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Chapter 348: Wicked

    Chapter 348: Wicked

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The giant evolved human roared at the rest in a fit of rage. Apparently, it held a position of power among the giants. Suddenly, all the giants fell to the ground, trembling with fear. No one noticed the shadowy grim of death that flew by behind the giant evolved human. Out of nowhere, a saber flashed and as the luminescence disappeared, the giants who lay on the ground were dead.

    The place fell silent, as more than 10 bodies twitched in the dirt. The smell of blood was thick in the air, and as time went by, the odor became stronger and stronger. Luo Yuan hid in the shadows and flew into the cave undetected. Along the way, each giant he crossed was beheaded where it stood. Blood dripped from the tip of his bloodied crimson saber.

    The cave was sloped downwards, more than 10 meters into the cave. Soon after, Luo Yuan came to a fork in the path. Later on, more than more paths appeared. It was like he moved through a maze. As he noticed the smooth air circulation, he realized that there were more than one entrances to the underground lair. Such terrains made the quest difficult as the giants could escape in many ways. Even for a person with powerful abilities, it would be hard to find even a single giant if he was lost in the maze. Nonetheless, for each giant he met, his blade was the last thing they encountered.

    His sharp ears allowed him to hear the tiniest sound. Even the falling of dust that landed on the ground could not escape him. He could smell the giants who were a few kilometers away easily. His +17 physical attributes were fully utilized in that cave. From what he had observed, the civilization of this intelligent race remained primitive where its societal formation was similar to those of a primitive nature. As Luo Yuan dashed through the cave, he saw that the giants were barbaric and openly having sex with different partners. Although they were of a form similar to humans, their desires, and cruel nature was that of wild animals. Luo Yuan could not bear to watch.

    He followed the scent before him and moved forward. More and more bodies fell to the ground as he passed and he would dash into any path he detected a large life form and killed them all. The quest was not as simple as he expected. When there were many of them, he was noticed and he had to attack with increased effort. He encountered three or four evolved humans but at his enhanced agility, he killed them even before they could move a muscle. For the normal giants, they were killed in just a few swings of his saber.

    Fortunately, there were not many giant evolved humans. There was only one of them in every hundred others. If there were more, it would be trickier for him. Evolved humans’ abilities varied. If its ability was not used, nobody could tell what kind of power it would have. Even an insignificant skill could be tiresome.

    As the killing continued, the stench of blood was overwhelming. More and more footsteps blundered his way. He was stunned at the stampede headed towards him. He thought for a while and leaped nine meters up to the top of the cave. A few hundred giants burst into the area, their gigantic bodies made shook rocks loose from the cave wall. An evolved human, who looked to be the leader of the gang walked in, in his thick arm he held an enormous machete, a bloodlust berserker look in his eyes. He looked at the pile of dead bodies, and as he looked around in fear, he bellowed with rage to the cave ceiling. The rest of the giants stopped moving.

    To some extent, the intelligent race was the same with the human race where they were a small tribe struggling to survive the apocalypse. In the wilderness, there was an endless jungle of danger that would kill them, and even genocide was a possible reality. Perhaps the normal giants were wild at heart and functioned based only on their physical strength, but to be the leader required much more. The evolved human giant that became leader had to be prudent, which was crucial or else they would have vanished in the wilderness.

    It was too late for them to run. Luo Yuan used his hand and pushed off against the top of the cave. His body dropped in an instant. While he was still in the air, with his Zhanmadao in hand, combined with his Will, he slashed the air before him. The glow on the saber expanded to 1.5 times its brightness, and its luminescence extended at a length of three meters.

    As the giants were huddled together, with a single swing, Luo Yuan slaughtered 19 of them with that blow. Before they could even make a sound, Luo Yuan darted by and swung deadly motions with his blade. The glow was like a laser, shooting out savagely in the small tunnel. Before they realized what happened, some hundred of them were dead on their feet.

    It was too late. The cave was in chaos. The giants were choked with fear. The will to fight disappeared with the screams of fear and the gurgling of blood, like snowflakes caught under the scorching sun. The shadow that murdered them was unstoppable.

    Just when a giant was prepared to attack with its spear, it was killed instantly. As another one was ready to unleash its power, its head slid clean off its body. Even when one of the giant evolved human used its defensive evolved ability, it was futile against the Will powered saber. Some of them were killed by accident in the chaos of the attack.

    Although it was a Grade D+ mission, its difficulty was comparable to that of a Grade D mission. Even though there were thousands of them to be killed and the leader was on the light-green level, they could not escape Luo Yuan’s wrath.

    In less than a minute, the tunnel was filled with cold corpses. A few of them managed to escape and hundreds of them were killed by Luo Yuan’s blade. Including those that he killed earlier, there were approximately two thousand of them dead in the dirt. Carrying his Zhanmadao, Luo Yuan proceeded to walk into the cave following the stench of giants with no fear. Along the way, he killed more than 10 giants. 10 minutes later, he could see light illuminate the darkness of the cave.

    The cave was humongous. It was 10 meters high and a few square kilometers wide. Countless fire points covered the cave like starlight, lighting up the space.

    It was the centerpoint of the tribe. Perhaps due to the massacre earlier, there were not many giants left. Most of them were kids that were shorter than two meters and pregnant mothers.

    What shocked Luo Yuan was there were many humans around them, numbering in the hundreds at the least. As he peered closely at them, he noticed some of them looked like slaves while the others looked empty, like zombies. The cave was filled with many items that were left by humans after the apocalypse. Rusty cars, broken tanks, worn out electrical utensils and random trash were piled up at the centre of the cave.

    Luo Yuan suspected that the source of their steel weapons came from the materials on that hill. He knew that the items could have been possessions of the humans trapped in that cave, and they would have been forced to forged weapons for the giants under the threat of instant death. He was torn between the choice to end the supply of steel weaponry to the giants, by killing the people, or saving them from the faith that ensnared them.

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