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Chapter 356: Confidence

    Chapter 356: Confidence

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    He was just about to move, but in less than a second, he spewed blood once more. His healed wound was now broken again. However, he did not stop, but continued to vomit blood while he was running.

    After more than ten seconds, he managed to stop purging. He looked a little better, and could now run faster.

    After a few minutes, he had already ran 30 - 40 kilometers away. Luo Yuan felt relieved as he did not see the giant mutated beast chasing after him anymore. He slowly decelerated; the stress given by the giant mutated beast was beyond imagination. He would have died if he did not jump into the river earlier.

    It was definitely the biggest enemy of the Reconstruction Area. A nuclear bomb would be the only solution to kill the level eight mutated beast – it was way stronger than what he could imagine.

    He already ran away even before he could see the mutated beast. Luo Yuan was deprecating himself in his mind.

    He did not have the interest to see the mutated beast as well. He would not want to see it for an eternity if he had the choice.

    He looked at the Heart of Wisdom in his palm. It had cracked as it has been squashed by the water pressure. Luckily, the content was not in a liquid form, but a gel-like of substance. Otherwise, all his effort would be wasted.

    He did not rush to meet Wang Shishi as the giant mutated beast would come anytime soon. To risk getting her into trouble was the last thing he wanted.

    His armor has been tattered, but the synthetic suit was still perfectly fine. He took off a few of his clothes and scattered them in different locations. At least, when the giant mutated beast found the place by following the scent of the clothes, it could be distracted for a while and it might buy him enough time to escape.

    After that, he floated into the air and traveled via the sky. It was easier for his scent to disappear as the air had better circulation in the sky, as compared to the ground. After flying for a few kilometers, Luo Yuan finally found a small cave to hide.

    The cave was really small and it was just nice to him. He made sure it was safe before taking out the ‘heart of wisdom’.

    "Premature Heart of Wisdom"

    "Rarity: Dark Green"

    "Weight: 50 grams"

    "Element: Wisdom form of object"

    "Additional Abilities: Intelligence +1, low probability of special mutation."

    "Comment: This is a rare heart of the Wisdom Tree. It is rich in the essence of the entire wisdom tree and it is very valuable. It can stimulate the brain and increase intelligence when you consume it. It is very effective for people with an intelligence point of 16 or below, due to its premature form."

    "What a waste!" Luo Yuan sighed as he felt lucky but sad as well. The Heart of Wisdom was a high-quality treasure. Unfortunately, it was plucked at a premature stage, otherwise, he could have increased two to three points of his intelligence.

    However, based on the situation at that moment, he might not be able to sit here, if he decided to wait for a little longer.

    The Heart of Wisdom had also produced a scent, which was attractive to the giant beast. It was quite dangerous to keep them in his hand; he should eat it as soon as possible. Besides, Intelligence was not the main priority. It was different from those physical properties which takes time to adapt. It was not similar to upgrading the Strength and Agility which his power would decline in a short time, and the fighting power will shoot up instantly.

    It was definitely a rare treasure when he was in danger.

    He decided not to overthink and stuffed the Heart of Wisdom into his mouth. He chewed it and swallowed. It was sour. He waited for a while and began to feel an itch on his scalp. He had blurry vision, but he was calm as he had a similar experience before.

    After that, he had lost control over his abilities to hear, smell, taste, and sense. There was too much information in his brain, and his body was numb. A certain paralysis may have struck him.

    In the end, the brain was not able to accept any of the information, and he could not feel anything. Time meant nothing to him, and he even lost the ability to think.

    After a while, he slowly recovered. He could sense light, as he heard the sound, and he could smell again.

    He was like returning from hell. He took a deep breath, as he was still in fear. Although he had experienced it before, he really treasured the fact that he survived. He got up again and felt the world has changed.

    Just like the rain after a long drought, everything seemed to be livelier.

    His ears were filled with a lot of noises and his nose seemed to be able to smell the fragrance from miles away. His eyes could see everything in a clearer way - he had become more sensitive! Apparently, the senses could be improved if the intelligence increased.

    It was akin to a computer hardware, and its processing software. No matter how many accessories you have, it would not perform well if the operating system was bad in the worst place. It was similar to the human body. Although he was physically strong, he could not manifest it.

    He must hear it carefully if he wanted to hear something very softly. He had to focus hard if he wanted to trace the smell the soft scent.

    But now, he needed to do it stealthily. He could easily organize all the information systematically. Unlike the Superman comics, he suffered from insomnia when he turned on his super hearing mode. Apparently, his Intelligence level was too low and it led to a property imbalance, which was the reason he could not process the information.

    Of course, the points he had in his Intelligence was still far from his Physique. Therefore, there was still much power locked up in his mind, waiting to be discovered.

    He blinked his eyes as his mind became extremely clear. As he moved his vision, plenty of information crept into his mind and it instantly organized itself. He looked confident and charming; his eyes were glowing with wisdom as he felt everything was in control. At that moment, he did not even think the giant beast was dangerous anymore.

    He was super confident.

    He opened up the strap covering his forehead.


    A lot of information from the his four dimensional-vision gushed into his head.

    His heart felt the shock and his brain stopped for a second. His body trembled, as had he closed his eyes and slowly opened again. However, the charm in his eyes has faded, he transformed back to normal from a godlike state.

    He smiled sheepishly, as he realized that it was just an illusion.

    In the end, he survived anyway. The effect of his Intelligence upgrade has been complemented by the insufficient information from the four-dimensional vision.

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