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Chapter 305: War of the Giant Beasts

    Chapter 305: War of the Giant Beasts

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    The wind was so strong, it blew Luo Yuan's hair away. As compared to the previous journey they made through this passage, this time was much more exciting as he flew through the sky.

    It was a feeling of freedom, without restriction and he could fly to any location in the world.

    Above him were thick, rolling clouds that obscured the sun. It had been cloudy for several days as there did not seem to be any sunny days when Luo Yuan left home.

    Looking at the thick cloud formations, he had an urge to break through the clouds to see what was beyond them.

    Compared to Wang Shishi who utilized her telekinesis to hold her body up so she could fly, Luo Yuan's flight used Will, which was superior. There were no height restrictions and as long as his Will could support him, he could continue his flight. If it was not for his need to breathe and the pressure on his body, he would able to even fly into space.

    The scenery on earth was shrinking to a very small size. Minutes later, he broke through the clouds and the sun shone brightly through the mist, the effect akin to a blurred radiance. He looked up to feel the blue sky and warm sunshine on his skin but suddenly, he broke out in cold sweat on his forehead. He saw numerous small and large birds hovering above the clouds, tweeting from time to time.

    On occasion there would be a few giant birds with wingspans as much as 10 meters with bodies that grew up to 100 meters in length that passed above him. It was thrilling and shocking at the same time.

    Before he could fly, he looked up into the sky but was not able to see beyond the clouds. He never knew there were so many giant birds circling in the skies above.

    He quickly stopped flying and sneaked into the thick clouds, hiding himself.

    He was still able to fight if he was on the ground. However, he was now in the sky which was the home of his opponents. The only thing he could do was pray they would not find him. With the speed of his flight at only 20 or 30 meters per second, even if he were to escape it would be something like the speed of a snail when confronting natural flying creatures.

    Luo Yuan calmed down and found the behavior of the birds strange. They circled the same spot, but they were not hunting, the tweet sounded more like a lament than anything else.

    This scene was very familiar to Luo Yuan.

    This was a precursor to a major disaster, though compared to the time before the apocalypse, these mutated creatures were much more powerful. No matter how they changed, their instincts that feared natural disasters would always remain. It was a valuable asset left behind from hundreds of years of biological evolution.

    Looking at the circling birds and their lament, he was heavy hearted. He did not mean to delay any longer and quickly took out his satellite phone to locate the two giant beasts via the implanted chips.

    After the chaos on the ground, he had gotten back all his belongings which included the satellite phones.

    On the display, the two green dots also were still close to each other but no longer at their original position, They had been separated by hundreds of kilometers. In fact, Luo Yuan had been tracking the movements of the two giant beasts.

    Before the advent of the influx of insects, they seemed to have felt the threat and began to move further to the east. After they ran hundreds of kilometers, it was only until the last wave of insects that they began to take the initiative to return. However, they stopped at a spot hundreds of kilometers away from the original spot and no longer move forward.

    He did not know before this but now he had some idea after seeing the reaction of the birds above Desert City.

    He looked serious. After he identified the direction, an invisible force was generated from his body; the next moment he was like an arrow, diving downwards at an oblique angle.

    Making full use of gravity, his speed rapidly increased. Within half a minute, his speed reached 100 meters per second, but he was still accelerated at three meters per second.

    The air became denser, it felt like he was flying into the water. Due to the high air resistance, Luo Yuan hardly breathed. Without his "floating sportswear" the air resistance had highly affected his speed.

    As time passed, the resistance increased and it felt like there was a thick barrier right in front of him. By this time, he was close to two-thirds of the speed of sound but he was at his limit. Under heavy air resistance, the effect gravity decreased and subsequently caused fatigue.

    However, his speed was still blindingly fast. He was flying downwards at an oblique angle of 10 degrees had already reached a speed of 250 meters per second. Within two minutes Luo Yuan had reached the original location of the giant beasts.

    By this time, he was already close to the ground was not able to leverage support from gravity which only allowed him to fly slowly using Will. After he flew for another half an hour, a huge lake appeared in front of him.

    This radius of this giant lake was about several kilometers wide. It seemed it was recently formed as there was no indication of it on the map.

    Before the apocalypse, along with the rising sea levels and the drastic changes in the global climate, the originally dry desert had been full of water. Sometimes after a heavy rain, it would form a river or even a lake.

    From the view above, it was a beautiful lake, the water was thoroughly clean. It was surrounded by lush growing trees which formed a forest in a short period of time.

    The signal displayed that the two giant beasts were somewhere nearby.

    Luo Yuan carefully observed from the top, the forest was still too young and it was not possible to hide both the giant lizard and King Kong. There were traces of their movement everywhere in the forest. In just a moment Luo Yuan found them near the lake. He quickly flew towards their direction.

    He found the two giant beasts as they played with one another, or more precisely King Kong was harassing the giant lizard. It was actively jumping around the lizard, trying to pull its tail.

    Luo Yuan felt a bit strange. The last time he saw King Kong, it was still timid with a pitiful look. He did not expect it to become so extroverted now.

    As he approved them, he saw the giant lizard which had already upgraded itself to a light green level with its appearance totally changed. He was shocked to see that King Kong had changed tremendously too. He could barely recognize it. The original black hair had now turned into fluffy golden hair. The golden hair looked like a burning flame when it jumped around. Its body had almost doubled in size and was almost taller than giant lizard, looking from afar.

    Luo Yuan opened the properties panel of King Kong:

    "War Beast: Mountain Moving Apes;"

    "Level: Light Green"


    "Strength: 23"

    "Agility: 14"

    "Physique: 21"

    "Intelligence: 9"

    "Perception: 11"

    "Will: 13"

    "Experience: 0 / 2400"

    "Skill: Hammer 18, Tearing 18, Collision 13, Throwing 8, Biting 15, Climbing 19, Field Survival 18;

    "Abilities: Inborn Strength, Tough Skin."

    "Status: Elite"

    "Loyalty: 75 (With a value less than 50, there will be risk of betrayal or escape)"

    "Unassigned attribute points: 0"

    "Unassigned skill points: 0"

    Luo Yuan looked at properties and surprised that the changes were so huge. The name had changed from "Big Ape" to "Mountain Moving Ape" and most shocking was the huge changes on the properties.

    After this evolution, its Strength had increased by two points. That aside, its Agility, Physique and Intelligence had increased by one point respectively. All four properties improved, with Strength being increased by two points.

    After the Agility increase, each attribute value of the giant lizard was now lower than King Kong.

    He also looked at the words "Elite" at the status bar. The word seemed to have some other meaning.

    Luo Yuan recalled that when he tamed the giant lizard, the status panel did not have the word "elite". It started as "weak" before it became "healthy", "strong" and it was only after it was upgraded by the system several times that it got such a qualification.

    One was acquired through system upgrade while the other one was genuine through natural means. It was apparent that the latter's potential was much greater than the former.

    They seemed to sense the presence of Luo Yuan. King Kong suddenly took a deep breath. It was inattentive and was beaten by the tail of giant lizard; it made a loud noise that sounded like an explosion, causing an airwave.

    King Kong was screamed in joy, the huge body that was nearly 12-13m rolled endlessly after being hit by the tail and several big trees along the way were broken by the body of the King Kong.

    Once it stopped rolling, it immediately stood up and was active once again. Apparently, the smack by the giant tail did not have any impact on it. Though, it seemed rather annoyed after being it was hit as its eyes turned red and growled angrily. It beat its chest making a thunderous bang before it rushed towards the giant lizards as if it had forgotten the familiar scent that it once knew.

    When the heavy weight of body jumped forward, the momentum and movement were too big until it shook everything on the ground.

    However, the giant lizard slowly wagged its tail, awaiting the arrival of King Kong. Only until the distance was about 20-30 meters did it turn its head towards King Kong.

    Just as they were about to collide into one another, King Kong slowed down as it was hit by the horn of giant lizard before. It circled around the giant lizard and the battle was caught in a deadlock once again.

    The battle between the two giant beasts was extremely thrilling, even if it was just running and jumping around, it had an amazing amount of movement. To top it off, this is was just slapstick match between two friends and was not a real battle. No sharp claws or abilities were used, else the scene would be even more shocking and bloody.

    Luo Yuan watched for a while and before he landed from above. Both of the giant beasts were stunned for a while when they saw Luo Yuan who landed from the sky and quickly stopped their activities.

    King Kong lowered its head and looked downward, its eyes glanced at Luo Yuan from time to time. After the increase of one point in its Intelligence, its hideous face was now had a flattering look.

    Perhaps the lesson was too hard when it was tamed. The fear of Luo Yuan seemed to deeply affect it. Even after it had evolved into a light green mutated beast, the fear has yet to subside.

    As compared to King Kong, the giant lizard was much closer to Luo Yuan so it was joyful to see him. It wanted to come nearer to Luo Yuan but he was not comfortable to see the ten-meter-high hill-like giant lizard walk towards him. He quickly pressed his hand in the air.

    When the giant lizard saw the familiar gesture, it hesitated before it kneeled down on the ground.

    Luo Yuan floated his body and landed on the back of the giant lizard. With a loud command, the giant lizard slowly stood up and marched on.

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