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Chapter 314: Humbleness (I)

    Chapter 314: Humbleness (I)

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    As Luo Yuan walked out of the city council, he gently exhaled.

    Though he had been kind, soft-spoken and was never compelling, the old man had put relatively strong pressure on him. Thus, Luo Yuan was nervous and dared not relax just yet.

    He had to say that the old man was a very respectable man indeed. Though he might not be physically strong, and would probably pale in comparison to an average man, he had a strong heart.

    He took a look at the time; it was already half past ten at night, but the factories along the road were still brightly lit. As the public servant who sent him to the old man had already left, he could only walk back to the guest house.

    Fortunately, his memory had not failed him, and the location of the guest house was not too far away.

    While he was strolling back, he calibrated his thoughts. The Special Force recommended by the old man towards the end of the conversation was directly under the management of the central government, with a branch located in Hope City. Generally, the force took in some extraordinarily strong evolved people.

    Luo Yuan guessed that the Special Force was made available not only to win over their hearts, which could potentially be a safety risk to the government and for easier centralized management, but also to carry out special missions that the military troops were not able to undertake.

    For him, it was simply tailored.

    It had been half a year since his last level up. Particularly after he entered the Reconstruction Area, he barely had any missions to aid his progression. The most he managed to earn was only a few EXP, from his two recent missions.

    Without realizing, the D-level mission had placed him in quite a dilemma – whether or not to omit them because they could no longer give him adequate experience points but felt it was a waste if he did so.

    Unfortunately, D+ level missions or dark green creatures were difficult to run into, even in the wild, let alone in the Reconstruction Area. At least for Luo Yuan, as he was yet to meet any.

    Apart from being lucky, it was also because of the lack of information. What he managed to see and meet was only the condition happening around him, and it was purely by luck. Nevertheless, it should not be rare to witness dark green creatures or even stronger creatures within the vicinity of the Reconstruction Area

    The next morning, someone approached Luo Yuan as soon as he had finished his breakfast.

    "Hello Mr. Luo, you may not know me, but I’m the Vice Minister of the Organization Department, Ren Hongyuan, and I’ll be accompanying you for your installation," he sized up Luo Yuan and said in awe.

    "Sorry for troubling you, Minister Ren," said Luo Yuan, while shaking his hand.

    "My pleasure!"

    They walked out of the guest house and got into the car. Minister Ren introduced, "Li Jian Department is a special rapid force established by the Republic and has a troop of Logistic Units, which includes the air force. Nonetheless, we have only 51 formal members, distributed throughout the Reconstruction Area, and we have eight people here in Hope City."

    "So, I’m the ninth person?" Luo Yuan said with a smile, but he gradually grew more serious inside.

    Only 51 people out of hundreds of thousands of evolved people in the Reconstruction Area, with more than one hundred million residents, has proved that they were the best among the best. Perhaps he could be confident to believe that nobody can compete with him, especially with the assistance of the system. Nonetheless, the rebellion at Desert City where many strong evolved people showed up, had made him genuinely understand the meaning of hidden talent. Of course, if the base number was large, it was definitely possible to have some strong evolved people.

    Minister Ren replied bashfully, "To be honest, you are still a member of the Logistic Unit, and under probation, no less. Though Mayor Hu has recommended you, we don’t have the power to immediately appoint a member of the Special Force in Hope City. It’s certainly not a big deal for Mr. Luo nonetheless."

    Luo Yuan looked stunned, and bantered, "Oh, so I’m still deemed a temporary worker?"

    "Err… this is the normal procedure of the organization’s department. Even Mayor Hu cannot violate this," Minister Ren replied nervously. He was relieved when he realized that Luo Yuan was only joking around, but had already broken out in cold sweat.

    Being a mere commoner, everyone in the Mysterious Department was regarded as a superhero. Even if he were to sit beside one of them, he would already feel nervous and insecure. This was because it would never be safe, even if he were to be protected by a troop of soldiers, in the event that they suddenly lose their minds

    Luo Yuan initially thought that the department comprising only eight people, was just a small office, but it turned out to be the complete opposite.

    After the car drove on for about half an hour, they passed through a warning signboard which read ‘Military Base, No Trespassing’ and saw a huge thorn bush enclosure. They even had to show their pass at the gate before their car could drive in slowly to the Mysterious Department.

    The whole region had more than a hundred acres of land with two runways for planes, five helicopter landing sites and three blocks of large buildings up to three floors in height.

    The car stopped in front of the lobby of the building in the middle. Minister Ren hobbled as he was obviously slightly nervous, as though there was danger lurking behind the large building.

    The two of them walked into the large building. It was not lonely at all, as many people were seen hustling and bustling. These people were apparently the logistical workers and middle-aged women seemed to make up the majority of the workers. Everyone looked very skilled.

    Luo Yuan scanned through the crowd and suddenly his pupils contracted, as someone had suddenly appeared in front of him. The person appeared so fast, that he was not able to even see how or where he came from.

    "Yo, looks like we have a newcomer." He grinned, with his face twitching slightly, making him look rather nervous.

    He looked a tad shaggy, as he was wearing a singlet with black short pants, and a pair of slippers. Besides, his hair was messy and scruffy, almost like that of a beggar’s.

    "Yes, Mr. Wang. Is your team leader around?" Minister Ren asked with a smile.

    "Well… unfortunately, our team leader has gone to New Capital City," he replied casually while sizing up Luo Yuan. This made Luo Yuan felt uncomfortable as if he was being stared at by a venomous snake.

    "What about your Assistant Team Leader?"

    "Why do you wish to see him? He’s been out on a mission. You can approach me too. It’s really the same unless you're looking down on me," he said casually, while walking around Minister Ren and sniffled, as though expecting sympathy. Meanwhile, the logisticians nearby were retreating fearfully.

    Minister Ren could barely smile, and wanted to lash out a few times but did not bring himself to.

    Luo Yuan was aware of how uneasy Minister Ren felt. Hence, he pulled him away while glaring at Mr. Wang, "Don’t push it!"

    He quickly retreated a few meters backward in fear, and exaggerated while looking at Luo Yuan’s expression, "Yo, little white face, unless you want to rush to the forefront, not everyone can get away that easily here. Come, let me see what you’ve got."

    The commotion apparently attracted everyone’s attention. Two people were seen going down the staircase when it piqued their interest. When they saw the scene, they started to look on.

    Luo Yuan shifted his sight and suddenly smiled, "Oh, are you trying to put me in your position? You should have told me earlier. I'd love this."

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