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Chapter 327: Wait No More

    Chapter 327: Wait No More

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The journey took more than an hour. It was 9 p.m., the helicopter landed on a helipad at the Firearm Bureau's courtyard. Many people were there; basically, all the members of the department were there. Even the crazy Mr. Wang came, but he was avoiding eye contact with Luo Yuan, apparently afraid since the last fight he had with Luo Yuan.

    "Luckily Brother Luo went for the mission! are you okay Qianqian?" Li Dong asked Wu Qianru while smiling.

    "It was Brother Luo who saved me." Wu Qianru said while blushing, she had Luo Yuan’s sweater tied around her waist.

    A few of them came forward to talk to Wu Qianru, they scared her to the extent that she hid behind Luo Yuan. Only then they stopped.

    "Eh, Lao Fang, where is our vice-captain?" Finally, someone noticed that the vice-captain did not make it back.

    "He’s dead." Fang Peibin said while sighing, "Li Dong, remember to inform the staff and his family members, there’ll be a wake for him!"

    Everybody was quiet at looked at each other.

    Li Dong was panicked. He looked at the rest and said,"Why me? The captain isn’t here, how can I go beyond his authority. Let’s wait for the captain to come back. As for the family members, maybe we can delay it a little?"

    "You guys can decide, I don’t bother with all these formalities anyway." Fang Peibin said.

    Luo Yuan was watching from aside. It seemed like this vice-captain that he had never met was not that close with anybody here. Apart from the shock they had from his death, there was no sadness around. It felt like a stranger's death.

    Li Dong looked at Luo Yuan with more respect than he did with Fang Peibin," Brother… Luo, what happened there, how did it end up like this?"

    "About that, you should ask Qianqian. It’s late, I’ll make a move first!" Luo Yuan refused to talk as he looked at his watch because explaining the whole situation would take a long time. That aside, he was not sure what time he could finally get some rest when he got home. As Luo Yuan was leaving, he recalled something. He took out a metal granule that was a size of a thumb and tossed it to Li Dong, "Oh, please help me look for a professional to run tests on this, it could be useful."

    Such material was by far the highest level material that he had ever encountered. Unfortunately, it was useless to him as the texture was soft and could not be added onto his Zhanmadao. Besides that, it was also too heavy to be added onto clothes.

    However, that did not mean that there was no use for such material. As it was evaluated as a dark-green level material by the system, its features would definitely exceed the limits of all common metal materials. Its ability to absorb energy and ability to maintain room temperature under severe levels of heat had already beaten all other metal. Instead of being just a soft metal, its texture was elastic with a shocking amount of tenacity. Besides, it had other characteristics of organic materials and it could only be cut using a green level Zhanmadao with the help of Will.

    Moreover, its density was between that of iron and aluminum, but was much lighter than iron. Using it on tank armor alone would give a several-fold increase in acceleration as well as better defense. Of course, such things would never happen. Most importantly, there was sufficient amount of such metals as there were ten of millions of these granules in the sinkhole. In a day where the speed of industrial progress depended on materials, as soon as this metal was exploited, it had the power to change the world.

    Li Dong took over the metal and laugh, "Don’t worry about it, I'll look for some metallurgical related corporation to look at it tomorrow."

    Luo Yuan was not concerned whether Li Dong and the rest would value the material. As soon as they got to know from Wu Qianru, they would definitely understand how valuable it was.

    "You guys go ahead, I’m making a move," Luo Yuan said.

    "Master, let me drop you back!" Fang Peibin said immediately.

    Luo Yuan waved and leaped more than a hundred meters away. After a few leaps, he disappeared.

    Looking at Luo Yuan’s departure, Wu Qianru’s eyes were watery.


    Into the night, Luo Yuan was rolling on his bed as he had trouble falling asleep. He recalled the time when he was using mind control and no matter how hard he tried, there were no memories he could recall from that time. From what he remembered, he tried to recall the difference between the first and second time he use mind control. He realized that one of the differences was that his mind went blank as well on the first time but only for a short period of time. However, during the second time, although he could not tell how long it was exactly, it felt like a long time went by. When he woke up, he was light-headed and his mind was empty.

    He was a little concerned. Ever since he attained his four-dimensional vision, things were slowly getting out of control. The ‘third eye’ between his eyebrows could not reverse his transformation to be able to peer through the four-dimensional veil. He would not mind if it did not affect his body but unfortunately, having four-dimensional vision was akin to poison for three-dimensional creatures. It was an unbearable burden.

    This time, he only used it once and the depth of his four-dimensional vision went from 1% to 2%. Although it looked like it was nothing, but it was multiplying. He was lucky that the plasma headband still shielded him at 2%, but he was not sure that it would in the future. If he had to wait until his abilities could no longer be shielded, death would be certain.

    Of course, he could try not to use the power. But being in the savage apocalypse, not everything was smooth sailing. When there was nothing else that worked, he had to use it to escape from danger despite the consequences.

    As he thought, Luo Yuan’s expression was serious and it was as if a giant rock pressing against his heart.

    "What’s wrong?" Huang Jiahui who was sleeping next to him asked.

    "Nothing, just thinking about the past." Luo Yuan tried to hide his thoughts. It was better to not tell anyone about it so they would not be worried.

    "Don’t think about the past anymore, at least you still have me… I mean us." Huang Jiahui showed her maternal instinct and hugged Luo Yuan.

    Luo Yuan patted her smooth back, but soon he was getting naughty. His slipped his hand downwards to her plump buttocks and squeezed it hard. He laughed and said, "I’m not as weak as you think, the girls should be sleeping I guess."

    With just a few touches, Huang Jiahui had started blushing. Her red lips slightly opened while she was being obedient and without noticing it, she was already wet. Ever since they moved into the refuge in Desert City, they have not been having sex for more than a month. It felt like she was left in a barren desert for a long time. She quivered, "It’s late, they must be sleeping already."

    Luo Yuan looked at the time, it was only 10 o’clock and said, "It’s still a little early, let’s wait for awhile. I noticed that the soundproofing here isn’t…!"

    Before Luo Yuan could even finish talking, Huang Jiahui turned around and pressed Luo Yuan under her body. She leaned towards him and kissed him with her red, wet lips.

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