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Chapter 355: Escape

    Chapter 355: Escape

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Half an hour had passed.

    And then, it had clocked into an hour

    As time passed, Luo Yuan kept looking at the time. Somehow, there was a feeling of irritation pounding in his heart like a boulder slamming right onto it. The more time passed, the heavier the depression felt.

    The wisdom tree had gradually stopped struggling. Its purple skin had periodically lost its luster, and at the same time, the trunk began to shrink, with falling yellow leaves. However, this process was very slow and Luo Yuan started to be impatient.

    He looked around from time to time and occasionally looked up to the sky. He was well aware of how wrong this feeling was. This was somewhat a warning sign of danger, just like the erratic behavior of some animals before an earthquake, and Luo Yuan was far more sensitive to danger than animals were.

    Only such irresistible danger could make him grow such strong emotions.

    He tried to suppress such battles in his mind that drove him insane and waited patiently for a few minutes. He felt increasingly strong palpitations and finally decided against waiting.

    He took a few big steps and appeared next to the wisdom tree. At this time, the nutrition of the wisdom tree was still shrinking towards the Heart of Wisdom. However, Luo Yuan could not wait any longer, as he just wanted to leave as soon as he could.

    He vaguely had a feeling that it would be too late if he did not leave.

    Experiencing this before, he scanned through the tree once and was able to immediately identify the exact location of the Heart of Wisdom. He brandished his Zhanmadao and with just a few swipes, a big hole had been punctured. In front of him, it was the Heart of Wisdom which was as big as a human brain.

    However, this Heart of Wisdom was only halfway formed. It had smooth skin and did not resemble the wrinkly features of a brain, and it was only half the size of the one he had found before.

    He held the small semi-formed Heart of Wisdom and doubted if it would produce any effect.

    Once he took off the Heart of Wisdom, he subconsciously looked up to the sky.

    The landscape was vast, with sparse plants all around. He could directly see the sky from where he stood. The sky that was previously blank, was now full of clouds. These clouds were stratus-like and resembled a gossamer, sometimes appearing and disappearing, as if countless of white ribbons in the sky crested endlessly.

    These clouds soon began to change its color, as if it was dyed with a layer of rays and expanded rapidly. However, in a blink of an eye, all the clouds had disappeared as if they had never existed before. It seemed like there was an invisible force interfering with the planet. At the same time, a repressed atmosphere gradually enveloped the sky.

    His face became pale. He did not dare to stay any longer and immediately walked out. He instantly reached his speed limit, one second before, he was still standing, and disappeared completely in the rocky beach, at the very next. He desperately rushed to sneak into the jungle.

    The scene around him quickly passed; the wind that swept up to his face had immediately squeezed it into a distorted form. Some of the branches that had blocked him instantly disintegrated into ashes.

    His speed had reached nearly 200 meters per second. Luo Yuan was completely unable to react to the massive data, with his 14 points of Intelligence. He could only avoid a few huge trees but collided into those branches haphazardly.

    The combat costume had shattered into pieces and was flung into the air, while his skin that was as tough as a green level mutated beast, had been badly scratched until he bled.


    He heard a loud muffled noise from the back as if it was just beside his ear. Luo Yuan’s eardrum had almost exploded by the roar. He could hear the anger brimming from the roar.

    At the same time, an unimaginably horrible atmosphere gradually enveloped this space. Under this pressure, he was not able to resist anymore.

    It was just ten seconds from the time he escaped until he heard the roars. Even the thought itself was frightening as it is.

    He bit his lips and hastened his speed even more. His heartbeat was drumming fast, the energy inside his heart gradually flowed through his body in his bloodstream and turned into a greater power to support his intense exercise.

    However, in just one second, Luo Yuan suddenly turned stiff and his scalp was fried. An incomparable atmosphere of repression came from the top of his head. He quickly glanced upwards while running, and he saw the sky greatly twisted through the gap between the leaves and branches.

    Cold sweat trickled down his forehead quickly, but it was soon evaporated by the wind blowing against him.

    No! He should not just run like that. No matter where he went, he would leave his breath where he was. This superpower mutated beast could definitely track his breath no matter where he was. As he was already noticed, he could not escape from this mutated beast, no matter how fast he ran.

    He had to find a way.

    Although Luo Yuan’s mind was full of fear, he still struggled to remain calm.

    Suddenly, a river appeared in front of him. Today, it was a place with a humid coastal climate and abundant rainfall. There were rivers everywhere. He suddenly had an idea! In just a few seconds, he jumped into the river.

    He dove into the water and swam desperately. With his powerful dexterity, he was akin to a sword that shot directly to the bottom of the river. His speed was even several times faster than that of an average fish.

    This river was small, about 50 to 60 meters wide, and about three meters deep. Such drastic actions almost stirred the river into the mud.

    Five or six seconds later, he drilled his body deep into the silt of the river and did not move. He held his breath, stopping his heartbeat. He closed his eyes and quietly listened to the movements above.

    The dirt inside had slowly flown downstream with the flow of the water, and soon, the river became crystal clear again.

    As time passed, the frightening atmosphere lingered on, as though still in search for him.

    Suddenly, he heard a loud noise; Luo Yuan shuddered. The gentle waves of the water suddenly splashed violently onto his body. His chest was congested, causing him to almost spew blood, but he was able to forcibly swallow it back down.

    Before Luo Yuan could be relieved from this, there were a few more loud noises heard. One of them was only 50 to 60 meters away from Luo Yuan. His was bleeding from his nose and mouth and felt that his internal organs were failing him.

    Luo Yuan was not weak, but when the air encountered a severe expansion, it could bring about a huge impact. It was just the same underwater – the impact was even stronger, with a greater force. It was similar to a deep-water bomb attacking a submarine, even if it did not hit its target, it could make the submarine shatter and sink by a mere explosion, within 100 meters.

    His whole body was in pain, but he did not dare to move. As it probably did not find anything, the menacing breath was soon dissipated off, along with a roar.

    Luo Yuan did not surface out, but waited and continued to bury his body in the sand without moving. His amazing lung capacity could sustain him even if he did not breathe for four to five hours. This mutated beast was no ordinary beast. For it to be intelligent enough to grow a wisdom tree, it was almost no different from a human.

    As per his prediction, that such an atmosphere suddenly appeared again after a short while, but this time, it just stopped for a moment and left quickly.

    Luo Yuan kept going for as long as half an hour. He carefully climbed out from the water after he was certain that the offending breath did not appear again. Once his heartbeat was restored, he finally vomited the blood out, and little pieces of meat came out with it. It was apparently part of the broken internal organs.

    Luo Yuan looked at it and did not feel a thing. Such an injury was brutal to a normal human but was regarded as such a small matter to him. By the time he stood up, the broken internal organs had already self-healed and stopped bleeding. His injury was self-healed quickly, and he did not even have to use any Will.

    He was not able to stay here for long. It was just ten kilometers away from the mutated beast's lair. He did not care much about his injury but continued to run after being simply healed for a while now.

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