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Chapter 347: Giant Evolved Human

    Chapter 347: Giant Evolved Human

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    There were two deep valleys with ravines on both sides, a clear stream flowed through them. A school of piranhas swam like wandering souls with the current, the stream bed scattered with bones.

    A shadow walked on the shore silently, no one noticing its existence. Even the piranhas were unaware as they scoured for food in the water. With every stride taken, a distance of 10 meters was put between each step the shadow made. Within a few breaths, the shadow was gone.

    More than 10 minutes later, Luo Yuan darted aside and hid within the shrubs. Looking afar, there was a cave at the side of the valley. The cave was eight meters tall and more than 10 meters wide. It was four kilometers away from the cave, and more than 10 giants who lay and squatted in front of it. Luo Yuan thought the gang of giants looked like they were the guards of the cave but they did not seem to be capable of doing that. The race had yet to develop professional troops.

    Luo Yuan watched for another few minutes and he realized that there were many activities going on in the cave. Within a short period of time, three groups of giants went in and came out. Those who returned from the outside carried carcasses of prey on their shoulders, their bodies stained with blood. The food was a priority for them, and it seemed like hunting was their main source of food.

    Luo Yuan continued to observe them patiently. The valley was one of the tribe’s main passages, many teams of them walked by but none of them noticed him even if he was just a few meters away.

    "Grade D+ Special Mission: Destroy the intelligent tribe. Leave none of them behind. Kill all of the creatures in the tribe."

    "Reminder: This is a special mission, difficulty has been lowered."

    "Time limit: None"

    "Accept / Decline"

    A mission message popped into his mind. He took a look and accepted the mission. By some twist of faith, this special mission had the lowest difficulty. The only thing was to have patience as it was basically not risky at all.

    As Luo Yuan had been preserving his strength, poisonous bugs in the bushes scurried out toward him. Many colorful bugs crawled on the back of his legs and some of them attempted to tear his skin apart. He took a look and ignored them. Now that his skin was a hundred times tougher than leather, even normal rifle bullets could do nothing to him. Apart from itching, the bites of the poisonous bugs could not harm his skin at all.

    Furthermore, the bottom of his trousers and his sleeves were tied up. Other than those who crawled on his face that he squished to death, others bit him on the rest of his body.

    Time was passing by and before long, it was evening. There were lesser teams coming back through the passage and it seemed like all the giants were in the troop. Both males and females were hunters, and as Luo Yuan calculated, there were more than a thousand of them who came back from the hunt since the afternoon. To include those who stayed in the cave, there could be three thousand of them.

    Suddenly, he heard a voice cry out from behind him. He scowled and turned around.

    Soon, he saw a team of giants appear. He was angered as the team brought back their prey while speaking in some strange language. The prey were not animals, they were humans! They were tied up with rattan ropes and there were men and women strung up. Their clothes were torn and most of them were covered in beast skins. Besides one who was well fed and rosy, while the rest had yellowish skin and were severely malnourished.

    Luo Yuan frowned as he watched. Even the lowest class in the reconstruction area would at least be fed well. Apparently, this group of people was not from the reconstruction area, but wanderers in the wilderness. He had been in the reconstruction area for a long time so wanderers were not unfamiliar to him. Whether they were evolved humans who ran away to the wilderness or those wanderers who were chased out of the reconstruction area, the group of evolved humans had wandered around the reconstruction area and struggled their whole lives.

    Of course, not all wanderers were strong evolved humans. Most of them were captured by the evolved humans along the way. As there was no ruling monarch at that time, the evolved humans were merciless towards the civilians. Nobody knew what happened to them. Slavery was considered acceptable and to some evolved humans who acted like savages, civilians would become their prey when they could not hunt for food.

    When Luo Yuan arrived at the reconstruction area, if not for his strength and ability, the giant lizard and king kong, he might be one of them here. When the people slowed down their steps, the giants would whip them. With every whip, a piece of flesh would tear off their backs. Most of their backs were ripped open and bloody, and they were limping hopelessly.

    Luo Yuan held his saber tight and looked down. The giants were far away now as he let out a long sigh while holding back his urge to kill. Soon the sky turned dark, and when it was six in the evening, a new team began to guard the cave. Luo Yuan waited for another hour, and he leaped forward when he saw a bunch of giants who were coming back. Soon, he landed silently on top of the cave.

    Suddenly, without Luo Yuan noticing, the giants who guarded the cave started to quarrel. Not long later, they started to fight. Luo Yuan was ready to kill them, but looking at them fighting, he held back. The gang of giants that he killed earlier, happened too fast. Before they could do anything, he butchered them all. He had no idea what kind of power these giants possessed. This small team of giants was nothing to him as their power was limited. However, if he was to kill all of them in the cave, it would be trickier as there were thousands of them. One tiny mistake and he could get himself killed.

    Luo Yuan crouched and hid under a giant rock while observing them patiently. At first, there were two of them fighting. One of them who seemed to be the leader tried to stop them but soon more of them were involved in the fight. Failing to stop them, the leader got dragged into the fight in the end. Eventually, it was chaos. Everybody was hitting each other, and the only purpose here was to fight. The giants were incredibly strong, each punch landed like an exploding bomb with every hit.

    Soon some of them had fallen in pile of blood and one of them even had his chest sunken in. That did not stop them at all as bloodlust and death triggered the berserk of the giants as the fighting got even more intense. Just then, a giant appeared at the entrance of the cave. As he looked upon the bloody scene, the giant became furious.

    Luo Yuan took a glance and noticed that this giant was different from the rest. The rest had eyes similar to humans while this one had gold pupils. It was wearing a necklace made of six human skulls on his neck, and that filled Luo Yuan with anger.

    The giant walked quickly towards them and waved his arms. Luo Yuan could feel that there was a strong flow in the air. The hoard of giants who were fighting was hit by an invisible force and thrown off their feet, five meters away. They were screaming in pain.

    "An evolved human?" Luo Yuan was dumbfounded.

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