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Chapter 331: Captain

    Chapter 331: Captain

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    After that, he patiently guided Fang Peibin with various techniques to use force and assigned him some homework which was to meditate every night. After Fang Peibin witnessed the power of Luo Yuan, he no longer dared to be frivolous anymore.

    Luo Yuan was not the like old school martial artists who would hold back when they taught martial arts. As long as someone was willing to learn, he would teach that person whole heartedly.

    After that he let Fang Peibin go somewhere farther to practice before he sat down in his original spot and immediately started meditating. As he meditated, his Will and body became one to replenish the minor bleeding and other injuries he sustained. After the intense bout of exercise, it was difficult to avoid vascular deposition. Many of his veins expanded until they broke down and started bleeding internally. Some of the muscle tissues had even ruptured. All these could not be seen by the naked eye but he could glance at it through with his abilities.

    These minor injuries seemed to be a small problem and would be able to heal by themselves. Even muscles could become sturdier and stronger but the price to pay was swollen blood vessels for bigger muscles. Although it was a small issue, if it were to accumulate, it would eventually become a big issue. This was the reason why most athletes did not have a long life to live.

    Under the effects of his Will, all his minor injuries healed quickly. The blood started to flow smoothly again. The muscles that had expanded due to intense exercise went back to its regular state and he felt his whole body was lighter than before.

    He opened his eyes and felt as if his body was in harmony and was easier to control. He suddenly had a thought. He raised up his hand and the Zhanmadao that had been put aside immediate flew towards his hand.

    Fang Peibin who was practicing somewhere not far away was stunned when he peeped and saw what had happened with Luo Yuan. When he sobered up, he could help but feel the excitement in his heart as he thought, "This is awesome! It's a trick used by sword experts, seems like I have followed the right master!"

    If he had not witnessed such abilities from Luo Yuan previously, he would have thought that this was one of the skills of an evolved human. Such a way of thinking was unusual but for a traditional martial artist such as himself, he felt that it was not out of the ordinary when Luo Yuan used a legendary ability such as this. From Fang Peibin's perspective, since he was an evolved human and was in touch with a different evolved human on a daily basis, he had seen it all. Of course, though he has seen evolved humans with similar skill and abilities, Luo Yuan's ability to summon his Zhanmadao with his Will was one that was told in myths, he was both impressed and shocked.

    Luo Yuan did not care about the fuss of Fang Peibin. He grabbed the Zhanmadao and when he turned the knife the blade slightly cut his arm. The Zhanmadao, as a green level weapon was extremely sharp and could easily cut through his tough skin, leaving a five to six centimeters gash. The blood slowly flowed out from the wound. He had no idea when was the last time he got hurt. This was the first time he has seen his blood flow in six months.

    The blood glowed lightly under the sunlight, the color was bright and it was so thick, it flowed much slower than the blood of regular people. After 10 seconds it finally dripped down from his arm. Luo Yuan had an idea after he saw it and the magic happened. The blood that was dripping slowlly was actually suspended in the air.

    There was the first drop, a second drop and a third drop… within a few moments, there were more than 10 drops of blood that floated in the air, surrounding Luo Yuan. Soon he smiled, and the blood suddenly flew back into the wound like time had just turned backward. When the blood returned to the wound, the wound slowly healed and closed. After a few second there were no longer any sign of injuries on his arm and he could barely feel the pain anymore.

    Luo Yuan was happy. He had been practicing his Will for so long before he finally saw results in his body. It seemed like his previous speculation was right. Since the Zhanmadao could be controlled like an extension of his arm, he could definitely control his own body. With his condition now, he could probably heal himself quickly even if his head had been cut off. He could even probably reconnect his head back to his body all by himself.

    If he continued to practice, he might be able to continue using the rest of his body to fight even if his head was missing. He was excited when he thought about it and disregarded the shocked Fang Peibin beside him. He even imagined that he might not die so easily even if he attempted suicide in the future. However, when he thought about the four-dimensional vision that felt like a mental disease for him, he felt worried. It seemed like he needed to find the Wisdom Fruit as soon as possible

    "Master, let’s go for lunch now." Fang Peibin said respectfully. He was never so respectful before. Nowadays, he had lost his confidence after he faced a series of failure and in his mind, Luo Yuan had become like an immortal god who lived on the mountain.

    "I did not realize that it is lunch time now. How's your practice?" Luo Yuan looked at his watch, it was already 12 p.m. There should be nobody on the fifteenth floor and only two the of them were left. Luo Yuan kept his Zhanmadao and dressed in preparation for lunch.

    "There are still some moves that I am still not used to. For example, I have forgotten how to utilize this stance." Fang Peibin quickly posed while he walked toward Luo Yuan.

    "Your stance is not wide enough, and your toes are too tensed. You have to be gentle and remember the point of using force. You have to be agile and strong at the same time so that when you exert your strength, you can utilize more of the muscle groups in your body." Luo Yuan used the scabbard to point toward Fang Peibin’s toes, calves, and waist to guide him through the steps.

    The next moment, Fang Peibin automatically moved forward by one step and it took him a distance of eight to nine meters forward. Fang Peibin was not surprised as he had seen something even more surprising before. He stood still and quickly recalled the steps. When he was done, he found that his master had walked far away. He immediately walked at a brisk pace to keep up and continued asking, "This action also seems to be a bit jerky."

    Luo Yuan stopped and guided him on using the right steps. Fang Peibin was indeed someone who was very interested in martial arts. People he taught before were in comparison, harder to be trained. Huang Jiahui and Zhao Yali were even worse. Since they left the wilderness, they just neglected their martial arts. It would great if they had trained more than once a week. Of course, Luo Yuan did not want to push them as long as everyone was in a good condition. As for Deng Chao and Zhong Chuqiang, they were better off because they were at least more serious in practicing their martial arts

    When they reached the restaurant especially assigned for the sword unit, it was already 12.30 p.m. Fortunately, the members of the sword unit had an uncertain lunch hours so the food in the restaurant was kept warm all the time.

    "All the chefs here are top master chefs. I heard that Chef Hu once cooked dinner for government officials before they said it was very good." Fang Peibin introduced to Luo Yuan.

    "Colonel Fang, is this gentleman a newcomer?" A middle-aged man who wore a white apron said as he stood behind the window.

    Although the sword unit was directly under the Central of Special Departments, they had a military title as well. The only difference was that they were not grouped together with the army. Besides this, the team had a higher rank than the ordinary members. The lowest rank was the colonel and as for the captain as well as vice-captain positions, they were considered to be a major general. Of course, all these were just titles in the system.

    "He is my master." Fang Peibin said, "Tell us what is good today, don’t hide the food and bring it back home."

    "Don't try to accuse me! If others hear of your accusations it would cause great trouble to me." Chef Hu had a fat face full of wrinkles and tried to exaggerate. It was a lucrative deal to be a chef here, as the ingredients were extremely rare and were of high class. Some of the ordinary people may never ever see the ingredients being here in their lifetime. Even if the chef was not corrupted, selling a few of the ingredients available here could earn them a big amount of money. In addition, it was comfortable to work here as there was no other place that was safer than the place where the sword unit stayed. All the team members were basically superheroes with powerful skills.

    "You are in luck today, the new Beijing has just sent a box of level six mutated beast powder. Other than this we have chalky bonefish and level five mutated beast organs, especially the visceral parts that requires two days of processing. With my latest research, cooking by frying it with devil mushroom makes it is very crispy and delicate. I assure you, you'll definitely go for seconds. As for vegetables, we have green jade vegetable stewed with bone broth together with some spicy, sour yet crispy nuts… We also have some fruit"

    In fact, it was not an easy career to be a chef after the apocalypse. Not only were the ingredients totally different, it was also hard to find spices needed to cook as well. In order to make a delicious meal, they had to put in a lot of effort to study and research.

    "Well, well I want one large portion for each dish. Master, do you want any liquor?" Fang Peibin interrupted and asked Luo Yuan.

    "No, I am fine." Luo Yuan waved his hand. Before the apocalypse, he was not a drinker and only drank when there were gatherings. After the apocalypse he had not had a drink for almost two years, so he just rejected the offer politely.

    They sat back in their seats and the dishes would be sent to them afterward by the crew.

    There were ten plates of exquisite dishes served, especially the big plates of fruits that were served at the very end. Even Luo Yuan who had already gotten used to eating high quality food felt that it was too luxurious. After the apocalypse, plants hardly spread their seeds. During half a year of wandering in the wilderness, he could only find two or three seeded plants, which meant that it was very precious. Although the redevelopment area was more developed, seeded plants should not be a common sight here as well.

    With what he had seen and heard these two days, it had a beautiful environment and the workplace was full of freedom. The crew were pretty and all the food served was very luxurious. It seemed like the redevelopment area had put a lot of effort in order to entice the super-evolved humans to work for them.

    Certainly, it was also because these super-evolved humans were too powerful. Apart from having them help the redevelopment area, the top management were also taking precautions to keep these people aligned. Regular evolved humans had limited power. Even if they tried to create chaos, the army could quickly suppress them and the damage would be minimized. However, if the super-evolved humans tried to create turmoil, it would be absolutely disastrous. Take Luo Yuan as an example, a siege by a regular army had no impact on him. As long as his brain was intact, no one would be able to arrest him even they were an organized team.

    After Luo Yuan took a few bites, he looked at the big plate of fruits and thought of sending it to Wang Shishi and the rest, so he said, "I don’t want to eat the fruits now. I want to bring it back home."

    "Do you want to give it to your wife? I'll ask Chef Hu to give you more when you pack the dish back home," said Fang Peibin.

    The person who practiced martial arts had a larger appetite. As for Luo Yuan, his appetite was even bigger. No matter how many dishes he was given, he could finish them all quickly. In just 10 minutes he had already finished all the dishes on the table. Before Luo Yuan even took the fruit platter, Fang Peibin had already carried the plate and ran to the window as he forced Chef Hu to refill at least half a plate and wrapped everything so he could bring it back.

    When they walked out from the restaurant there was a man and woman who walked towards the restaurant.

    "Eh?" Luo Yuan whispered in surprise.

    The man was nearly middle-aged with an old look. He looked like a regular public servant. What attracted Luo Yuan’s attention was the woman. When the woman walked into range of his senses, he seemed to "see" a light that was no different than that of a shining sun.

    "Captain is back!" Fang Peibin who stood next to him suddenly whispered.

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