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Chapter 338: Removal of Hidden Danger

    Chapter 338: Removal of Hidden Danger

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    Luo Yuan got up, took a few steps and almost stumbled on the floor. Since his Strength and Physique was now on a completely different level, he had to learn to walk again. Fortunately, he had enough experience to handle it and after only a few minutes of adjusting himself, he could walk normally. This was the result of him controlling his muscles and it took time for him to make it seem natural. It would take him a bit more time to adjust his body to a condition where he could fight optimally.

    The energy crystal in his heart was like a strong motor that circulated energy throughout his body every time his heart beat. Luo Yuan was unnaturally energetic and for some reason, he felt that he could survive even if he did not drink any water for a month. He was lingering in the room as he tried to adapt to the sudden boost of energy. After half an hour, he pulled out his Zhanmadao and began to practice. At the beginning, his posture was awkward and he felt like a novice. However, as he continued to practice, his movements got better and quicker as wind circulated the room.

    After a while, Luo Yuan stopped his practice. The strong wind in the room slowly came to a halt and Luo Yuan inserted his Zhanmadao into its sheath and realized that it was not as heavy as before. He was stunned as he looked around the messy room and noticed that the bed sheet and blanket had been scattered all over the place. Moreover, one of the legs of his bed frame had gone missing and there were many scratches on the wardrobe and walls in the room.

    At the beginning, he tried to control his power to avoid damaging the furniture. However, the more comfortable he felt, the more excited he got and in the end, he went all out and damaged almost everything in the room. Luckily for Luo Yuan, the building was made from materials of at least a blue level rank or there would be many holes in the wall by now.

    Luo Yuan intended to quickly tidy up the room before Huang Jiahui arrived. However, he had no idea where to start. He heard the main door open and a group of ladies could be heard talking. Luo Yuan sighed and then walked out of the room.

    Those ladies just came back from the market and were shocked as they saw that Luo Yuan was different! They finally calmed down after listening to his explanation. However, it was not an easy task to comfort them after that. Huang Jiahui entered his bedroom with a few packets of groceries and screamed as she saw the mess. Unfortunately, Luo Yuan already escaped when she came back to the living room.

    He wandered outside until late in the evening and eventually returned with guilt around dinner time. Huang Jiahui was clearly trying to control her anger throughout their dinner. She did not say a single word to Luo Yuan as she was very upset with him for leaving the place in such a mess. During bedtime, Huang Jiahui took the blanket out from the wardrobe and went straight into Zhao Yali’s bedroom. Luo Yuan smiled awkwardly as if he was up to no good.


    Inside the bedroom, Wang Shishi gasped tenderly into his ears. She was grinding on top of Luo Yuan’s body by continuously moving her hips in a circular motion. Suddenly, her body trembled and she then leaned on top of Luo Yuan’s body. Wang Shishi hugged him and kissed his chest repeatedly. Her face was red and she said, "Brother Luo, I’m so tired… It’s your turn!"

    Luo Yuan could not wait any longer. He immediately got on top of Wang Shishi and thrust his penis into her body repeatedly. However, Wang Shishi was too weak to handle him and surrendered in less than 10 minutes. Soon after, she fell asleep from utter exhaustion after being penetrated and pleasured multiple times by the horny, energetic, Luo Yuan.

    As you would imagine, Luo Yuan was extremely energetic today and he was still in the mood to enjoy himself. Despite his penis already being erect from his activities with Wang Shishi, it got even longer as he thought of the fact that Zhao Yali and Huang Jiahui were sleeping on the same bed! This was a rare opportunity indeed and he knew that he must grab the chance!

    He lustfully put on his clothes as he saw Wang Shishi lying on the bed deep in sleep. He then got up and walked out of his room to find fresh meat. At this point, Luo Yuan was already ready to feast on his new prey. He twisted the doorknob gently but realized it was locked! However, getting the lock to open was now a trivial matter to him.

    He used his Will to follow through on his lust and within seconds he had successfully opened the door and entered before he slowly closed the door again. The room was quickly occupied by screams from the two women who were scolding Luo Yuan as he tried to apologize. However, after a while, those sounds were converted into longing moans.


    At midnight, Luo Yuan was lying between two smooth, soft naked bodies. He suddenly heard the phone ring and had to slowly move their fair arms away and pull his legs out from the embrace of their pink thighs. He woke them up even though he was trying to be gentle.

    "What are you doing? You've been bullying us the entire night!" Huang Jiahui remarked as she pinched the softest piece of flesh on Luo Yuan’s body that was a lot harder than his other muscles not long ago. On the other hand, Zhao Yali’s face looked mad as she thought Luo Yuan wanted to have sex again. She did not bother and turned to the other side.

    "Don’t pinch me! I heard the phone ring!" Luo Yuan said.

    "Who is calling you at this hour? It’s so late." Huang Jiahui asked with a dissatisfied tone.

    "The phone that rang was given to me by the department. Something must have happened. I need to answer the call." Luo Yuan got up and put on his clothes. He then said to them, "You guys get some sleep first."

    The phone was in Wang Shishi’s room. Luo Yuan opened the door carefully but realized that Wang Shishi was awake. He pretended nothing happened and asked her to continue sleeping. He then took the phone and walked out the room.

    "Luo Yuan! We have an urgent mission. We need you to be at the department before 4:30 a.m." Captain Lin Feiyan spoke hastily from the other side of the line. Based on her tone, Luo Yuan could tell that it must be a serious matter.

    "What’s happening?" Luo Yuan asked.

    "Tell you later." She replied.

    "Alright, I’m heading there now." Luo Yuan said.

    She hung up the call after hearing Luo Yuan’s response.

    Luo Yuan put on his armor and picked up his Zhanmadao. Huang Jiahui and Zhao Yali were still awake when he walked into the living room. They asked worriedly, "Do you want to grab some food?"

    "I’m good, they will prepare food for me. Two of you go back to sleep. Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon." Luo Yuan said as he waved before he closed the door to the room.

    Zhao Yali and Huang Jiahui looked at each other and blushed slightly. They felt a little awkward as they recalled the scene that just happened.


    After about 10 minutes, Luo Yuan arrived at the office. He walked into the lobby of the first floor and realized there were two people there. Xie Junhui and Xu Qianshen looked very serious as they waved at Luo Yuan when they saw him walking towards them.

    "Do you know what’s going on?" Luo Yuan asked as he nodded to greet them.

    "I’m not sure. I was trying to find out as well." Xie Junhui replied.

    He looked closely at Luo Yuan and realized that he looked different. He was shocked but he did not say anything as he was more concerned about the current incident. They suspected that it was something which threatened the safety of the entire rehabilitation base. None of them could reject the mission, otherwise, they would be expelled.

    After a few minutes, crazy Mr. Wang and Li Dong also arrived. They sat down on the couch and remained silent after greeting each other. All the members then slowly arrived one by one and Lin Feiyan was the last one to make it.

    Lin Feiyan glanced across the office and said, "I only have a rough idea of the mission. According to the report from the Southeast Military Zone, Hot Springs City which is located nearby to Hope City has been surrounded by a thick fog. Everyone there fell asleep and no one knows whether they are still alive. The fog is spreading further and our mission is to get more information."

    She looked at the time and said, "You have 20 minutes to get ready. We board the plane at 4:45 a.m. If you have no questions, you're all dismissed!"

    "D+ Level Mission: Investigate the killing in Hot Springs City. Identify the cause and kill it."

    "Time Frame: 24 hours"


    It was 4:45 a.m. and the military transport aircraft was ready to depart. It took off immediately after everyone boarded the aircraft.

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