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Chapter 326: Returning

    Chapter 326: Returning

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    "Current Mission: Grade D+ mission: Rescue Wu Qianru.

    Wu Qianru has fallen.

    "Mission status: Completed; Evaluation: Perfect."

    "Character: Luo Yuan"

    "Completion: 100%"

    "Basic experience reward + 19200*100%!"

    "Evaluation: Perfect - Experience value + 19200*100%!"

    "Experience: 82320/153600!"

    A message from the system popped up in his mind. Luo Yuan took a glanced and broke the silence, "I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Luo Yuan, your new colleague."

    "Hi Brother Luo, my name is Wu Qianru. Everybody calls me Qianqian." Before Wu Qianru started talking, she was blushing. She said shyly while running fingers through her hair. The condition she was currently in was slightly embarrassing. She was ashamed of her naked body.

    Luo Yuan did not look at her while he was engrossed in preparing the food for her.

    "Now we know each other. Oh, would you like more food?" Wu Qianru’s cheeks flushed a shade of red. She shook her head immediately and said with embarrassment, "You go ahead and eat, I’m alright!"

    If there was a hole on the ground, she would totally get into it. She was worried that Luo Yuan might misunderstand her, so she explained her actions, "Actually… I don’t usually eat much."

    "There’s no need to be formal with me. You should eat more since you've just recovered and are still weak. We have a long journey ahead of us." Luo Yuan said.

    "Oh!" Wu Qianru bowed down her head and said obediently. She was actually hungry as the food she ate earlier had been completely digested to make up for the loss of nutrients when she healed herself. Moreover, as there was insufficient food, the newly grown limbs were soft and strengthless. It was not comparable to the strength that she used to have.

    Luo Yuan tore off a thigh of the mutated beast that was baked to a golden brown and gave it to her.

    Wu Qianru ate it politely while stealing looks at Luo Yuan. He was tall and from the look of it, he was at least 183 centimeters. His skin was fair and smooth like that of a baby. Under those straight and thick eyebrows were a pair of beautiful eyes. He was gentle when he smiled, giving out a comfortable vibe but when he was serious, there was an intense power that brought fear to people who stood against him.

    "If he was to come at me, I guess I wouldn't dare push him away." Wu Qianru had a random thought before she got disgusted by herself as her face flushed red, "What’s wrong with me today? Have I been possessed?"

    "How long have you been with the sword unit?" Luo Yuan asked.

    "Around three months!" Luo Yuan’s question interrupted her internal embarrassment. Wu Qianru added immediately,"I was the reserve member of the Headquarters in New Capital City."

    Luo Yuan was slightly surprised, "You joined the department that early?"

    "I was the second batch of the reserve member in the department!" Seeing Luo Yuan surprise, Wu Qianru could not help herself but be proud of herself. She then sighed and said, "Unfortunately I wasn't improving and couldn’t get into the headquarters, so I was sent here."

    Realizing that what she said could be offensive, she added, "Please don’t take it the wrong way, I… I don’t mean that the team in Hope City was bad. Our captain was actually really strong, and then of course, there’s you."

    "You don’t have to explain, I’m not that petty!" Luo Yuan thought that she was funny. He looked at Wu Qianru, he lowered down his estimate of her actual age. She should be the same age with Wang Shishi.

    "From what you said, are there many strong ones in New Capital City?" Luo Yuan asked in curiosity.

    "Of course. It was the headquarter after all where they keep watch of the security. Especially the deputy minister, his ability had reached a level where it became bizarre. According to a captain who told us privately, the deputy minister is humanity's hope!" Wu Qianru talked about the deputy minister in admiration.

    "Then how about the minister?" Luo Yuan was surprised and proceeded to ask more.

    "The minister is not an evolved person, he was sent by the superiors." Wu Qianru said in a neutral tone that seemed to have no additional respect nor disdain.

    Now Luo Yuan understood what was happening. It was impossible that the strongest evolved person organization that owned the entire reconstruction area would allow an evolved person to take control. The supervision by the superior as well as his intervention were understandable.

    As they talked, Luo Yuan found out from Wu Qianru that there were not coming for the mutated monster that he battled, but for another mutated creature instead. It was just their luck that when they arrived here, the mutated beast was gone. They looked around and found this sinkhole; it was the vice-captain’s decision to explore the sinkhole.

    Being a harmless beauty and taking advantage of the fact that the girl was naturally afraid of the dark, it was the perfect chance to hit Wu Qianru up. Of course, all of it was made up by Luo Yuan.

    From what Wu Qianru described, the vice-captain’s ability was similar to Luo Yuan. The both of them belonged to the earth based evolved humans where they excelled in ground battles. The vice-captain even had the ability to escape underground; an ability that existed only in myths but it was even better, he could bring a person with him.

    Such evolved people had strong survivability. No matter what happened, he could defeat a common creature without breaking a sweat but unfortunately, when he and Wu Qianru had just met, he was attacked by one of the mutated monster’s clone. Its flowing body and adhesive properties, as well as its immunity to both physical and energy based attacks, made no way for the vice-captain to run despite his strength.

    Although Wu Qianru tried to save him, it was futile. While her ability was plant-related, there was nothing that she could do as she was stuck underground where there were no signs of life. As more and more clones surrounded her, she was captured too.

    The sound of helicopter blades approaching from far away was getting louder and louder. Wu Qianru was relieved but at the same time, she felt lost. She was not sure what she was feeling.

    The helicopter landed slowly, but the bushes were still blown into chaos. Before it even landed, a person leaped down from it.

    "Master, sorry that I’m late." Fang Peibin said embarrassedly, "The military has been shifting the helicopters. We have been talking to them for half a day but they were not willing to lend it to us. We borrowed this one from the municipal government."

    Fang Peibin looked a little beaten up from the experience. Although the Firearms Bureau was a big deal and the municipal government dared not decline them, they were nothing compared to the military. Luo Yuan asked, "Is there anything happening in the military area?"

    "Just some duties. It's pretty common over there." Fang Peibin said in disagreement.

    Looking at Luo Yuan and Fang Peibin, Wu Qianru was stunned. What was happening? Brother Luo had just joined the team, how could he be Fang Peibin’s master?

    She was surprised to see the rebellious Fang Peibin being so respectful.

    "Oh, by the way, Master, where is the vice-captain?" Fang Peibin noticed that only Luo Yuan and Wu Qianru was there but not the vice-captain, he knew something was wrong.

    Luo Yuan shook his head, "When I arrived, he was dead."

    Fang Peibin was shocked. He kept quiet for awhile and said, "How can he just leave like that, what about the money that he owes me?"


    Before they left, Luo Yuan picked up some of the metal granules that were detached from Wu Qianru’s wounds and put them in his pocket.

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