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Chapter 329: Pair Training

    Chapter 329: Pair Training

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    After using his evolved ability, the Fang Peibin's speed became a few times faster. His strong and ferocious body seemed to have unlimited energy, making him similar to a rampaging tank. Each step he took produced a rumbling sound like that of an exploding dynamite.

    Nonetheless, it was nothing to Luo Yuan because his speed was much slower than his, let alone his speed when it was supported by Will.

    Before he could reach Luo Yuan, he was already punching continuously and rapidly like heavy artillery that screamed through the air, creating a sonic boom. An ordinary man would get severe muscle injuries and have their bones crushed if they were to even get brushed by the wind, let alone get punched in the face. Such strong punches, even Luo Yuan was slightly afraid.

    The strong wind pulled his hair and the wind coming from the punches were like knives, cutting his face. Though the speed at which he ran was slow to Luo Yuan, his sudden explosive attack speed was sufficient to be a threat to him.

    Facing such a ferocious attack, he focused as his head slightly leaned backward while his right leg drew an arc, his waist bent like a bow.

    Then, Luo Yuan’s right hand turned into the shape of a claw before it quickly entered the strong wind and held the opponent’s arm. Nonetheless, as soon as he touched him, Fang Peibin's hand shook violently, as if Luo Yuan's body had a strange repulsive force that made him unreachable.

    Judging the opponent’s force precisely was an essential part of Tai Chi. Regardless of his technique or ability to transform oncoming force, it would all be in futility if he could not touch his opponent.

    Nonetheless, Luo Yuan stayed very calm and moved quickly to avoid the punches from his opponent. Simultaneously, he struck his opponent's armpit the best he could. The air instantly exploded and his punch that weighed several tons broke through the opponent’s amazing amount of force. However, the full swing strike was not strong enough as his punch only managed to hit his body.

    He then quickly approached his opponent without giving him any chance to rest. He stomped the ground, exerted his strength and struck his opponent's waist and rib with his fists that were as fast as lightning. Then, with the energy that he drew from his feet to his waist, he launched himself into the air to make a 180-degree turn before his left toe kicked right his opponent's temple. All these happened quickly, it was like a flash of lightning.

    His leg was a few times stronger than his arm. His last kick weighed at least 10 to 20 tons

    Such a frightening display of strength had caused a strong wind that exploded on Fang Peibin’s body. Nonetheless, he seemed to have an unbelievable amount of fighting instinct as he seemed to have felt the danger and blocked the kick quickly with his right hand at the critical moment!

    "Bang!" The air exploded with a strong wave of air.

    Then, Luo Yuan jumped away because of the strong anti-shock wave.

    At the same time, Fang Peibin also stepped a few steps backward. Nonetheless, when compared, Luo Yuan retreated more swiftly, like a floating immortal while Fang Peibin was like a ferocious giant beast. Each step he took backward was accompanied by numerous cracks on the ground of the training area.

    Luckily it was the last floor or the training place would have collapsed.

    Stimulated by the danger, Fang Peibin growled at Luo Yuan in an extremely angry manner. His red eyes became fiery red and his body muscles further expanded. Since he used his ability, he seemed to have lost his ability to speak, his character became what was like an extraordinary maniac and he had apparently lost almost all senses.

    When Luo Yuan saw Fang Peibin coming over at such a frantic speed, he felt an ache on the tip of his toe and thought, "What the f*ck is this? Is he a mutated beast or is he a human being?" The strength Fang Peibin had was at least 17 points, two points higher than Luo Yuan. If he took into account the limitations Fang Peibin had when unleashing his energy, it would already be 18 points.

    If it was a mutated beast, Luo Yuan would have solved the problem quickly with his Zhanmadao. After all, if compared to the power of his physical body, he was much better in utilizing technique and speed, along with his sharp Zhanmadao. Therefore, it would be easy for him to kill any extraordinarily strong creature, both in power and defense. It was as easy as hacking away at wood.

    Nonetheless, it would be difficult if he had to kill a light green creature with only his physical body. Fang Peibin, who was in front of him had a combination of various attributes, which made him as strong as a light green creature.

    Luo Yuan smiled bitterly and they started attacking each other at the very next moment. The strong force they exerted caused a strong wind to blow at the training area. From time to time, loud noises could be heard and a lot of pebbles would shoot at all direction like bullets.

    The fight was almost one-sided because although Fang Peibin was strong, his Agility was not as high Luo Yuan. He was hit continuously by Luo Yuan and kept retreating. There were about ten punches every second and was like a flurry of wind showered him with punches. Luo Yuan's punches had been too much for him to handle and he could only be on the receiving end of all the punches. Each time he wanted to throw a punch, Luo Yuan's heavy punches prevented him from doing so; when he wanted to defend himself, Luo Yuan changed the direction of his attack. He had absolutely no chance in defending himself against Luo Yuan.

    His battle suit was also torn to pieces, fluttering in the wind caused by the punches.

    The punches hit his body directly and such a great battle excited Luo Yuan gradually. After all, it has been awhile since he has had a good target that he could freely attack. In his previous fights, he was always trying to avoid the enemy's main attack and strike its weak points so the mutated beasts could be killed in a single strike. Also, it was because the mutated beasts were usually larger in size and had immense power. If he attempted what he did with Fang Peibin with a mutated beast, it would be far beyond his ability.

    This strategy had also cultivated Luo Yuan’s fighting style, which was more like an assassin. He wanted a fight where he was able to punch the enemy directly but he could not afford to. He did nt expect to meet such a person that he could train with. Such an opponent also allowed him to throw punches until his blood was stirred, satisfying him.

    Nonetheless, Luo Yuan was surprised with the ability of Fang Peibin. Each punch Luo Yuan threw weighed about a few tons, would definitely turn a regular person into ground meat, even an evolved person would not be able to take such a hit. Besides, the number of punches that landed on his body within a span of ten seconds was in the hundreds. All of that and he was not even injured due to the force his body exuded, which became stronger as the fighting raged on.

    What was more surprising was that this mysterious force would regenerate after each time it was broken. Such a defensive system was inconceivable indeed!

    After about ten minutes, both of them had started gasping for air. Because of the intense fight, both of them had almost used up their energy. After they sprinted for less than 100 meters, both Luo Yuan and Fang Peibin was surrounded by water vapor and gasped for air.

    Luo Yuan decided to end the fight. By using his Will, his body was glowing with waves that seemed like waves. It could be seen clearly even it was under a light. His Will of 17 points caused the radiance from his body to flow like liquid. Then, a dimly radiant fist broke through Fang Peibin's defense. The glow appeared weak for a moment before it grew larger, imprinting itself on his opponent's chest.

    Immediately, the body of Fang Peibin trembled and he was in a daze as if he was paralyzed and was no longer able to move.

    Soon, his mutated body disappeared as he seemed to have gotten thinner. He then slumped on the floor weakly.

    After about ten seconds, Fang Peibin woke up rather weakly and staggered as he felt a severe headache as if his spirit had been shaken by Luo Yuan's attacks. He looked at Luo Yuan who was sitting with his cross-legged nearby and he was in awe.

    After he used his abilities, he could barely control his emotion and was not able to speak. He was filled with an inexplicable violent rage but still had his memory. The last strike had caused his mind to go blank and he thought that he died.

    Fang Peibin was convinced wholeheartedly and lost his last flicker of pride. As he saw Luo Yuan opened his eyes, he let out a sigh and stood up, shouting "Master!"

    "Sit!" Luo Yuan said.

    "Yes, Master!"

    Luo Yuan glanced at him and said, "Don't restrict yourself. I once told you that your abilities have turned into a habit. However, If you want to change the way you practice your abilities, it would be very difficult and you must start from the very beginning. Nevertheless, these are just techniques and improper use can be corrected, provided you train hard."

    As a saying goes, it is easier to practice one’s skill than to cultivate one’s mind. To practice your skill is to control your body but to cultivate your mind, is to control your own emotion. For an ordinary person, he can do it slowly by practicing his skill before he cultivates his mind. But you are different, I found out that your evolved ability is problematic.

    Do you have difficulty in controlling your ability?"

    Fang Peibin replied quickly, "Yes. For unknown reasons, as soon as I use the ability, I’ll be filled with a violent rage and my heart fills up with the desire to destroy. Unless I’m tired, it’d be difficult for me to withdraw from my power. Therefore, unless it’s a very dangerous situation, I’ll definitely not use it unless that I knew that Master was strong.

    "Then what about when you're not using the ability? Does it affect you?" Luo Yuan asked while looking into Fang Peibin’s eyes. He acutely observed that his pupils seemed to be still radiate a glimmer of red light.

    Facing the sharp eyesight of Luo Yuan, Fang Peibin subconsciously lowered his head and replied frankly, "It still affects me but I can still manage to control it. After using the ability, I’ll feel tempted but I'll be alright after some time has passed."

    Luo Yuan knitted his brows tightly and pondered, other than a mutated person, it was the first time he found out that an ability could affect one’s characters. After a thought, he said, "For the time being, it isn’t a big issue to you, yet. Nonetheless, if it is left unresolved, it would still spell trouble. Have you tried meditation before?"

    "I used to learn the meditation practicing yoga’s while I practiced martial arts. I also learned some other forms of meditation as well, but it seemed to be useless," Fang Peibin said frankly.

    "Is it really useless?" Luo Yuan grumbled.

    At the next moment, Fang Peibin found himself staring at a strong aura that Luo Yuan’s body was emitting and the force field had suspended the surrounding pebbles in mid air and made the air around him denser, which prevented him from breathing. He tried his best to retreat but his body was rooted to the ground while his inner heart was filled with endless disappointment and fear.

    He looked with staring eyes as Luo Yuan pointed his snow-white finger which then emitted a radiance and shot out a thin ray of light of about a meter long. Though he was about three to four meters away, he could feel pins on his skin. Then, Luo Yuan was seen striking on the rock that made up the training area and a thin crack four to five meters wide formed immediately.

    As Luo Yuan’s Will had reached 17 points, the glow of his Will had reached a stage where it could be used to fight even without Zhanmadao. Within a short period of time, the level of Luo Yuan's battle effectiveness would not be affected. The drawback was that it consumed much of his Will and was less efficient than using Zhanmadao.

    While Fang Peibin was in a trance, the terrifying aura quickly disappeared as if it was a hallucination. If the pebbles had not fallen back on the ground and the thin crack that was visible in the middle of the rock, he would have thought that these were just hallucinations.

    He gasped for air, his face as pale as a white sheet of paper before he asked with a terrified voice, "Master, what…what’s this? Your super power?"

    "Super power? No, it’s what I want to teach you!"

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