What caught Luo Yuan’s attention was the second message.

    Point added to your Will while defending against the mental attack; your Will +1

    After a point was added, he had a total of 17 points for his Will. The effects of such a high amount of Will was that he could remove the effects of the earth’s gravity and fly in the air if he focused. A sliver of joy flashed through him and immediately, his emotions began to stabilize.

    After all, it was not the right time to be distracted.

    With that thought in mind, he landed onto the floor once more and felt slightly relieved. After all, he was a person who practiced a kind of martial art that was particular about the earth being used as the source of energy and power, hence, he felt insecure about being in the air.

    Finally, Mo Li reacted by shifting her focus from her body, looked up and stared blankly at Luo Yuan.

    She suddenly opened her mouth but before Luo Yuan could cast his doubts, his mind came to replay a subtle voice of Mo Li. The voice appeared to be silent and was deathly still, as if she was both complaining and crying.

    "Were you the person who killed me?"

    If Luo Yuan was a commoner, he would have peed in his pants. However, he was not frightened as he had met such an enemy before. He wasn't interested in physical immunity as he did not have much of a defensive ability from his aura and Will. The only concern he had from this encounter was the mental attacks from her. However, since he had already killed her, how could he be afraid of the dead?

    Indifferent and cold, he said, "Who else other than myself, is standing here before you?"

    When Luo Yuan stayed alert, Mo Li voice was unexpectedly heard again, "Then you should know me. Who are you? And…who am I?" Her face became confused again like she had lost her memory.

    Luo Yuan hesitated for a moment, before he told her the truth, "I’m Luo Yuan and you’re Mo Li!"

    "Luo Yuan and Mo Li… that sounds familiar. Yes, I’m Mo Li!" she seemed to be deep in thoughts, and stood there in a trance for a few seconds. Out of a sudden, she looked at Luo Yuan with surprise and asked, "What are you doing here, who are you?"

    Luo Yuan felt strange and answered again, "Luo Yuan!"

    "What a familiar name… how did you die?"

    Luo Yuan said nothing but he knew what was happening. After a while, as expected, she seemed to have seen Luo Yuan for the first time again and said something similar.

    He recalled of a report that said if a ghost truly existed, it must have no memory, or at most only a temporary memory. This is because a soul does not have a brain to act as a memory storage.

    Nonetheless, Luo Yuan found out that the view was inaccurate, but he could not exclude the possibility that the soul of Mo Li could be too strong. Her soul could possibly still have some vague fragments of memories and allowed her to reminisce her own identity. It was still even capable of having memories, even for just a few seconds

    But alas, it seemed like the strength of the soul could not last long. As time passed by, her figure gradually had become gloomy, and the illusory shadow began gleaming after about ten minutes. The silver radiance had become almost transparent.

    At that time, she could no longer speak and had a blank look, which was most probably the illusory shadow losing its spirituality.

    After she persisted for another one minute, the shadow finally dispersed into numerous light spots and completely disappeared from the world.

    As Luo Yuan was looking at the dispersal of Mo Li’s soul under the dim light, unexpectedly, he felt lost and sad.

    Disregarding the hostile demeanor they had against each other, and even though her immense strength had made her become an almost complete soul, she still dispersed into nothing eventually.

    After Luo Yuan glanced over, he had an idea. His body slowly floated and flew to the front

    It was his first time flying, but to his surprise, he did not feel uncomfortable as if flying had always been second nature. Every movement he took felt as natural as breathing, as his body turned and sped along with his thoughts.

    The wind blew against his face and left his hair windswept. As the suppressed excitement had risen from his heart, he became more exhilarated as he soared on. If it was not for the late night and having just returned from a crime scene making him easily exposed, he would have wanted to let out a long wheezing bellow.

    Though he did not shout out loud, his face was getting more joyous.

    Flying has always been a human’s dream and because of this dream, we humans have invented various modes of transportation to enable flying. However, the excitement of flying by yourself would not be comparable to the excitement of flying with a tool. Finally, Luo Yuan understood why Wang Shishi no longer wanted to walk on the floor when she learned how to fly. The reason to practice was, in fact, a small part of it, while for the most part was that the feeling was indeed addictive!

    The speed of flying was not fast at all. Luo Yuan estimated it to be about 20 m per second or 72 km per hour. It was slower than running with all his strength, where the speed would be about a hundred meters per two seconds.

    However, it was not an absolute number, because if he wanted to hurry on his journey, especially through the mountain road, flying would be much faster. After all, there were no obstacles in the air, which allowed him to travel on an unobstructed route, instead of worrying about the topography when he runs on

    The level of Will was not defined by how one expresses their emotion but rather, on one’s ability to control it. Examples are to remain calm during the hour of peril, intoxicated without being lost and enduring intense pain, loneliness, boredom, and stress. As Luo Yuan got back into his house, he had calmed down.

    Looking at the dusty surface, Luo Yuan remained silent for a moment, took up a broom, and wanted to clean up. Then, an idea struck him! He put down the broom in attempts to focus on his Will, and waved his hand.

    An intangible force emitted from his body and all dust, debris, and trash on the floor as well as on the wall flew quickly into the air to form a gray mass, which gradually grew as large as a football.

    While looking at this trash ball, Luo Yuan pointed towards the main door, and the ball quickly flew out in adherence.

    Along with a light knock sound on the wood, Luo Yuan walked out of the door and went down the corridor for about thirty to forty meters. Then, when he peered into the wooden dustbin lying against the wall, he found that the ball was already inside.

    Luo Yuan was shocked and could not believe what had just happened. It was like a dream to him.

    What’s more mysterious was what had happened was the result of merely two broad and general thoughts.

    For instance, the first thought was to collect the trash while the second was to throw them into the dustbin.

    He did not even have to think of the type of trash, be it the dust, debris or yellowed newspapers and did not even have the multitasking skill to gather all dust together. It was the subconscious which had perfected his thoughts and gathered all the trash he would think of, all by itself.

    The second thought was also the same. He neither had to walk out of the door, nor think of the location of the dustbin, but the subconscious had helped him complete the rest. Though he could do similar things previously, none was as easy as this time where his wishes turned into a command

    A glaring light ball appeared and lit up the dark room. Then, it became a burning flame out of thin air and resonated into a heat wave. With that, the flame gradually lengthened and formed a flaming long sword.

    The next moment, the flame had quickly disappeared. The air suddenly became freezing cold, and the room had begun to be blanketed with frost. Just like a kid with a new toy, Luo Yuan enjoyed new experiences.

    His excitement was more intense now than it was when he was flying.

    With such a degree of Will, it could not only further sharpen the saber or shield his body, but also became a brand-new power, different from what the physical body could do.

    He clenched his fist and intangible Will was suddenly being focused on it. It then appeared to be palpable and glistening in the sun, like flowing water.

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