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Chapter 307: Violent King Kong

    Chapter 307: Violent King Kong

    Translator: InsigniaEditor: Svjohn

    Just like Desert City, this city had also experienced a tragedy and collapsed into ruin with broken walls everywhere. It was a dead city.

    Luo Yuan stopped the giant lizard somewhere in the outskirts as it was flat land and was not as complicated as the inside of the city. Even if they met with any threat, they would still be able to respond in a timely manner.

    The crowd came down from the giant lizard trembling with fear and had a look of exhaustion because they had not eaten since afternoon. Although Luo Yuan did not feel hungry, the rest of the people were exhausted and hungry since they had been traveling nonstop over the night.

    Luo Yuan dismissed the giant lizard and King Kong so that they could go and hunt for their food. When the two giant beasts were around everyone felt like the atmosphere was very intense and felt pressured even when they knew that the beasts would not hurt them. When the two giant beasts walked away, everyone immediately felt relieved and relaxed.

    The portion of prepackaged food in the backpack was sufficient for everyone for one meal. In addition, the crowd was too tired to hunt for food so they chose a place that was trampled by the giant lizard as their resting spot and put on a cloth on it as a mat. They had to be extra cautious when living in the wilderness, any carelessness would cause injury or death.

    The giant lizard was more than ten tons in weight so the land that it had stepped on was extremely firm and strong, even if there were any hidden mutated insects in the sand, they should have died from the pressure.

    Everyone squatted on the ground and tore the packs of food assigned to them. The packs of food automatically heated up when they poured water on it. It was the first time Luo Yuan had this kind of food so he felt that it was very interesting. When the temperature was hot enough, he opened the bag and took out a palm-sized sandwich-like food, the texture of the flour was somewhat rough. Apparently, it was made by cactus flour. In the middle was a large piece of minced meat and vegetables.

    Luo Yuan finished the sandwich very quickly and felt a little warmth in the stomach. With his experience, he could roughly determine that the minced meat was dark blue level. This portion of food could fill the stomach at least for a day for normal soldiers, however, it was fairly enough for him only. It could hardly fill up his stomach even if all the food was given to him.

    Luo Yuan drank some water while looking at the ruins on the land nearby. From the map, this was a prefecture-level city which was much larger than Desert City which was a county-level city. It was also a military town for the area nearby. It could be seen from the high walls where several cannons and anti-aircraft guns remain.

    There were a few high-caliber cannons which were historical remnants of World War II. These cannons had a thick black hole which could hide one or two individuals inside and they could even shoot down the mutated beasts like the giant lizard.

    This heavy artillery which had almost been eliminated by the missiles before the apocalypse was heavily used in recent days. It was because the war between human beings and mutated beasts were completely different from wars between humans. Mutated beasts did not have a strategic position, there were no core areas and no logistical burdens. Accuracy was the least important thing in the battle against mutated beasts. More importantly, they were everywhere, from the sky to the land, from the sea to the mountains.

    The whole battlefield was interlocked and the fighting commenced at multiple locations at the same time. This was a cruel and fierce war compared to those that came before the apocalypse. This was especially so with the effects of the electromagnetic storm from outer space as it greatly affected the accuracy of missiles. Such expensive weapons were now rarely be seen on the battlefield unless it was absolutely necessary. As such, the artillery which had greater shooting power was used as the main weapon during the apocalypse.

    At this time, the giant lizard seemed to have found something and roared.

    Luo Yuan was shocked and quickly took a look. He saw that the giant lizard and King Kong had been walking far away from the crowd. The giant lizard was roaring fiercely to the ground with sparks of fire scattered from its nose, whilst the King Kong at the side was jumping up and down looked very restless.

    "D-Level Task: Clear the injured uninvited guests"

    "Time: One day"

    "Accept / Cancel"

    The task notification flashed in Luo Yuan’s mind, his heart sank and told the crowd beside him, "You all stay here, I'll go and take a look."

    "Be careful!" Said Huang Jiahui with a worried look.

    Luo Yuan nodded before running quickly to that direction. By gathering his Will, he was as fast as lightning making his body emit an invisible force field, a lot of dust was blown away from his body. This time, his speed actually improved.

    After his Will improved by one point, he not only could fly but it also gave him a powerful force field when he ran on the ground. It leveled up his overall strength as he could accelerate to a hundred meters per second in just a single breath of air. Zhang Wu and the rest were stunned watching Luo Yuan ran away as fast as the lightning. In their hearts they were shocked, "Is this really the speed of a human?" Zhang Wu opened his mouth and said with incomprehensible look, "Is… Is Luo Yuan really a level five evolved human?" However, none of them had the energy to answer this question, all of them were distracted by the speed of Luo Yuan.

    At this time, an accident suddenly happened. Before Luo Yuan arrived, the giant lizard growled loudly. It was as loud as a thunderstrike. The next moment the ground suddenly exploded and a beast a huge as the giant lizard jumped out from the ground. The giant lizard immediately stood up and its flaming tail struck the mutated beast that was going to hit it. An explosion ensued with a booming sound and sent a huge airwave outwards to the surroundings.

    The mutated beast that jumped out from the hole screamed in a loud shrill and fell down on the ground after being struck. The flame on its body burned intensely. It flapped its wings at a feverish pace because of the pain and irritation on its body. It flushed out a few layers of sand and caused a mini sandstorm along with numerous fist-sized flames in the air.

    The giant lizard was not a fire type mutated beasts so it was not real fire that it breathed but a kind of flammable liquid that would quickly burn once it encounters air. Once it gets on you, it was extremely difficult to get rid of the burn.

    After watching this shocking scene, Luo Yuan had to stop moving forward. At this point, King Kong suddenly became excited and joined the battlefield. It disregarded the flame that hit its body as well as the burning pain. It jumped into the sandstorm and hammered the mutated beast with both its fists. A loud bang was heard and the ground shook slightly, along with the sound of broken bones. As the so-called "Mountain Moving Ape", King Kong had a shocking amount of strength. The force that it brought with its pair of fists the size of two round tables was about ten tons in weight. The strength so immense that until it could even pinch a piece of metal or steel flat.

    The mutated beast was severely hit the ground, its back had been crushed until it collapsed and its entire exoskeleton had been completely shattered. However, it was still struggling and its sharp claws were like a cutting machine, tearing at King Kong's body. In an instant, King Kong's body was bloodied and the pain made it show growl ferociously before revealing its fangs.

    The provocation the mutated beast did brought out the violent nature of King Kong. It hammered the mutated beast again and again regardless the injury it already had on its body.




    Like a heavy pile driver, the mutated beast eventually stopped moving. Through the dust in the air, Luo Yuan could see that the mutated beast had been smashed into the ground entirely and was badly mutilated.

    "Current Task: Clear injured uninvited guests"

    "Time: One day"

    "Accept / Cancel"

    "Task Status: Completed"

    "Rating: Perfect"

    "Evolved Human: Luo Yuan"

    "Progress: 0%"

    "Basic experience bonus + 9600 * 0%!"

    "Rating: Perfect - Experience + 9600 * 0%"

    "Experience: 43920/153600"

    "War Beast: Giant Lizard"

    "Progress: 40%"

    "Basic experience bonus + 9600 * 40%!"

    "Rating: Perfect - Experience 9600 * 40%"

    "Experience: 8820/19200"

    "War Beast: Mountain moving ape"

    "Progress: 60%"

    "Basic experience bonus + 9600 * 60%"

    "Rating: Perfect - Experience 9600 * 60%"

    "Experience: 4320/9600"

    It has been upgraded!

    It has been upgraded!

    Luo Yuan took a glance on the task completion notification and looked at King Kong which was still hammering the mutated beast nonstop. He twitched his mouth and said "It’s over. I didn’t even have the chance to intervene in this D-level task and did not gain any experience points." Looking at the King Kong which had upgraded by two levels with two extra property points and ten skill points, Luo Yuan felt dumbfounded.

    He quickly calmed his mind down. Anyway, it was still a pleasant surprise to see that King Kong had upgraded by two levels. King Kong was already strong enough, with two extra property points it would be even more powerful which made him even more confident to complete D+ level tasks in the future.

    After all King Kong was an intelligent type of creature and it was easier to tame. It always had inherently high loyalty thus he was never worried about King Kong rebelling even if it became stronger. He looked at the property panel and thought for a while, then he assigned two attribute points to Agility and Will respectively.

    The reason he assigned the points to Agility was mainly to enhance the flexibility of King Kong and improve its combat power while assigning points to Will was to make sure it would not be scared when it encountered a higher level mutated beast. Will was very important for war beasts especially when they faced powerful enemies. His initial plan was to make the giant lizard serve as a shield, to attract as much attention as possible to contain their enemies. However the Will of the giant lizard was too low, in most situations, it was too frightened and escaped from battle. In contrast, King Kong was more active in fights but its Strength was too low. After this evolution, the Strength of King Kong had significantly improved and Luo Yuan had switched his sight towards it

    Once the property points were assigned, King Kong stopped the attack and its face turned red with confused eyes. It felt a creeping sensation on its entire body and the bloody wounds on its body were quickly healing. In fact, the skin of King Kong was quite rough so the wounds were not deep. After this evolution, to a certain extent, some self-healing ability and most of the injuries were healed in a short period of time. It seemed like it could feel a strange sensation in its body thus it did not move.

    Slowly, its confused eyes became sharp and at the same time, the atmosphere became a vindictive and oppressive one.

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