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Chapter 303: Passing By

    Chapter 303: Passing By

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    No one had a good appetite in the morning as they were thinking about their own problems respectively. Luo Yuan went out to the military campsite after eating his breakfast.

    Although Huo Dong hesitated, he rejected him in the end. He had become a soldier and was no longer a normal citizen. He had to be disciplined as it was not up to him to join or leave whenever he wants. The accusations of such actions were always severe even before the apocalypse.

    "Alright, take good care then!" Luo Yuan said as he looked at Huo Dong.

    "Same to you, Brother Luo." Huo Dong said.

    He was getting more mature as a soldier as his tone was firm and his body posture was straight. He was no longer the cheeky businessman but was now a qualified soldier. Luo Yuan sighed in his heart and left the military campsite.

    Countless trucks were lined up on the street, moving at a very slow speed. The crowd was watching with anxiety and worry as the rumors of Desert City's great migration spread faster that they could imagine. As long as they were smart enough, it was not difficult to see the truth from the events that they have witnessed.

    The atmosphere the refuge was filled with seriousness, frustration, and anxiety.

    However, the crowd did not cause any chaos as the citizens and soldiers had planted the spirit of discipline and unity in their heart.

    Luo Yuan saw a couple that hugged and kissed each other to comfort one another.

    An old man was smoking with a shaking hand.

    A large sized guy was carrying a child in his arm with a pair of miserable eyes, seemingly helpless.

    Their peaceful life has been ruined and they were forced to leave their home to start in a journey that was alien to them. The memory of a great migration is a one which nobody wants to recall as the pathway that led to that was paid for by millions of deaths and a lot of blood. No one knows who would the next person that would be left behind.

    Luo Yuan slowed down his footsteps as he saw the pitiful scene, he felt guilty for them.

    However, he quickly recovered from sympathizing and became serious once more as he knew he could not save everyone. He could only try his level best to help those who were around him.

    He held his saber tightly and then ran away from the street.

    The atmosphere in level one of the shelter was depressing. The crowd was anxious and in panic as the noise buzzed in Luo Yuan's ears.

    Luo Yuan had finally found Wang Xiaguang at a corner. She seemed to be arguing with a guy and it looked quite serious.

    "I’ve told you that I've fallen in love with someone else. Please, do not disturb me again." Wang Xiaguang said coldly.

    "Xiaguang, please, don’t lie to me. I haven’t seen a guy visit you since the day I met you." He looked polite with a pair of black frames that sat atop his nose. He smiled embarrassingly and said, "Can't you even give me a chance? Maybe, we can have a date for a period of time first?"

    Wang Xiaguang sighed as she looked at his sincerity. She calmed down and said, "It wouldn't work even if nobody comes to visit me, you’re just not my cup of tea. You deserve someone better."

    "What kind of man do you like? I can change!" The guy quickly asked as he thought he still had a chance.

    Wang Xiaguang shook her head and said, "You won't become the man I love no matter how much you change, and I’m not the kind of person you've imagined me to be."

    "Who, who is that?" The guy asked as he felt sad when he saw a lovely facial expression forming on Wang Xiaguang's face.

    "It’s me!" A stranger's voice disturbed their conversation as someone grabbed the hand of Wang Xiaguang and said, "Let’s go!"

    Wang Xiaguang tried to struggle but to no avail. She gave up after a few tries and said angrily, "Why are you being so bossy! Where are you bringing me?"

    "You’ll know soon!" Luo Yuan said as he walked towards the exit. He knew he did not to tell her too much information as she would not listen.

    "Hey! Hey! What are you doing!?" The guy with spectacle stomped his feet and said, "Put her down! I’m going to call the security guards!"

    However, it was very noisy in the refuge and none of the security guards notice what was happening. Both of them got further away from him. He ran after them but when he arrived at the exit, they have already left.

    "So can you tell me what’s happening now?" Wang Xiaguang asked angrily as she was dragged by Luo Yuan.

    "I’ll tell you later!"

    Wang Xiaguang felt helpless and decided to just follow him to the second level of the basement.

    After about 10 minutes, Luo Yuan brought Wang Xiaguang back to the hostel and said to Huang Jiahui and Wang Shishi, "Please help watch over her."

    "I'm not a prisoner!" Wang Xiaguang said as she pulled her arm away.

    "You’re finally here." Huang Jiahui laughed. "We hardly see you these days."

    "You guys are acting weird! What’s happening, Sister Huang?" Wang Xiaguang asked with uncertainty.

    She became very serious after listening to Huang Jiahui’s explanation. It was really dangerous to stay there as an earthquake is enough to destroy the whole city.

    In comparison with the forest, an event that was similarly dangerous would still afford them the chance to escape.

    Besides that, she was not a weak lady. As a matter of fact, she had never missed a single day of training since she arrived in Desert City and she had mastered her weapon skills by now. The probability of her surviving was higher as compared to when she was staying in the refuge, migrating with the crowd.Here, they had Luo Yuan and Wang Shishi to protect them.

    Being arrogant, she insisted on coming but since she was caught and forced by Luo Yuan to be here, she just agreed to stay here

    Luo Yuan try to sense for a trace of his Will and found a hostel which was converted from an unused warehouse. It looked like where Wen Yujie used to stay.

    He knocked on the door and heard someone walk towards the door.

    Luo Yuan was anxious as he had no confidence to persuade Wen Yujie to leave with them as she was different compared to the rest of them. She was an idealist, full of excitement and discipline. She would not escape with them. However, Luo Yuan decided to come because she once saved his life.

    The door opened but it was another young girl. She looked at Luo Yuan for a second and then said shyly, "Can I know who you are looking for?"

    "I’m looking for Wen Yujie, is she in?" Luo Yuan asked.

    "She’s not here, she has gone out for work. Do you want to come in?" The young girl invited Luo Yuan to enter after taking a peek at him once more. Luo Yuan had this charm on young girls, they just could not help it.

    He peered into the house through the main entrance. Apparently, it was a shared dorm for girls as there were many female undergarments inside the dormitory. Luo Yuan quickly moved his eyes away and rejected her, saying, "I’m good, thanks. Do you know where is she working?"

    "Oh! Didn’t you know? She is working in the security department for the state government.

    "Alright, thank you so much!" Luo Yuan smiled and said.

    He did not expect Wen Yujie to be working in the municipal hall and yet he has never bumped into her. He returned to the municipal hall and realized that the security department has been moved to the office area that he had been to previously. It was in the hall where he had a battle with Su Yu.

    Recently, the electromagnetic towers have been removed and had been replaced by gym equipment. There were evolved men all around training. However, everyone stopped as they saw Luo Yuan enter the hall.

    Most of them were those who had escaped from the prison, which is why they were impressed by Luo Yuan. Besides that, they also heard rumors about him. His name and story were the topic of discussion after their they had their lunch or during their tea time. Event the most arrogant of the evolved men naturally became humble when they spoke of Luo Yuan.

    Although they looked excited, none of them dared to step forward. Those who were very powerful compared to normal citizens became as obedient as cats in front of Luo Yuan.

    "Looks like Mr. Luo."

    "Is he going to be our manager?"

    "According to Captain Xiao, Mr. Luo’s power has been upgraded to Level Six!"

    "Tsk! I’m only at Level Two, I have no idea when I’ll be as strong as him."

    Luo Yuan grinned as he listened to the genuine compliments. However, he hid his joy.

    "Look! His strap is so cool!"

    "It’s glowing man! What material is it made of?"

    Luo Yuan twitched his mouth and ignored the noise. He quickly scanned around the hall and could not find Wen Yujie. He finally got the news that she had boarded the train with a group of soldiers to protect the railway, she would be back by nightfall if everything went well.

    Luo Yuan sighed in his heart. Perhaps, it was fate. He hesitated before leaving the security department.

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