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Chapter 325: Peculiar Evolved Ability

    Chapter 325: Peculiar Evolved Ability

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    "Wake up! Wake up!" Luo Yuan patted her cheeks softly while saying loudly.

    Wu Qianru had no response, her face was pale. He checked on her breathing but it was barely there. Her skin was as cold as a dead body, she was dying.

    He did not hesitate and used his Will to heal her immediately. His palms which were placed on her back lit up dimly. As if she was given an intracardiac injection, there was color on her face again. However, there was no sign of relief on Luo Yuan’s face.

    Her condition was terrible. With what little remaining Sense he had, major parts of her body had been destroyed. The lower body region was totally destroyed as the mercury lake affected her body up to her chest. It had been eight hours since the incident happened. It was a miracle that she was still alive.

    As she was slowly recovering, Luo Yuan quickly used his Zhanmadao to remove the metal that had just been solidified in her body. Although Luo Yuan had sensed it earlier, it was still painful to watch.

    It was as if she was being sawed in half, her wounds were gray in color and there was no blood coming out of them. Numerous metal granules that were attached on her wounds, giving Luo Yuan goosebumps.

    There was nothing Luo Yuan could do to such horrifying injuries. The only thing he could do was to apply his Will onto the wounds while he hoped for a miracle. It was not just a life as it would also be the deciding factor on whether the mission was successful or not.

    A few minutes later, Wu Qianru opened her eyes slowly. Perhaps she had lost a large amount of blood so her eyes looked dead and dry. She looked like a corpse. Turning to look at Luo Yuan, Wu Qianru was feeling emotional as she was trying to speak.

    "Easy there, slow down." Luo Yuan said to her immediately. Under such conditions, she should not get excited any further.

    Wu Qianru nodded as she struggled but she still managed to force a smile. However, her expression was stiff as she tried to lift the corner of her mouth slightly.

    Finally, she managed to speak,"You finallycame back."

    "Sorry that I was late." Luo Yuan was sad,"Do you have any last words, or family

    members who need to be taken care of?"

    Wu Qianru shook her head softly and said in difficulties,"Can you… carry me outside?"

    Luo Yuan nodded and said softly,"Of course I can."

    She was dying, it was her last wish. Luo Yuan had to accomplish it no matter what happened. He did not hesitate at all, he lifted Wu Qianru who lost her lower body and most of the blood in her body. She was so light that it felt like nothing but she seemed to be losing it, her eyelids were closing. Luo Yuan transferred more Will into her the moment he noticed.

    "Hold on, don’t fall asleep." He said while she fell into a daze. Once her eyes closed, that would mean that she was passing. Perhaps her life was coming to an end as Wu Qianru began to lose contact to the outside world. Even the healing had no effect on her any further as her eyelids seemed to get heavier and seemed like they were going to be closed soon.

    Then, Luo Yuan used his fingernails on the right hand and scratched at his wrist in lightning speed. A bloodstain appeared and he placed his wrist near her mouth immediately. Thick, bright blood flowed into her mouth like water. Luo Yuan’s life force was no different than that of a light-green level creature. His flesh was filled with life and within minutes, there was color on her face again.

    Seeing that his method was working, Luo Yuan was relieved. However, he was very clear that it was just delaying her inevitable death and it would not last much longer. Half a minute later, he was feeling weak so he stopped feeding her his blood. The blood on his wound stopped flowing and soon, the wound was automatically healed. Besides a little blood, there seemed to be no scar at all.

    "Wake up, we will be out very soon," Luo Yuan said as he patted her cheeks. Wu Qianru did not say anything, she was just staring at him. It seemed like she had a lot of emotions that she was not able to express.


    The difference between carrying a person and being a lone ranger was like heaven and hell. Especially when he had 60 kilograms more on him, he could not fly using his Will anymore. He could only walk step by step on the steep on the wet cliff which was challenging. Many times, he almost fell off the cliff.

    Despite all that, his speed was stunning. He was like an agile ape leaping on the wall. His speed was a few times faster than an ordinary person with the limit of 100 meters. Within a few minutes, he made it to the entrance of the cliff that was thousands of meters high.

    With the help of his Will, he leaped lightly and landed slowly on the ground.

    "We’re outside now." Luo Yuan said solemnly. It was night time where the moon was bright and insects were buzzing.

    Suddenly, from her idle state, Wu Qianru struggled and said weakly,"Put me… on the bushes.

    Luo Yuan could not decline her request. He exuded his aura to chase away the insects around and placed her softly on the bushes.

    Although the place belonged to the reconstruction area, during the apocalypse, plants were the most stubborn organisms. They were everywhere, lush, green and lively. Luo Yuan took a quick look at the mission panel as well as through his four-dimensional vision. His head ached as he forced out a smile. The mission had him suffer big time. Not only was the mission incomplete, the deepening of his four-dimensional vision changed from 1% to 2%. Fortunately, the plasma headband was still functioning though he may have to reply on the band forever.

    At this point, regrets were of no use. He sighed and looked at Wu Qianru. Luo Yuan was stunned.

    Unsure of when it happened, Wu Qianru’s body was red, it was as if she was on fire. Her condition seemed strange as she looked exuberant. Her dry eyes were now watery and her skin was soft and shiny.

    On the contrary, the plants of the surrounding were turning yellowish and withered from their initial, lush green. The withering did not stop.

    Luo Yuan took few steps back, he was shocked,"I didn’t know there’s an ability where one could absorb and convert the lives of plants!"

    Time was passing by, the withering effects she seemed to have on the plants spread more than 10 meters away. The metal granules attached on Wu Qianru’s wound was slowly falling off as her wounds began to slowly show color.

    It was just the beginning as something even more shocking happened.

    Her wounds were healing at a tremendous speed. Countless pieces of flesh came together and formed pieces of new flesh. Even her bones were growing, though it was much slower than the growth of her flesh.

    Unfortunately, that did not last too long. The healing slowed down and eventually stopped.

    "I need to feed, a massive amount of food." Wu Qianru said with a shaky voice. Her forehead was filled with sweat as it seemed that such healing effects were not enjoyable. The pain would be unbearable to ordinary people.

    "Okay, give me a minute." Luo Yuan said as he snapped out of staring at her blankly.

    Being able to heal herself did not appear out of thin air especially since her lower body was already gone. It consumed a tremendous amount of substance and energy. It was insufficient to rely on the amount of nutrients she had in her body at that time.

    Luo Yuan was quick as within minutes, he brought two low-level mutated beasts back with their necks snapped.

    Looking at Luo Yuan, Wu Qianru blushed as she felt uncomfortable. She said, "Could you turn around?"

    Luo Yuan nodded and turned around. Apparently, it was shameful for a lady to chomp down on a beast in front of somebody.


    The night was getting dark but the helicopter had yet to arrive. The message on the watch showed that Fang Peibin and the rest were still arranging. With the vibrations of the Zhanmadao, fire burned and sparks flew with a cracking sound. A low-level mutated beast was baked to a crisp golden brown and its fats dripped onto the flame.

    Wu Qianru was sitting in the bushes and she seemed shy. A dress made of leaves were tied on her waist but it did not cover everything on her body. Her round and plump buttocks, fair and long legs as well as her looming private part were seductive. The situation was awkward, Luo Yuan was uncomfortable.

    Before this, he did not think that Wu Qianru was beautiful. After all, who would look pretty if she had lost blood and her skin was dull. Moreover, she was dying and there was no beauty in it. However, the fully recovered Wu Qianru was delicate and glowing. With her messy outfit and revealing body, it was hard to resist. She looked young, perhaps she was only 18. But as a super evolved person, one’s appearance was often deceiving where one often seemed much older or younger than one looked.

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