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Chapter 320: Sinkhole

    Chapter 320: Sinkhole

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    "Do you need any weapons?" Li Dong asked Luo Yuan.

    "I don’t need any!" Luo Yuan landed on the ground and swung the sabre in his hand to indicate that he already has the most powerful weapon around. "The only thing I need is to find the right location."

    The destination was 400 kilometers away and there were no obvious signs anywhere of how to get there. Without directions, it was impossible to find it. Everybody was stunned as they did not know how to respond to that. Although they were all evolved humans, their powers merely served them during battles. They were basically upgraded super soldiers.

    Furthermore, most of them did not possess the same terrifying lethality as Luo Yuan. Their powers could barely inflict damage on mutated beasts classified as super creatures. To be fair, if Luo Yuan did not have the ability to synthesize high-level weapons or gather his will, he was hardly any different compared to them.

    "Master, you can use mine." Fang Peibin unstrapped the watch around his wrist.

    There were no buttons on the watch as it was a touch screen! Fang Peibin carefully explained to Luo Yuan how to use his high-tech gadget. The watch could receive messages and locations from your close friends as well as isolate electromagnetic pulse.

    Such gadgets were very common even before the apocalypse and almost every kid would own one. The difference between those owned by kids and Fang Peibin’s was the ability to shield electromagnetic pulses which made it slightly heavier.

    Luo Yuan accepted the watch and wore it on his wrist. As time was running out, he did not want to delay any longer and walked hastily to the elevator. The rest followed.

    "If I don’t make it back by evening, please go to the hostel and inform Huang Jiahui or Zhao Yali so that they won’t worry about me." Luo Yuan said to Fang Peibin before he left.

    "Don’t worry, master. It won’t take that long. We have a helicopter which will be here soon." Fang Peibin guaranteed him while wondering if the two women that Luo Yuan mentioned were his wives.

    Luo Yuan looked at Fang Peibin, nodded, and then looked at everybody else. Next, he positioned his feet and stomped on the ground which rocketed his body forward like an arrow. Within seconds, he was already a few hundred meters away. When he landed, he stomped hard again and could no longer be seen by the rest.

    Luo Yuan was basically just gliding through the air. With the help of his powerful stomps and levitation using his Will, he could maintain levitated in the air for a long time. Such a technique allowed him to conserve his physical strength and made him many times faster. It also minimized the usage of the power of his Will as the main factor that was affecting his speed was air pressure.

    With the aid of his stomps every time he landed on the ground, his speed did not slow down at all. In fact, every time he stomped, a little more speed was added. Within a few jumps, he was traveling at more than 100 meters per second! The scenery around him was going by so quickly that his vision on both sides looked like one blurry long line. However, the sacrifice for such a technique was the lowering of Luo Yuan’s Agility. This made it only suitable for traveling long distances and not for battling. When he is in the air, he loses his Agility completely. This would be deadly when facing an attack by mutated beasts’.

    "What do you guys think that power was?" Li Dong was curious after seeing Luo Yuan travel so quickly before disappearing. He also felt relieved now as just standing near to Luo Yuan gave him immense pressure.

    "I don’t think that power is related to the wind as there wasn't any wind around him when he was flying. It seemed more like a magnetic power. It should be in the file. Too bad Minister Ren took it back." Xie Junhui gave his quick analysis on what they had just witnessed.

    "What’s the point of guessing? Let me just ask my master when he’s back." Fang Peibin said proudly.

    "Lao Fang, are you really his apprentice now?" Xu Qianshen could not help but ask. They were on the same team so he could not understand why Fang Peibin would say such things as it meant he offered himself to Luo Yuan.

    "I’m a man of my words. I have already kowtowed to him, why would you still think I’m lying? If you mention this again, don’t blame me if I flip out at you." Fang Peibin stared at him and said resentfully.

    "Alright, alright. He’s just asking." Li Dong tried to break the awkward situation.

    Xu Qianshen had a very calm personality so he just offered a smile to Fang Peibin’s remark as it did not bother him at all.

    "You guys are amateurs that’s why you don’t know. My master’s power is at the level of a grandmaster. I have never seen anyone who has such astonishing saber skills. Even legendary mythical characters would not even be on par with him right now. It's possible that he's even reached the level of a God!" Fang Peibin exclaimed.

    "What kind of level are you talking about?" Xie Junhui wanted to know more.

    "Um, I’ve never had such powers before so how would I know? It probably feels like you're stepping into a mysterious kingdom with unpredictable powers." Fang Peibin said while feeling slightly embarrassed for bragging.

    "Unpredictable powers? We have that too! That means we are on the same level!" Xie Junhui bickered on purpose.

    "It’s impossible to explain this to people like you." Fang Peibin said with disdain. "We are all very lucky. My master is the real strong one. Haven’t you wondered why my master has always been a lone ranger in missions?" Everyone was stunned and slipped into deep thoughts.


    To save time, Luo Yuan would leap over buildings so that he could stay on the quickest route. As his speed was too fast, there were no other noticeable movements along the journey aside from a few workers who saw a flash which disappeared so soon, they thought they were seeing things.

    Within five minutes, he had left the city and entered the wilderness. The scenery on both sides of his vision was flying by. Luo Yuan was as fast as an F1 race car going full speed. After passing plenty of electromagnetic towers on the barren land, he was soon in an area engulfed by lush plants.

    50 minutes later, Luo Yuan checked his coordinates and finally stopped. There was a sinkhole nearby and the coordinates he was looking for were right there. While gliding through the air, he was already observing the situation. The sinkhole was massive!

    Luo Yuan walked over to the sinkhole to have a closer look. He scraped some moss off the wall and noticed that this was not a sign of weathering the passage of time. Apparently, it was formed from the recent earthquake. The sinkhole was practically a bottomless abyss when viewed from atop. A cold and damp gust of wind would blow out of it on occasion and it made it feel like one was standing at the gates of hell.

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