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Chapter 350: Supervision

    Chapter 350: Supervision

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The moans as the couple had sex in the bedroom could be heard throughout the house. They finally came to a stop after the woman screamed for joy at the intensity of her orgasms.

    Zhao Yali’s naked body lay beside Luo Yuan. He playfully ran his hand up and cupped her snowy white breast, which made her moaned softly. She enjoyed his touch with her eyes closed.

    After a while, Zhao Yali opened her eyes and hugged Luo Yuan. She said, "Little Yuan, I want a child."

    Luo Yuan chuckled to himself. "What inspired you? Auntie Zhang?" he asked.

    Zhao Yali nodded and said softly, "Even though I know it is a recommended policy by the reconstruction area for you to procreate, I too, genuinely, want to have a child with you. I am so worried every time you leave, I am never sure you would come home. It will be different if I have a child"

    "I’ll get jealous though!" Luo Yuan said and he smiled mischievously.

    Zhao Yali slapped his chest and said, "I’m serious, don’t interrupt me!"

    Luo Yuan composed himself and sighed, "I believe you know that I have never used protection. We have been together for so long but Huang Jiahui and you have never got pregnant. Obviously, my gene might be different from that of a normal person, and the probability of infertility could be very high."

    "I thought we can try with a test tube baby or even use sperm from the sperm bank?" Zhao Yali asked.

    "Auntie Zhang told you about this as well?"

    "She mentioned about it while gossiped. I didn’t know there are so many people had problems getting pregnant. Most of them tried artificial insemination and finally succeeded." Zhao Yali said.

    Luo Yuan looked upset as he knew the government would have planned to analyze and study his genes. For artificial insemination, they needed to extract his sperm. However, he had no idea what they would do with his excess sperm samples after completing the process of artificial insemination. He had no control over the procedures as well. Perhaps, he would get many children for free or possibly various kinds of abnormal fetuses.

    Luo Yuan pondered and then said. "Let’s continue trying naturally for a while longer. If it really does not work out, then we can try artificial insemination."

    He understood that the action would be a good deed as it was not a bad idea to donate sperm before the apocalypse. Perhaps, it would be a benefit to society if the rehabilitation government could produce stronger human beings.

    It sounded really bad. He was too obsessed with that problem. Luo Yuan suddenly frowned and sat up on the bed.

    "What’s wrong?" Zhao Yali asked.

    "I heard the alarm! I need to go." Luo Yuan said as he took his clothes and put on his shirt.

    "Don’t worry, it should be fine. There is always an air defense alert every few days." Luo Yuan said to comfort Zhao Yali as he knew she was worried.

    Their house was at Basement Level Nine, and the sound of the air defense alert was muffled as there were many layers of concrete between them and the surface. Luckily, it was very quiet during midnight, otherwise, he might not be able to hear it as well.

    "Take care!" Zhao Yali said.

    "Alright, I’ll be right back." Luo Yuan replied and button up his shirt. He took his Zhanmadao out from under his bed as he always made it a point to have it nearby, in case of emergencies. He opened the room door and left the room.

    He arrived at street level on the surface in just a few minutes.

    Countless threads of fire danced around the night sky. Many spotlights followed, racing behind them as their game of cat and mouse to illuminated the skies. The atmosphere was filled with a lot of smoke.

    All the factories on both sides of the streets had closed for the night.

    All of a sudden, a giant corpse fell on top one of the factories with a deafening crash. The factory collapsed and caused a short circuit which sent sparks flying into the sky.

    Luo Yuan jumped onto the roof of one of the factories nearby and realized the City of Hope was not the only place being attacked. The surrounding areas were up in flames as well. Luckily, all the workers had gone home and no one was injured.

    A giant mutated bird which fell on the other end of the street struggled to get up and it tried very hard to extend its bleeding wings which were more than 10 meters long. Its action caused a very strong blast of wind to sweep across the ground and a wall nearby collapsed and then swirled in a whirlwind up in the air.

    In the next second, a short spear struck it in the back and it instantly broke its spine and pierced through its body. The wound was about a meter long and exposed flesh and its gizzards. The mutated bird moaned and fell to the ground.

    Luo Yuan spent looked around for more thick wood plates and made a few more short spears. He threw the short spears towards any large living creature he saw in the air and on the ground.

    Based on his 17 Strength Points and 15 Agility Points, he could easily hit any mutated green level creature.

    But seeing as most of the green level mutated beasts were massive and incredibly strong, he had to aim for their heads and pierce their skulls for an instant kill. Otherwise, a bodily wound would have barely slowed them down.

    However, the creature from those level was very vigilant to danger around them. They might not be able to escape during in an emergency due to their huge bodies, but it was easy for them to move their heads in order to avoid an attack. It was not at all easy to kill them.

    Luo Yuan had to be nearer if he really wanted to kill them.

    The chaos slowly subsided after about 10 minutes. Only a few sparks flashed across the dark night sky.

    Many military trucks and tanks slowly appeared in the streets and shot at the mutated beasts were yet to be put down. The dead carcasses were then towed away and piled into the trucks.

    The factory doors slowly opened and lights illuminated the war zone around them.

    The reconstruction area was no longer as safe as before. Since the great migration, there were a few attacks like the one that just happened. Perhaps, the mutated beasts came from the great migration. The mutated beasts nearby had been attacked by the humans and they knew that the reconstruction area was dangerous. While the mutated beasts from other regions moving through, did not know and simply broke in and attacked the area.

    Luo Yuan continued to look around and saw a truck spraying pest control solution. He quickly jumped off the roof and walked towards the entrance of the underground city.

    The antiseptic solution was poisonous and had a terribly pungent odor, but it did not affect him as he moved through the area.

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