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Chapter 315: Humbleness (II)

    Chapter 315: Humbleness (II)

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Minister Ren glanced at Luo Yuan in appreciation. Being a Vice Minister of Hope City’s Organizational Department, he would not be so useless under different circumstances or if he were to be facing another person.

    The key point was because this man was indeed insane. It was said that he suffered a mental illness even prior to the apocalypse. He did not only have a weird character but also acted unscrupulously and even enjoyed abnormal hobbies. Even the mayor felt troubled when seeing him. However, because of his strong ability and as long as he had not killed anyone or committed any serious crimes, the superiors had let him be.

    Nonetheless, he did hope that somebody could teach him a lesson, but as a public servant, he could not let such things happen. Therefore, he tried to advise, "Calm down and don’t fight, don’t fight! We are colleagues after all!"

    "Minister Ren, you have sent me here and my task is now completed. Now, it’s the internal conflict that we have in our department, so please do stay away from us." Luo Yuan said, as he clearly knew that it was useless to keep a low profile. If he did not unveil his abilities, he will be despised.

    Minister Ren felt thankful, as what Luo Yuan said was insinuating that he wanted him to out of the picture.

    "Yo, who does he think he is, showing off like that? Is he our team member? Why do I not know him?" exaggerated the crazy Mr. Wang, while he fiddled with his ear. Then, he turned to look at two people watching nearby and shouted loudly, "Hey, stupid Li, do you know this guy? And you, do you know him? Ah, none of you know him!"

    "Then, who the hell are you?" Crazy Mr. Wang turned over and lashed out at Luo Yuan.

    Other than the two onlookers, nobody laughed but fearfully retreated. To the normal logisticians, they would offend no one, even if this person was yet to be an official member, under probation.

    The foul language of crazy Mr. Wang had finally turned Luo Yuan’s face rather glum. He threw his Zhanmadao aside and said, "Hopefully you can be as mean as you are, later!"

    The crazy Mr. Wang pursed his mouth as though wanting to start mocking again, but Luo Yuan had immediately disappeared. Before he could realize what was happening, a strong wind blew against him and with a sharp pain in his chest, his body was thrown into the air.

    Luo Yuan held onto his collar and smashed him directly onto the floor.

    With his 15 points of Strength – which was 7.5 times higher than a normal person’s – and with the strong and thick cemented floor, he would be in searing pain and overcome by dizziness if he were to be smashed onto the floor, regardless of how tough he was.

    However, to Luo Yuan surprise, he had disappeared just before his body hit the ground. Only a torn singlet was left in his hand.

    At almost the same time, Luo Yuan’s sensory perception caught a silhouette of Mr. Wang’s body appearing from thin air some ten meters away, as he crouched on the ground miserably.

    "You almost caught me, almost!" he laughed insanely while gradually turning ferocious and emitting an aura of insanity. As time passed by, his body began blurring up, as if numerous illusory shadows were irregularly changing.

    The two onlookers looked at each other and their face became glum too. A middle-aged man shouted, "Everyone, leave now!"

    The logisticians and Minister Ren was shocked, and quickly left the lobby of the first floor.

    The two of them were not attacking in a hurry but were staring at each other instead.

    The eyes of crazy Mr. Wang looked as ferocious as an injured lonely wolf, but Luo Yuan looked calm, with his emotions remaining intact.

    The ability of the opponent was indeed very mysterious and similar to an imaginary teleportation. Nonetheless, Luo Yuan had seen a lot recently, including those four-dimensional creatures as well as special abilities related to time and space. Hence, he no longer felt amazed by such mysterious powers.

    It did not mean that these abilities were not strong enough, but it was proportionated to the person who possessed the ability, and how powerful they were.

    If he could only teleport too, Mr. Wang would be no threat to Luo Yuan.

    The crazy Mr. Wang seemed rather impatient. He made his move quickly by disappearing in a flash and appearing behind Luo Yuan’s back, intending to punch him right in the back of his skull.

    Luo Yuan seemed to have eyes at the back of his head, as he ducked slightly to avoid the punch by a hair’s breadth. Then, he twisted and kicked Mr. Wang’s head like a whip. Though he did not use his full energy, his kick had thrown his victim into the air, causing him to tumble onto the floor, some five to six meters away.

    "Hu! Hu!"

    The crazy Mr. Wang quickly stood up after a roll, and spat out two bloody front teeth, with the left side of his face immediately swelling up. "Hey little white face, were you having too much fun till you became this weak now? Come on, hit me harder!" he shouted deliriously, albeit sounding strange due to his now-swollen face.

    "Then, let’s do it again," Luo Yuan smiled coldly. After all, he had to make a person like him admit defeat and surrender, lest he continued his barking mad attitude, being such a nuisance.

    The crazy Mr. Wang began to circle him. His shuffling footsteps had annoyed Luo Yuan. Then, his body had disappeared again. As soon as he reappeared behind Luo Yuan’s back, he was kicked and thrown into the air again.

    This time, Luo Yuan had clearly kicked harder, because the crazy Mr. Wang laid on the floor for a few seconds, before he could recover and struggle to stand up. Two sides of his face had become swollen now, making him look rather bloated.

    "Was it not strong enough? I haven’t used much of my energy yet, so let’s do this again!" Luo Yuan was beckoning the crazy Mr. Wang, while rebuking simultaneously.

    The two onlookers began to look glum. Though the crazy Mr. Wang suffered mental issues and wasn’t exactly the strongest, his ability to appear and disappear swiftly was definitely the most annoying skill he had. Furthermore, he could easily handle level six mutated beasts and together with highly-explosive bombs, his record in the team was indeed amazing.

    Nonetheless, the crazy Mr. Wang’s mind seemed to be completely obsessed with this newbie, as if he was under a spell, akin to a kid being taken for a ride.

    "Why must I go to you? Come and get me if you think you’re all that," jeered the crazy Mr. Wang, refusing to surrender, as he was confident with his ability to teleport away for no one to be able to get hold of him.

    "Well, you asked for it!" Luo Yuan suddenly smiled, exposing his perfectly neat and fine white teeth, which sent a chill down Mr. Wang’s spine.

    His rows of teeth were neatly in line without a single gap. Each tooth was long and narrow. Therefore, he had almost one-third the number extra of teeth compared to an ordinary person.

    It was a symbol of rebirth, and he saw it only once on his team leader. He glanced at Luo Yuan’s skin, and discovered that it was not only very smooth and fine, but had a glowing complexion with hardly any visible pores.

    After being reborn, Luo Yuan grew completely new rows of teeth, not realizing that his teeth had now looked very odd.

    As Luo Yuan was got closer, he quickly requested, "Hold on!"

    Despite being mentally unsound, he was yet to lose his mind. He knew that he should not be provoking someone like Luo Yuan, but before he could finish his sentence, Luo Yuan had launched himself towards him and was trying to reach for his hair.

    The crazy Mr. Wang trembled, and teleported at that critical moment. With a few continuous flashes as fast as lightning, he had escaped before the rest could react.

    He turned and a ripping sound was heard from his hair.

    A blurry silhouette sped over and in a second, it had come very near.

    He could teleport to a distance of about twenty to thirty meters each, before launching another teleportation, with no downtime. Ergo, he had escaped to a distance of more than hundreds of meters after a few teleports, but he seemed to have failed.

    "How can he be this fast?!" He exclaimed frantically within his heart and launched another teleport

    While looking at his back-to-back series of teleportation, Luo Yuan discovered a very weird occurrence, where he would conjure an illusion on his brows, each time he teleported. Could it be possible that teleportation was related to a four-dimensional realm as well? Could it be that he was entering the four-dimension space temporarily, when he disappeared from the original space, only to return not long after?

    As he coincidentally possessed a four-dimensional vision, Luo Yuan discovered that he had more abilities related to higher dimensions of space. Therefore, Luo Yuan doubted that the creatures were evolving towards four-dimensional ones.

    He allowed the idea to just flash by, and then quickly adjourned to the location where the crazy Mr. Wang had reappeared. Little did he know that the latter had actually shown some signs during teleportation. When he was about to reappear, the air within the vicinity would suddenly be vacuumed and the location where he disappeared would be filled with air.

    Both the air and the Mr. Wang were having a cross-dimensional space exchange, which happened as fast as lightning and occurred almost simultaneously. Therefore, such a feat would not be able to be witnessed by the naked eye. It was only possible if it were to be 7.5 times slower.

    The whole disappearing and reappearing process took only 0.1 seconds. Nevertheless, Luo Yuan could estimate the location of his reappearance by looking at the air flow direction and the changes in light refraction.

    Even though he kept teleporting to various unpredictable locations, what was strange was that the distance between the two spots was not getting any further; they were, in fact, getting nearer instead.

    "Please stop, brother, I surrender!" After a minute, Luo Yuan finally caught the crazy Mr. Wang’s hair. Before he could beat him up, his victim had raised his hands and shouted with an ingratiating smile.

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