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Chapter 357: Return To The Reconstruction Area

    Chapter 357: Return To The Reconstruction Area

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan put on the strap once again and he felt much better. His vision had cleared and his hearing was restored.

    His mind was racing as he recalled what had happened. He felt he made the right decision to reduce the side effect of the four-dimensional vision by upgrading his intelligence. However. It was insufficient. He needed more of the Heart of Wisdom as the green level Heart of Wisdom could only help to upgrade Intelligence attributes below 16 points and Luo Yuan’s Intelligence was still at 15 points.

    However, it was not easy to find the Wisdom Tree as it required accurate information as well as a stroke of good luck.

    Fortunately, the 2% of the side effects from the four-dimensional vision was not a burden to him anymore. Besides that, he was wearing the strap to cover his forehead, therefore, the four-dimensional information could hardly affect him now.

    He still had time!

    Luo Yuan stayed in the cave for 10 more minutes to analyze the situation. The giant beast had stopped attacking and it seemed to have abandoned its search for him. He left the cave and carefully picked up his clothes and equipment one by one.

    The energy-absorbing bulletproof jacket was still fine, but he decides he would never give up the plasma-underwear as it could provide a good defense and most importantly, the strap on his forehead was made from the same material as the plasma-underwear. He could still cut part of the underwear to cover his forehead if he loses the strap.

    Unfortunately, the floating sportswear he had since the beginning of the apocalypse had served its use and had officially resigned due towear and tear. The blue level sportswear has been scratched by the branches when he ran rapidly. In its condition, it looked the same as clothes worn by a beggar.

    Luo Yuan sighed and threw the sportswear on the ground. He pondered his condition and then put on the partially torn sports pants as he was only left with an underwear covering the lower part of the body.

    He put on all his suits and left the place. He immediately floated in the air as he gathered his Will. He flew in the direction to the place where Wang Shishi was waiting but upon his descent, he saw that Wang Shishi had left. He finally tracked her down after searching for her around the area.

    She was hiding behind a huge rock. She was trembling and afraid to move. She almost collapsed when she saw Luo Yuan.

    "It’s alright… Everything is fine now, let’s go!" Luo Yuan said and tried to comfort her.

    The Kidney Mountain was not that big and they stood at the base of the mountain. Wang Shishi definitely saw the giant beast when it appeared. It was normal for her to be frightened as Luo Yuan almost collapsed as well when he saw the natural phenomena triggered by the monstrous beast. Besides that, he was away for a few hours and Wang Shishi did not know whether he was still alive or dead. If it was someone else, she would have ran for her life.

    "Are… Are you alright?" Wang Shishi struggled to push him back and then checked Luo Yuan for injuries with a pair of teary eyes.

    At the moment, Luo Yuan's pants had become shorts and his jacket was gone. There were also some blood stains on his bulletproof jacket and his hair was caked with mud. As she looked at him, she was wondering whether that was the Brother Luo who she used to know.

    "Look, I’m perfectly fine." Luo Yuan smiled and said as he thumped his chest like an ape. He winced and coughed a little almost immediately when he pounded a little too hard. He realized he most probably had not fully recovered from the injuries.

    "We can talk along the way. It is still very dangerous, we need to leave now." Luo Yuan interrupted Wang Shishi as he knew she had more questions to ask.

    Wang Shishi was frightened and could not remember what she wanted to ask. She just nodded, and they were on their way

    Both of them moved as fast as they could to leave the danger behind them. They did not rest until night fall.

    When they were a comfortable 200-300 km away from the Kidney Mountain, they finally felt relieved of their worry and in need of rest.

    The forest was in complete darkness that night. Both of them had their dinner beside a bonfire while they talked.

    "I couldn't see it clearly. It looked like a dragon with claws, but it did not have horns. Its claws were big and strong and its entire body was colorful. It was flying towards me!. I was too afraid and ran away without turning back!" Wang Shishi said, still in fear when she talked about it. Her body was trembling and her voice was weak and shaky.

    Luo Yuan remained silent. He poked the bonfire with a dry branch, which caused some sparks to rise into the darkness around them.

    It did not matter to him that the dragon was an extremely powerful mutated beast reigning supreme during the time of the apocalypse. He would not worship it even though the humans said that they were the heirs of the dragons. The only thing he cared was obtaining the power of the dragon.

    Luo Yuan got up and threw the branch to the ground. The mutated beasts which were lingering nearby immediately scuttled away in fear.

    "Get some sleep. We will need to continue our journey at 4 a.m. tomorrow." Luo Yuan said.

    They remained silent for the entire night. Finally, after they trekked from early in the morning, they arrived at the reconstruction area at noon.

    The huge thermal power station in the east of Hope City had been officially opened and in operation for the last two days. There were a large number of huge chimneys releasing a lot of smoke into the air, tainting the sky black with soot.

    Luo Yuan breathed in the pungent odors and exhaled. He actually missed the scent!

    The reconstruction region was lacking uranium which it usually reserved for nuclear weapons. Therefore, there were not many nuclear power plants in the city. However, there were many thermal power station in the city as it was rich in forestry resources which fortunately managed to reduce the operating cost of the thermal power stations by a significant amount.

    Both of them quickened their steps and finally arrived at home after a few minutes.

    Huang Jiahui and Zhao Yali had not left the house. They were overjoyed and relieved when they saw Luo Yuan and Wang Shishi had returned safely. They were worried and had insomnia, fearful for what had happened to the two of them.

    Luo Yuan was the backbone of the family. It would be disastrous to them if something bad happened to him as they would lose their minds without him. Before they came home, Luo Yuan warned Wang Shishi not to mention a single word regarding the danger they encountered at the mountain. Four of them had a lovely dinner together and Luo Yuan went out again after changing into some clean clothes.

    What they had encountered earlier was really crucial as they had discovered the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization which could affect the safety of the reconstruction area. The strength and destructive nature of the level eight mutated beast were not that important anymore compared to the aliens.

    No matter what, he was a member of the human race and he could not neglect the issues especially since his home and loved ones were living in the reconstruction region.

    Luo Yuan walked to the headquarters. He marched to the Military Manager’s office and opened the door after knocking for a few times.

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