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Chapter 304: Surprise

    Chapter 304: Surprise

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    Shorly after, Luo Yuan went to the office of the Mayor as he had been well taken care by Mayor Song during his stay in Desert City. At the very least, he should say his goodbye before he leaves. Moreover, the security in the refuge was strict, it would be difficult for him to leave smoothly. He would need an official approval instead of being violent.

    Mayor Song had a hard time as they needed to migrate after the earthquake. There were more than 100 tons of important resources and more than 100,000 citizens to be handled. He looked exhausted, many new white hairs visible within a few days.

    He did not even have time to think about his dead ‘niece’ anymore.

    Despite his hectic schedule, he put aside his work to see Luo Yuan once the new temporary secretary informed him about his visit.

    As the most powerful evolved man of Desert City who had defeated the rebels, Luo Yuan deserved this privilege.

    However, the news he got was not his favorite one. He thought he heard wrong when Luo Yuan told him of the intentions for his visit. It was a fearsome wild place that may be full of mutated insects.

    However, he knew he had no leverage to ask Luo Yuan to stay once he recalled that Luo Yuan has gone through a lot to be here. He was such a strong and powerful evolved man who could not be judged on common sense alone.

    However, it was best for him to keep Luo Yuan on his side. Apparently, Luo Yuan insisted on his departure. Mayor Song issued an official approval to him in the end

    It was 12 p.m. when Luo Yuan left the city hall. The traffic on the street was still as bad as before.

    The ground shook once in a while, but it was just minor tremors. Besides that, there were many heavy trucks moving on the street, hence, none of them could feel the shake.

    As a evolved man with the element of the earth as his main attribute, he could clearly differentiate an earthquake from regular tremors as his sensitivity was 10 to a 100 times better than regular humans. In fact, he was able to sense the tremors since the night before.

    The tremors were a sign before a huge earthquake happens. The refuge was definitely not strong enough with the possibility of it collapsing anytime when the earthquake hits. Luo Yuan quickly rushed back to the hostel.

    He realized everyone was there, none of them have left but there was an extra person.

    "This is my lover, Gu Meiyan." Yan Mengjun said nervously as he saw Luo Yuan looking at her. He then pulled the lady over and whispered, "Hurry up, greet him as Mr. Luo."

    "It’s alright, just call me Luo Yuan." Luo Yuan smiled and said.

    "HHi, Mr. Luo." Gu Meiyan looked at Luo Yuan and then said shyly.

    Luo Yuan nodded and looked at everyone, "Since everyone is already here, let’s go!"

    Everyone took their baggage and ready to leave. Suddenly, someone knocked the door.

    Luo Yuan opened the door and saw a group of soldiers standing by the doorstep parcels on their back. Luckily he could recognize the new secretary of Mayor Song, else he would have thought that they were not able to leave.

    The secretary smiled and said, "Mayor Song knew you were leaving and he was kind of worried. Here are some food and resources for you, we thank you on behalf the city. Please, accept it."

    "Please, help me to thank Mayor Song, we really appreciate it." Luo Yuan shook her hand and said sincerely.

    "Sure! I’ll help you deliver the message. I need to go, goodbye!"

    The new secretary came and left hurriedly and left eight backpacks on the doorstep which were about a meter tall when it stacked atop one another. Based on the way the soldiers put it down, the backpacks were quite heavy.

    "Let me see what's inside." Wang Shishi was excited and could not wait to check it out.

    Everyone opened the backpack one-by-one.

    "Here are the food!"

    "Mine are tents!"

    "This one also has tents!"

    "I got water here!"

    "Lighters, maps, torch lights, insect repellent, 20 boxes of bullets and three modern rifles."

    Mayor Song was definitely a qualified politician; a sociable and understanding person. He lent them his hands at just the right moment when Luo Yuan unable to reject his advances with a "No".

    Compared to what Mayor Song had given them, what they packed really did not make it seem like they were going to travel.

    For example, they only brought a few pieces of clothing, some water, and their weapons. Anyway, the food was something they could not get more of even if they were rich.

    Of course, it would not be a big issue due to their power. No one would reject having a better life in the wild.

    Everyone quickly took their backpacks and departed.

    Wu Xiaoxiao was hiding in a corner and watched them pack their things. She was idling. Perhaps, she thought that she would not be meeting them again after today. She suddenly recovered and sounded like like she had put her hatred aside.

    "Take care!" Luo Yuan said.

    "You too, safe journey!" Wu Xiaoxiao raised her chin and looked at Luo Yuan. That was the first time she looked at Luo Yuan in the last few days.

    Luo Yuan felt touched and smiled gently. He said goodbye to Mo Wenwen before he left the dormitory with his teammates.

    Very soon, they arrived at the exit and soldiers let them go after taking a look at their approval letter from Mayor Song.

    Luo Yuan did not feel anything when they left the refuge but the rest felt stunned. They have been staying in the refuge for almost a month, Desert City had become something alien to them as it was akin to an abandoned historical site.

    The only thing they saw was a single piece of greenery, a few pillars and nothing else as there were a lot of weeds which had grown to half a meter tall.

    Countless mutated beasts tried to escape the bushes as Luo Yuan began to release his power.

    "Give me the map." Luo Yuan said.

    Huang Jiahui found the map from the backpack and passed it to Luo Yuan.

    Luo Yuan looked at the map for quite a long time as he tried to recall navigation of the map and said, "The underground railway is the main transport hub for Desert City and security is strictest here. Of course, the security at the moment should be worse than ever but it is still much safer than other options that they had. It might be a longer route if they went along the underground railway but it’s definitely much safer."

    "Any objection?" Luo Yuan asked. He looked at them, especially those who recently joined them.

    "No." Yang Zhiqing said.

    "Mr. Luo, it’s your call." Yan Mengjun said.

    "I’m following Mr. Luo." Zhang Wu said.

    Luo Yuan nodded. The key thing of team management is to build authority from the beginning and implement a spirit of unity. It seemed to be a good start.

    However, Luo Yuan was overthinking things as no one dared to go against him unless they had a death wish.

    "Let’s get out from here first and find a place to rest. I need to go somewhere." Luo Yuan said.

    "Where else would you need to go?" Wang Xiaguang asked curiously.

    "We need the two vehicles." Luo Yuan smiled and said.

    Huang Jiahui and a few of them were very excited. Wang Shishi even asked, "Brother Luo, are you bringing the giant lizard and King Kong back? I miss them so much!"

    Zhang Wu and a few of the new members had no idea what was happening as they looked at each other. They remained silent but were making wild guesses in their mind.

    A warbeast was something common for evolved men. The security section of Desert City had its own team of warbeasts but they have been sent to the frontline to fight the mutated insects, no one knows whether they were still alive.

    The streets of Desert City were very busy as it was full of trucks. The group had looked for a spacious area far away from Desert City to prevent any chaos when the two warbeasts came.

    "You all wait here, I’ll be back soon." Luo Yuan said to them but he sounded weird.

    He suddenly bent his knees and took a big leap. Everyone was shocked and as he flew up like a rocket into the sky.

    He was getting further away from the ground and became a tiny dot before he disappeared eventually.

    "Brother Luo Since when was he able to fly?" Wang Shishi asked. She turned around and looked at everyone’s expression. They were even more shocked than her as all of them were stunned and was not able to move at all. It was unbelievable.

    Even when they recovered, they were still in shock.

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