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Chapter 335: Hypocritical

    Chapter 335: Hypocritical

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan went to the basement on level 15 to practice his saber skills for an hour. He also took some time to teach Fang Peibin. All the data was ready when he got back.

    After telling Sun Yuting to make him some tea, he began to read the information. There was a total of 12 GB of data which consisted of around 300 missions together with text and images. Most of the missions were C-Level and the level of difficulty was probably less than level five. These made up 90% of the total and the amount of completed missions were quite high.

    B-Level missions which were level six missions only made up were only about 20 to 30 missions from the total. One-forth of the missions were incomplete. On the other hand, there were not many A-Level missions, and most of them were also incomplete.

    Luo Yuan looked at the incomplete missions and tried to estimate the time it would take to complete them. He realized that if he were to complete them all, he would increase him level by two. This would be easier than relying on his luck to find a mission like he was used to.

    However, there were also some more important, urgent missions. He had to find the Wisdom Tree first. Although he was currently powerful enough to handle B-Level missions, an A-Level mission would be no easy feat by any means. He may actually not be able to make it back home.

    As long as he could find the Wisdom Tree, his power would be upgraded when his Physique and Intelligence reached the same level. By that time, he would have the confidence he needed to complete the mission.

    Luo Yuan took a sip of his tea and began to skim through the information. He finished his lunch fast and went back to his desk again. He made lots of remarks whenever he found something relevant. He discovered a few strange points in just a few hours.

    For example, a group of people had gotten attacked and they'd gone missing along with their weapons. Usually, if one was attacked by a mutated beast, their corpse might get eaten, but their weapons and bullets would still be there. No matter how desperate a mutated beast was, it would not eat the weapons. Luo Yuan speculated that the only way the weapons could have gone missing was if the group had bumped into a highly intelligent species.

    For example, there was a stone ax in some of the photos he had.

    There were many intelligent species near the rehabilitation base. However, it was not easy to trace their footprints, and Luo Yuan had no idea whether the management had any further information as they never shared any intel regarding this issue.

    Two parcels arrived in the afternoon around 3 p.m. Luo Yuan could not wait to open them. He switched off the computer and left the office after informing Chen Xinjie.

    This was one of the pros of working for the bureau was that he could come and go as he pleased. It was fine if he did not come to the office, as long as he completed three low-level missions. The Captain would not even criticize him, as long as he did not cause them any problems.

    Of course, the fewer missions he completed, the fewer points he would gain. Without points, he would not be able to buy rare resources. Luo Yuan was already familiar with all the rules and regulations of the bureau. He would get 100 points when he completed a C-Level mission, and he would get 10 times more points for every higher level mission he completed.

    In other words, based on the value of his contribution, Luo Yuan's achievement had been undervalued when he previously killed the deformed monster.

    However, he had yet to join the bureau officially at the time, so theoretically he had not been employed by them. Besides, they could not have identified the level of the deformed monster based on the active energy in its blood. Therefore, he had been lucky to receive two A-Level achievements and the title of Vice-Captain.

    Luo Yuan took the elevator to basement level nine. The whole area was like an underground city with wide streets and modern buildings. No one would know they were underground if they did not notice the rocks on the ceiling. In order to fully utilize the space, all the buildings had been built with four floors and their roofs almost reached the ceiling.

    This was a residential zone, so it was vastly different from a few levels above where there was a small but polluted industrial zone. Normal people could not live there. It was working hours though, so the streets were empty and there was not a single shadow that could be seen.

    Luo Yuan was carrying the two parcels, which weighed about 50 kilos with ease. He was walking fast, so he reached his house after a few minutes.

    He opened the door and saw that the lights were on. Chen Jiayi was sitting on the couch in the living room. There was a lot of moss on her head. She had not moved in a while, and she had not even noticed that Luo Yuan had come in.

    Luo Yuan felt amused as he patted the fluffy moss. Before he could touch it, the moss shrank back into her body.

    "Brother Luo, you’re back!" Chen Jiayi was shocked.

    "Why are you alone? Where is everyone else?" Luo Yuan asked.

    "They went shopping. I didn’t feel like going," Chen Jiayi said.

    Luo Yuan was stunned. He got worried as he looked at her. The time Chen Jiayi spent idling was getting longer, and she would continue to remain idle if they did not talk to her. That would be really bad for her. Luo Yuan set the parcels aside and sat down beside her. "Why didn’t you feel like going out?" he asked patiently.

    "I just didn’t find it interesting." Chen Jiayi quickly lowered her head as if she had done something wrong.

    "This is not right. I understand that you’re affected by the moss, but you’re a human, not a plant. You will become a real plant one day if you keep up your current lifestyle. Do you really want to be a plant?"

    Chen Jiayi thought silently, "It’s actually quite good. Being able to absorb sunlight is really fun!"

    She raised her head and looked at Luo Yuan’s serious expression. Then she quickly looked down at the floor again and said, "No."

    Luo Yuan's head ached. He felt pity for her as he looked at her. She had been better when she'd attended the classes in Desert City, as there had been lots of homework waiting for her every day. However, she had gotten worse ever since she'd stopped going to school. Luo Yuan sighed. He believed that they needed to send her to school to keep her busy. "I think you need to go to school, otherwise you might not be able to keep up. I'll contact the schools in the area. It's always good to learn more."

    Chen Jiayi nodded insecurely.

    Luo Yuan smiled and patted her head before he said, "I’m not trying to kick you out. This will always be your home. You can come home every week."

    Luo Yuan continued to talk for a few more minutes. Once Chen Jiayi felt better, he picked up the parcels again. As he went into his room, he grew very excited. He opened the small parcel and found three items inside it. There was a glass tube containing a semi-transparent crystal, a small bottle of helium, and a bottle of wax.

    Apparently, the helium and the wax were for resealing work to prevent oxidation.

    Luo Yuan lifted the glass tube and looked at the energy crystal. It was a lot smaller than it had looked in the picture. It was about the size of his thumb, and there were scratches on its surface. Apparently, it had been used in an experiment. However, it was still bigger than the one he'd had before.

    As he looked at the shiny crystal, he switched off the light. When the room was completely dark, he saw a weak light glowing inside the tube.

    It was definitely not a fluorite. It was a solid light source. The crystal was glowing.

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